For All Mankind (AH Tv series at Apple TV)

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    A speculation on My part how Soviet Won the Moon Race in TV series.

    Korolev survived long enough to made the Modification on L3-Complex architecture.
    Instead to design the N1 to death, like Mishin has done after Korolev died.
    Korolev goes for Earth orbit rendezvous with Two N1 (the original version with 24 engines and no supercooled propellants)
    First N1 bring the L3-Complex in Orbit, follow second N1 with Lunar Trajectory injection Stage (LTI).
    They dock and LTI stage bring L3-complex to Lunar orbit.

    This mission architecture has several advantages.
    by exchange the LTI Propellants from KeroLox to HydroLox could double the Payload mass to Moon like for L3M Complex
    That little outpost with 3 cosmonauts for 90 days stay on Moon.
    note that NASA talk about Lunar base in first Trailer
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    So does anyone know how this show is actually going to work? Will it be like other streaming platforms where you spend $X per month, or will it be available as a per-episode or per-season for $X download through iTunes?
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    On Netflix they do both. Release whole season at once or release 1 episode a week.

    when I wanted to watch jack Ryan on Amazon I just subscribed for one month watch all episodes and cancel subscription.
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    Indeed. At the worst, if they put this show out an episode a week, at worst you have to wait a couple months (and try to avoid spoilers) to let the whole show be uploaded to the platform, sub for a month, binge and done. As it's $5 a month that's absolutely no big deal. That said I do truly hate how many subscriptions are now needed to watch the few shows I want to watch- and it will eventually push me back to piracy in the days of pre-netflix at the rate this is going as I absolutely have a limit on how much I can or will spend on entertainment.

    On the meat of the show itself- the POD seems vaguely plausible- not entirely so given what i've read and learned about the disorganization and in-fighting in the soviet space program but a few changes here and there, a bit more luck with the N1 and I could see it working... I'm super curious to see how they portray everything from the space stuff to the politics. This is a show i've been keeping my eye on and have wanted to watch for many months now even prior to seeing the well done trailers.
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    I'll definitely be interested to watch the first few episodes and see what they do with it, like Athelstane wrote my main fear though is that they try and introduce too much of a modern mindset into the culture of the period. That said I'm willing to put up with a fair bit of suspension of disbelief when consuming media if the story is good.

    IIRC simply making it so you could test fire your engines, rather than a couple from each batch and crossing your fingers that the rest were of a similar build quality, would go a long way to improving the situation. Oh that and some filters to stop swarf or the like from being ingested.
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    news on Serie at NYCC

    Producer and cast had a panel were explain the Serie and some twist with History

    Nixon is so furious about Soviet Success
    That he decided to go all-in on the space race, and put a woman on moon.
    Also pull the US troops early out Vietnam

    Senator Ted Kennedy cancel his plans for a party on Chappaquiddick Island do Soviet Moon landing.
    Never had that accident and become president candidate in 1972 and Nixon is now worried about it.

    source (warning Spoilers )