I have seen some mentions of Frostpunk in the general gaming thread but I think this game should have its own thread. It's an alternate history city building simulator wherein the late 19th century, a global cooldown caused the collapse of human civilization. You play as the mayor of one of the last remaining ''sites'' (a settlement nearing a massive heating generator) and have to make sure the people survive. A new world requires new laws, and you can make stuff as becoming a dictator, 1984 style, or a religious (dictatorship or honest for its people) settlement.

A story trailer.

A new DLC was announced recently, where you play as a Imperial Exploration Company (British Empire) that seeks to establish the heating generator before the global cooldown.


A picture I took from one of my freestyle cities.
I find it a difficult game to play, but in a good way. Have yet to make it far in the main campaign level.
Well, it was deliberately made to be like this, just like THIS WAR OF MINE. It's that difficulty that makes you consider moral-wrong choices in the hope of making sure that civilization carries on (and thus, continue playing).
I like it that every day is a struggle, that's how one should feel in a post-apocalyptic environment.
If you need tips & guides, here is one.
Since this is AH and we like world building I think it would be interesting to see what will happen if the event that cause frostpunk (sun dimming, volcano exploding, meteor impact) happen in late 20th century forcing modern day countries to prepare for the worst.

I wonder if we could survive with modern tech instead of steampunk tech of frostpunk.