Fun with online flag randomizer

I just discovered this flag maker online, which is mehworthy, but the part I want to point out is the 'randomize flag' button at the bottom. It actually does come up with a few pretty good-looking flags. Mind you, you do have to click past quite a few monstrosities, but some of the end results are creative and interesting. Here are some examples.

I pressed the random button and it gave me the OTL Ukrainian flag, albeit with a slightly different shade of blue.


I quite like this one. Austrian Empire ruled by a Czech-dominated military dictatorship or something?



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I pressed random for the very first time, and honest to God, the Scottish saltire came up.

It's a sign.


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Gave it a spin. Here's my first ten results.

Not bad. Some sort of shipping company pennant.

Okay, another shipping company. Would work better if the anchor was white, I feel.

Eww, red and green. Otherwise a nice simple flag, possibly for a Russian republic.


More shipping companies? Don't like this one at all. Yellow+white looks too much like lemon meringue pie, and the white circle throws the whole thing off.

The black circle kind of ruins the symmetry, but otherwise a good flag. Yorkshire eco-anarchists?


French-dominated Zaire? Orangist successor state in the Congo?

Kind of generic.

Oh come on! You're not even trying any more!
Okay i tried some but actually modified some of them a little bit because a lot of them fell short of awesomeness.

Here i changed the bottom and the sun color. Could be an alternate flag for a Gran Columbian successor state or Gran Columbia.

Strange seeing a symbol associated with the french monarchy associate with colours associated with communism. Maybe a communist state in a country where the Fleur de Lys have another meaning ?

Bisphoric of Krakow ?

Don't know. I just changed the color of the crown from light blue to gold.

Don't know either.

Irish Communists ?


Scotland seems to come up a lot. I've seen it come up too.

I don't like how it seems to default to, on the saltire flags, colouring the top and right quadrants one colour and the bottom and left ones another colour. It doesn't look right. It should default to colouring the top and bottom quadrants one colour and the left and right ones another.
The Northlands, as shown by the fact that they have Graculus on the flag.

Kingdom of Czechoslovakia

Lancrastrian-Northumbrian Alliance



Umm, I can't upload images. How do you do it? Sorry, I am a bit of a noob on the board.
There are a number of ways. In the case of this specific randomiser, you can do it by hitting the button that says "Open as Standalone SVG" which will open the flag in a new tab, then just copy the URL in the address bar and paste it into your post, select it and click the yellow picture icon above the posting box which will surround it in URL tags.

The alternative is to save an image onto your hard drive and then use the "Manage Attachments" button below the posting box under "Additional Options".