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Hello. For the past year and a half, I've been running a moderately successful timeline on if David Kirke successfully captured the French colony of Quebec in 1628. However, I've had plans recently for a separate TL in the Maps and Graphics thread. After getting into discussions with some folks in a thread on if Anatolia was Christian and Iberia was Muslim, both of which I had planned for this TL, I figured that I might as well open this thread. The worldbuilding is in it's early stages, and I haven't even come up with a title yet, but I hope this can last longer than some of my other Maps & Graphics threads. Suggestions would be welcome.

Here's the map as of now.
  • Surviving Byzantium
  • Republican Britain and Monarchist France
  • Surviving Al-Andalus
  • United Scandinavia
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I'm going to start in Europe for this TL and work our way out to the rest of the world. However, I'm not going to do everything by myself, I want input and suggestions from you guys. So, any ideas for Italy and Germany?

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any ideas for Italy and Germany?
I think a divided Italy would be the most plausible here:
- Piedmont-(Sardinia)
- Tuscany?
- Papal States
- Byzantium-allied Two Sicilies-type state. All of those would be monarchies, at least constitutional ones. If Byzantium is a less than constitutional monarchy, then Naples/Two Sicilies would align with Byzantium I would think.

But for Germany? Either we could see a fully divided Germany (with Alsace-Lorraine, Saarland, the Palatinate and the Rhineland part of some buffer state?) or a Großdeutschland which includes Austria (and maybe even a lot more?).

Or what about a Red Germany (in 1914 or 1937 borders, including Alsace-Lorraine, Saarland, and German-speaking Belgium)? If you want any communist states at all.
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Done some work in Central Europe. Here are some of the things I included...
  • Surviving Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • Larger Hungary
  • North German State
The most likely center of power in Northern Africa will probably be Egypt and/or Morocco, or possibly even modern day Tunisia based on my guesses. Don't know much about turkic migrations too much, but they most likely will cross into Iran and other places in the middle east