Formula One and Automotive Industry AH

What if Formula One went differently? and the UK was a Republic with no Monarchy in the first place, William Windsor becomes an F1 Driver in 2006 and wins championships. Anyways, this includes potential Team Manufacturer owners and all that.

2006: Instead of Honda, Ford, who have recently bought out General Motors and therefore have become larger than Toyota and VW, buy out the BAR F1 Team, and newcomers William Windsor and Lewis Hamilton, who comes into F1 one year early, drive for the team, with a new black livery. This is amidst a Contract dispute between Mercedes, who have completely bought out McLaren, and Ford-GM Racing, who constantly argue over Lewis Hamilton's Contract, as Hamilton was originally scheduled to race for Mercedes(Like he does in the OTL now) and this is a POD that was originally Jenson Button's Williams Contract in the OTL. Lewis Hamilton of course Changed his mind. Anyways, the championship goes smoothly but some last race accidents cause Windsor and Ford-GM to become 2nd. Hamilton 3rd.

2007: Longtime driver and brother of William, Harry(Making them the second brothers who have competed in F1, along with the Schumacher brothers), who had a long tenure with Williams Honda Racing, joins FRN Ferrari, as Fiat have just bought out Renault and Nissan in early 2007, 2nd to Ford-GM as the Largest Car Company in the World, with William and Harry having a fierce Rivalry, Lewis Hamilton wins his first world championship in F1(in the OTL it was 2008), with William and Harry joint 2nd.

2008: Kimi Raikkonen joins Ferrari to another team from a Merger, Mercedes-BMW Mclaren, as BMW decide to sell Sauber(OTL 2009) after an original spell with them from 2002 to 2005(just like the OTL). Toyota hold discussions to buy VW, and therefore become the largest company in the world, and also consider a Castrol and Martini Sponsorship. Lewis Hamilton wins his 2nd World Championship for Ford-GM and the head of Ford-GM congratulates him, William moves to Mercedes-BMW to Join Kimi Raikkonen, and new driver Timo Glock moves to Ford-GM. Ford-GM also miraculously survive the 2008 automotive crisis.

2009: New rules in F1, Toyota buys out VW in January following the automotive crisis, and unveil a striking new livery, a livery that combines the Castrol livery with the Martini livery, and the first time since BAR’s 1999 livery that two liveries were on the same car. This time Martini on the Rear, Castrol on the Front. Mimicking the original Sega Rally cars. Toyota-VW consistently Challenges Ford-GM, whilst FRN Ferrari win two races. OTL Champions Brawn GP never existed, as Ford-GM is originally BAR. William with Mercedes wins his first ever world championship, with Hamilton of Ford-GM 2nd. This impresses a women called Catherine Middleton, and William is slowly building a relationship with her.

2010: Kimi Raikkonen wins his First world championship(OTL 2007) and William announces his shock decision to leave F1, Harry still competing for another year. This was also Robert Kubica’s last season, as the year after, he died in a rallying accident(OTL he was injured).

2011: Robert Kubica dies in a rallying accident, William Windsor gets married to Catherine Middleton in front of Billions, just like the OTL, but this time it’s not a royal wedding and he rejects Footballer David Beckham for Lewis Hamilton to be one of the guests, other guests included Paul McCartney and the heads of Ford-GM and Mercedes-BMW. A week later, the first ever London Grand Prix is hosted, and Billions come to watch. The President of the British Republic awards first place to Lewis Hamilton, and Heikki Kovalainen, wins his first world championship for FRN Ferrari at the 2011 Japanese GP.

You know the rest of what happened, just like the OTL, William had two kids and celebrated the London Olympics, but unfortunately, F1 got as popular as it did in the Wipeout universe, ultimately ousting the Olympics.
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