For a Gore Prosperous Tomorrow

Is the Harry Potter franchise largely the same?
Likely so in the general aspects. However, I do think that the greater progressive moment and culture would mean that Rowling revealing her stance on certain issues would occur a few years sooner.

Enough to where perhaps that Fantastic Beasts wouldn’t get made or wouldn’t be picked up, at least since there are other ideas and tracks to pick up on.
How is Saturday Night Live doing in this timeline?
Probably mostly the same though with obviously different sketches and gangs. Gore would've been lightly teased though toned down over time because of 9/11. Punchliens would've been toward the corrupt folks of Exxon-Mobil and their toadies, later on reflecting the earlier #MeToo movement, the 2010 Recession and various other events and features at the time. The Sanders victory would've been considered a highlight among various others.
Did the F-22 still get dropped in this timeline in favor of the F-35?
Unsure. The auditing of the early 2000s would set back development by a while and even if McCain resumed it, it would not see much reason to do so over time. Even if the F-35 was completed by 2016, it would see little to no action because of the Sanders Administration heavily scaling back the bloated military
2019 In Review
2019 In Review

2019 continued showing the progress of the what was being called the Neoprogressive Era, primarily in the United States, but similar terms were being adopted by nations across the world in Canada, the European Union and beyond, including in other nations. Riding off the high from their victories in 2018, the so-called "Sanders wing" began planning and implementing more reforms planned up ahead to continue their agenda in reforming the political and economic institutions within the United States for the better. While the large plans such as national healthcare reform, pay reform and other successes brought hope for the populace, it was not yet enough. Further ideas were proposed and debated by politicians and pundits in elections such as ranked choice voting implemented across the nation, potential term limits for Congress folk and even potentially Supreme Court justices. Other discussions were basically working to make housing easier to access (especially with the news that there were several more empty houses per homeless person within the nation) and international affairs such as what is going on over in Southeast Asia. At the same time, there has been a growing resistance against more of these policies by some of the last holdouts along with more neutral parties, believing that not many other policy may need to be done or at the very least slowing down.

Around the world, further intranational reforms were occurring. The Corbyn government has called for more reforms and streamlining within the European Union regarding the well-being of people and the following up of responsabilities by each nation. Furthermore, the call for the youth to organize has been growing louder. Certain nations such as Hungary and Poland who have been more conservative holdouts have been on the squeeze because of their culturally conservative policies that many are seeing as outdated or backwards, especially as some of the governments tried clamping down on some of the protests or issues. The year was a response to the previous year of growing change and the growing calls to handle climate change on more radical levels, though some of the holdouts continue to resist the necessity of such vast changes needed on a rapid level. At the same time, the changing economic ties may be demanding it. International companies are being demanded to be held more accountable for their actions. International communities have also been seen with the rise of updating legislation to handle the new digital age, but also criticized as being handled and directed by peopeople who generally have little knowledge on the culture or actual workings. Sanders himself noted the importance of such bills be looked at by those knowledgable and advocates as well as the youth. However, there is growing hope for people to come together and try and deal with issues. There is the belief that people would come together should some sort of problem start arising.

However, life was going on with cinema and video games bringing up all sorts of good feelings. The Marvel Cinematic Universe achieved its massive crescendo with the two parts of its finishing trilogy. Avengers: Infinity War would see war break out as the various heroes have to recover from their seperation and begin trying to unite against the arrival of Thanos and his Black Order. This also sees various more involvements such as Dr. Strange entering the picture along with other heroes (with one scene being invocative of the Defenders with the presence of Hulk, Dr. Strange, Mantis and Valkyrie) in trying to stop the assault done by Thanos and his group. Others include the invasion of Asgard. Overall, the film ends on a surprisingly bleak note as Thanos has seemingly successfully conquered the Earth and half of the team captured. However, hope remains due to the efforts of Loki and Antman. This is followed up in Avengers: Endgame where Spidey takes the charge in leading the New Avengers to save their comrades while the Fantastic Four seek out the truth of Thanos and the discovery of the Eternals. It's discovered Thanos' origins as an Eternal with Deviant syndrome. The one who reveals this is a person who was seen in th background in most of the films, revealed in being none other than Adam Warlock, the inspiration of the first man and an Eternal. Named for having broken his oath from the Eternals to remain on Earth, it's revealed that he once held the Soul Stone before he lost to Hela. With her downfall though, he reclaimed it and assists the team. Revolutions are led by Wakanda and the people rally together, especially when the Fantastic Four bring along the Kree and Skrull allies and their forces to fight along find alongside them and the remaining forces of Asgard. Thanos' origins are explored as being obsessed with death and the end, seeing existence as a burden while Adam contrasts it with life, whom many see as a reflection of nihilism and resignation against hope and will. The stones are gathered and used to stop Thanos, though upon doing so Adam notes that he must hide them. The world rebuilds and audience treated to the wedding of Steve and Natasha, along with some surprises, such as Cap passing the shield to Sam as the next Captain America. Nick Fury meanwhile notes the disbandment, but comments that the heroes will unite when need be once more.

Outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the other films were smash out hits. DC released two films with The Flash, which sees Barry Allen become the speedster known as the Flash after a freak accident. Initially spending it to help people, he ends up in a criminal chase against a mysterious crimnal, playing up Barry's forensic scientist element as he ends up in chessgame. It's revealed this was none other than Gorilla Grodd, a mysterious gorilla who had powers as a result of experiments done on him. Grodd claims that he seeks to liberate his people and while he planned on trying to trick Flash, Barry gets through to him. He warns Barry of a threat from the one who made him "neither man nor beast, but savage nonetheless". It's revealed it's none other than Vandal Savage, who created Grodd's people as a slave race and Grodd was a crimial who escaped. Savage serves as the main antagonist and the one who forms the Legion of Doom in Justice League, which sees an epic hero vs villain conflict as the Justice League forms. It's discovered Savage created Grodd's race by studying Blanq, a White Martian who crashed in Roswell alongside that of his enem J'onn, the Manhunter of Mars. As thus, it's Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman agaisnt the Legion of Doom, consisting of Vandal Savage, a freed Lex Luthor, Hector Hammond (who got his powers from experiments), Circe, Blanq and Black Manta, resulting in an amazing onscale fight between them all and the teamwork in stopping the Legions's plan. Other blockbusters included Star Wars Episode IX Duel of Fates, culminating in the fight between Kira and Skylar over the path of the Force, the duality of it and of being people along with clashes in philosophy. The battle is won, but many of the characters give their lives to win and resembling a cycle of rebirth as Kira trains the new generation. Pokemon Detective Pikachu showed that live action video game films could work with the titular Detective Pikachu being voiced by Ryan Reynolds. Godzilla King of the Monsters brought back more attention to the kaiju while Disney shocked eveyrone with Elfking, an adaptation of Philip K Dick's "King of the Elves" with the main character of Shadrach Jones voiced by Morgan Freeman. The film extolls the value of never being too old to do anything new along with the importance of virtue as Jones learns that his long time friend of Phineas was a dark person and deciding on who they want to be. Many also noted the light deconstructive elements since the film seemed to be setting up for Jones to go back home only to veer away, noting how some stories have the characters leave the fantastic to symbolize maturity, but the elves are real and saying to leave them behind and have to go back is treated with being slightly ridiculous in retrospect.

2019 became a large year for video games. The Nintendo Switch came out a hybrid console briding the console and handheld. Armed with Joycons, a good battery life and touch screen, much could be done with it, with Nintendo noting they spent a good amount of time to ensure any issues were taken into accounting for. Beyond that, announcing plenty of up and coming titles for it. However, the big titles that were around was Super Mario Odyssey which was an epic sprawl with a new mechanic in Cappy, a sequel to Splatoon in Splatoon 2 which added more content and new characters and a new story and capitalizing on it. A surprising Zelda title came out on it with in a remake of Link's Awakening and various other titles for it, one being the addictively popular Tetris 99 and the strange yet charming cardboard playset known as Nintendo Labo. The last major hit was Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which showed the prominence of Fire Emblem now that it is considered for such. Meanwhile, Sony announced the upcoming Playstation 5 in development and Microsoft the Xbox X-Line, with the X-Alpha being the larger more premium one and the X-Beta being the smaller more cost effective one. Various games also came out such as the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Devil May Cry 5, Death Stranding, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Red Dead Redemption II and Resident Evil 2 Remastered coming out. Many are eagerly awaiting the releases of brand new games down the line. Many were looking for what laid ahead.
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