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McCain Administration Summer 2012
Summer 2012

"What the heck is going on in Egypt?"

"Well, at least the Summer Olympics should cheer us up"

"Praying for everyone in India..."

With the successes of Spring regarding the Middle East and the Arab Spring, things began to slowly die down. The events of Syria and Iraq sent a pretty clear message to the authority figures over in the Middle East along with what happened in Libya. The ruling powers need to stay in line and listen to the people or else they won't survive the decade. McCain used the successes there to tout the need for a firm hand against groups that would threaten democracy and to stay strong during tough days. While the economy was still quite sluggish, it did assist in trying to push the message forward. Of course, there was still plenty of issues that lies. And that was in Egypt. The 5th president would be elected after a contentious election and the person was none other than Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course, given the mixed reception and protests, it was not exactly something that brought reassurance. The main reason was on how utterly close the election was. While many predicted it would be close, the margin was still quite surprising to say the least. And the response was not comforting given the controversy behind the Muslim Brotherhood to begin with. Of course, the new President was doing his best to reassure the skeptics abroad and within, along with establishing new ties with the new nations. People were holding their breath in regards to what could happen.

Egyptian President-elect Mohammed Morsi speaks to newspaper editors in Cairo on Thursday, June 28, 2012. (photo credit: Egyptian Presidency/AP)

However, there was some optimistic matters to look into and those were the 2012 Summer Olympics. Held in London, many people were looking forward to the event and served as a good break from the ongoing Recession and the growing social issues going on. While Assyria and Kurdistan were unable to participate (being so new as to unsure whether had anyoen that could qualify), they were invited to be in support of it. Shaam and Iraq meanwhile did sent representatives along with Palestine. Overall, after all the tensions and the catharsis brought on by the Arab Spring and the troubles of the Great Recession, they were gonna take the time to try and enjoy themselves with some friendly competition and for the most part, did serve as a legitimate morale booster for a lot of people involved. Of course, it wasn't without its issues. While the sustainaility and renewability issues were welcomed, there was still the looming troubles of the austerity measures that hung around the United Kingdom at the time and the Tories were doing little in regards to it. And of course, other controversies and concerns were being held such as regarding sponsors, ticket distributions and so on. Other scandals would develop such as drug usage, predominantly among the Russian athletes. Despite this, it was a good time to be had by all and the last day saw the Olympic Hunger Summit to discuss further reducting world hunger and the connections it had in doing so. Unsurprisingly, sustainability and climate change were big discussions about it and moreover were delving into the details, such as the observation of how much decent food gets thrown away within restaurants and stores, especially in the US, which served as a stinging yet accurate remark, especially as social media began spreading the stories of workers in the food industry confirming this. Overall, it was quite an eventful Olympics that signaled some changing times yet continued to promote positive feelings.


London Olympics 2012 logo

Of course, not everything was happy. There was the death of Neil Armstrong, the growing troubles regarding Armenia and Hungary and so on. However, perhaps the biggest issue was on the massive blackouts that were going on over in India. At the end of July, two severe power blackouts affected most of northern and eastern India. The 30 July 2012 blackout affected over 400 million people and was briefly the largest power outage in history by number of people affected, beating the January 2001 blackout in Northern India (230 million affected). The blackout on 31 July is the largest power outage in history. The outage affected more than 620 million people, about 9% of the world population, or half of India's population, spread across 22 states in Northern, Eastern, and Northeast India. The entire issue brought back the discussion for power grids, their distrubtion and the concentration of electric power. Further notes was unsurprisingly on renewanle energy as some places with things like solar panels and so on were a bit better off. Having such a large democracy go through such trouble did bring concerns in and the government needed to step in and invest the funds to get everything back up and fix it. This did bring back other matters such as folks wanting to be more independent from the grid along with the production and distribution of electircal power.


Map and legend of the blackout



"Whatever happened to alot of the forces of Saddam and Assadand the other Baathists, anyway?

"Well, they likely would've been chased out and headed down south, about the only place they could go anyway..."



"That's mainly Saudi Arabia though...



"And what about Russia? What happened to them with their deal with the Assad administration?"
McCain Administration Autumn 2012
Autumn 2012

"Least Hurricane Sandy were able to get under control..."

"Well this is interesting on what happens to Lucasfilms... I wonder what the future holds..."

"What the hell happened in the Philippines?!"

As fall came and the election fever of Clinton vs McCain was being announced, the competition was over Clinton's promises against McCain's reputation. Of course, the problem was that Clinton would ultimately not be endorsed over by Gore, something a few people noted though on the other hand, it was not like Clinton reached out to Gore all that much outside of a courtesy so some wondered what Clinton's strategy would be and if McCain's successes abroad would be enough to offset the current levels of disappointment at the Republicans' lackluster response regarding the Great Recession, People still trusted McCain, but they were growing more upset at certain Republican congressfolk. The Democrats also as a few populists from both sides were pointing Clinton's elitism or siding with the bankers. This included Senator Sanders, who while treated as a radical, did begin growing support in his calls for expanding healthcare, growing the minimum wage and various other ideas. These notions were catching on, especially when the responses to pay for them would be to tax the 1%, the super-elite and corporations who seemingly got away with this sort of stuff. It brought back memories of the Enron scandal... of Exxon-Mobil. Stoking older fires with newer fuels. However, perhaps of this, McCain began going further to promote his stance on domestics and Hurricane Sandy proved to be a good case of it. The most dangerous hurricane of the 2012 season, it was also noted for an example on climate change can affect storms. While it's explained that hurricanes will likely happen regardless of climate change, the phenomenon does make hurricanes more dangerous and observations have noted that Sandy could've been more destructive if not for climate change measures. And it was already plenty destructive with the damages, snow storms and plenty of other problems that brought along with such a storm. However, the comparisons were marginal. The McCain administration worked to put some money to help while there was some further financial troubles coming from the storm along with elections woe, enough to where there was issues regarding early voting, so there was considerations to extend voting time and delay the elections a bit. Others considered things like mail-in voting. Overall, many wondered if Hurricane Sandy was a sign to come for the election.


Hurricane Sandy as a Category 3 Major hurricane on October 25, 2012

However, while election fever was holding onto the sway, pop culture served as more of a beacon in the economic crisis along with the ongoing storms and other storms. Marvel pushed it with two new films that cemented the prominence of superhero films. A shift of literature was signaling the gradual dying down of the YA-adult aimed audience. The big news was around Star Wars on all things. Or perhaps more specifically, the retirement of George Lucas and the selling of Lucasfilms Ltd. Rumors ran wild over potential buyers. Some noted possibly Disney though others noted that while they made plenty of money, especially from the two films released of Marvel this year, they did not hold uch interest in it. Disney would later note they considered it, but after the purchases of the film rights of Spiderman, Fantastic Four & others, they wanted to focus on what they had. Instead, Lucasfilms Ltd would go on to be merged with Amblin Entertainment, founded by none other than Steven Spielberg. There were several uncertainities if the merger would be done there, but ultimately it felt it would be best suited given the collaberation of the two along with Lucas not feeling secure with several groups on the works he had made with it. The Star Wars franchise, the Indiana Jones franchise along with plenty of other Lucasfilms Ltd works would now fall under Amblin as well. Currently, news over Star Wars remained unknown though they did note they would likely not make any changes without thorough examination of the products. However, rumors have already circulated that some of the "Expanded Universe" canon may be cut, but nothing definitive. Others wondered what this will hold given the influence fo Amblin on many children and young adults along with if Lucas in his semi-retirement would work on consultation with Spielberg. One thing is certain is that many people are excited for what holds in the future.


Lucasfilms Ltd logo pre-merger with Amblin

However, storm season was far from over and across the world, while things were calming down or preparing for the various seasonal storms that came about, the Philippines would soon become battered by none other than Typhoon Bopha or Pablo as it was known over there. An immense super typhoon, it hit the isles hard, especially Mindanao. The damage was deveastating and international assistance was called on to help rebuild the people who lost their homes and jobs. Unsurprisingly, because of the holiday season, the spirit of charity and camarderie was especially prominent for here. For the McCain Administration, it was another bolster for their successes abroad for an ally as well as trying to unite the nation after a somewhat surprising bitter election. It did also remind people of the importance of climate change that was discussed back with Hurricane Sandy, but perhaps more so for the people of the Pacific in part because of monsoon seasons and typhoons. The US was already discussing plans to accelerate climate change challenges and solutions with the Chinese in order to cope with these rising issues. However, the meetings were being postponed as there were ongoing elections in China to decide the new leadership and the surprising drama and problems that would unfold from within.


The Suomi NPP satellite acquired this image of Typhoon Bopha around 01:12 local time on December 4 (17:12 UTC on December 3).
I hope that at the very least The Old Republic Era remains canon.
Possible. I mean the clean sweep choice was by Lucasfilms Ltd and not exactly Lucas nor Disney themselves and choosing to have a clean slate for themselves. Of course, lacking the resources of Disney means they will have to be much more cautious on where to take the franchise

I can see them keeping The Old Republic Era canon for sure given how it is just world-building and does not affect the main story. They will probably just take the best of the best of the Expanded Universe taking place after Episode VI (so say the Thrawn trilogy will probably be mainly canon if perhaps rewritten a bit for the sake of freshness and released as maybe a TV series?)

But alot of the unpopular or confusing stuff will either be wiped out and or replaced. The Force Unleashed games I don't know, though they may be rewritten .
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But alot of the unpopular or confusing stuff will either be wiped out and or replaced. The Force Unleashed games I don't know, though they may be rewritten .
Yea the Expanded Universe did sadly kind of devolve into nonsense near the end. I'm not sure about The Force Unleashed I just hope we get a Battlefront 3 ITTL.
Elections in 2012
Election Season 2012

2012 would prove to be a surprisingly pivotal year and a continuing sign of change. Some of the Blue Dog Democrats continued to switch parties, albeit mainly in those that had the remaining neoconservative congressmen and presenting themselves as the moderate alternate to promote a better promise, which the yields working. On the other hand, the homegrown "ecoconservatives" were not yet displaced and have begun even taking into consideration more flexible stances on the economy to get in and push programs. As such, the primaries were becoming an ideological battleground about who would be chosen to try and help push the nation out of the Great Recession and what should be done policy-wise to jumpstart the economy to do so. The nation has made marginal progress with the economy and even that prior statement is considered a generous statement to make given everything that has been going on and moreso. Furthermore, there has been growing talk on who to shift blame to for how this happened along with the fears of such as a situation growing worse or perhaps more convoluted. '
2012 would see the Democrats make some modest gains in the house and the Senate being tied due to some defections. However, the primaries were the noteworthy thing. Democrats have been seeing a growing upsurge of a call for newer politicians and more progressive ones to deal with the Great Recession, especially thanks to the primary of Senator Sanders, who has been catching on in terms of popularity for his ideas and for his outsider status. The governor ships though did swing with a couple of Democrat gains due to an increase to see some wage boosts and legalizing same-sex marriage.

As for the general elections, it was a tight race. While Clinton ran a good campaign, she would be hamstrung by the associations to the "political elites." Additionally, she did not recieve any support from former President Gore, in part because of the past bad blood, but also out of concerns Clinton was just not the right candidate. Senator Obama was considered a popular choice though he ended up entering late and some have noted that he may have been drowned a bit by Sanders in his debate, even if Obama overtook Sanders as a candidate in the end. McCain meanwhile ran generally unopposed. There were not enough moderate Republicans considered viable or appealing enough to contine and the McCain Administration was pragmatic enough to continue delivering on working with the past Democrats, especially Senator Feingold, on campaign reforms.

Ultimately, the winner would be John McCain winning reelection. Mitt Romney was his running mate once more and addressed the American public on some concerns regarding President McCain's health. Some people were hoping McCain could get them out while others were concerned the economy would continue to worsen.
Yea the Expanded Universe did sadly kind of devolve into nonsense near the end. I'm not sure about The Force Unleashed I just hope we get a Battlefront 3 ITTL.

Well, the ones that came out in 2004 and 2005 came out. Not sure if Battlefront 3 will come out here. Granted, gaming is going in a gradual different direction. Besides Xbox having a stronger hold in Japan and being the main home of Sonic, the earlier adoptio of the Internet and of the culture may lead to some different things.

Microtransactions didn't pick up really until the early 2010s and the same could be said here. However, the Recession happened later would mean the financial straits coudl lead to the problems of microtransactions being shown sooner. Farmville would be not as popular given Myspace is still around and a notable competitor to Facebook
2012 in Reflection
2012 In Review
Well, the world did not end. That was the sentimentality the people felt when 2012mania would end up dying down after December, though people felt concerned for the future. On the one hand, the economy's recovery was pretty sluggish with some nations better than others faring. Some noted that nations did have more pro-active governments and the nations with slower recoveries had nations who did not invest as much. Canada's faster recovery wasn't entirely surprising though what was is that the Canadian dollar would come to reach near-equal levels to that of the American dollar due to increased consumer buying along with government investments in renewable energy, especially with surveys and scan showing massive geothermal promise throughout all of Canada, all of which is spelling out plenty of positive favors for Prime Minister Jack Layton, who has also been working on reforming the Canadian healthcare systems, namely through better unity of the provinces' own along with the inclusion of the coverage of pharmaceuticals and more humorously, working toward the legalization of marijuana. Other nations have been working to try and deal with it though with varying levels of success. The discussions began looking for more fault in this and the rising tide was in the incompetenance of the European Union thought others floated non EU nations were tanking as well and some pointed out the failures of neoliberal economic policies in resolving the crisis.

Meanwhile, while the economic troubles were casting doubt into the systems so cherished and restoking the fires of suspicion at the top tier individuals and organizations, foreign affairs were a more positive matter. The Middle East was seeing some real stability as Iraq and Syria met their end in the latter's civil war leading to the former to declare war. A coalition of their neighbors came about (excluding Turkey and Saudi Arabia) to bring order and in the process, managed to do surprisingly successful nation-building, albeit mainly by exploting the desire for peace and stability while working to improve themselves and get along with their neighbors. Iran enjoyed their new position of power and the influence was bringing a political shift from the result of the successes of the Reformers. Cultural conservatives found less to hold onto and more cast aside as liberalization was becoming more accepted and cast in. Meanwhile, the situations in Africa were being watched over in the event of any more trouble, but the main story was mainly Azawad. After several military conflicts against the Islamic extremists, there was an operations to restore the original government back into Mali rather than deal with the "new guys" in charge. Azawad would be considered for sovereignty though only if they were to consider full human rights and equality, especially for females. Talks and discussions would continue over into the next year as a result of this. People were torn of this in regards to what to do as the UN discussed matters and how to approach it.

With the situation looked pretty mixed, it's unsurprising people were turning now more to pop culture and this year turned out to be quite excellent for the film industry. Lord of the Rings returned in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, while Skyfall marked 50 years of James Bond and Men In Black III being a surprise hit. The Twilight saga saw its end with the second part of Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 and various others. However, perhaps the biggest was in superheroes. The Caped Crusader capped off Nolan's trilogy with the confirmations that he won;t have that much involvement in future affairs, but looking to see what DC will make. Caped Crusader was quite a surprise for the inclusion of Dr. Hugo Strange as the villain, acting as a Moriarty to Batman's Sherlock, especially since he was portrayed none other than by Robin Williams. Williams stunned audiences with a masterful performance as the ruthless psychologist who is obsessed with the Dark Knight and the other criminals. Batman must outsmart him with the help of Catwoman, who is being coerced by Strange and wondering what connection he may have had with the Joker. They chose to cast Williams after being inspired from his appearance in Law and Order. Marvel meanwhile proceed ed to wow everyone with the long-awaited Avengers film. Serving to sum up what is being dubbed the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" (or at least the first phase), the movie brought the heroes introduced of the various films and assembled into a team: Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and The Hulk. The antagonist turned to be none other than Loki. Returning to Earth when SHIELD trying using the Tesseract (doors open both ways), he comes in to use the Tesseract to make a device to create a portal for his new army, that of the Badoon, a conquering vicious race from another part of the Milky Way. The film had many climactic moments such as The Hulk crushing a ship, Tony intimidating Loki, the Captain leading the NYPD and National Guard and various others, concluding with the portal being closed and Loki being taken in by Thor. The film became a massive hit to everyone and moreso with the post-credit scenes. One in which the Tesseract is cracked, with inside being revealed an Infinity Stone (specifically the Space Stone) while another has the team eating schwarma after the fight, with one of the heroes asking who was the one who beat up all the forces in Queen, with the team unsure. This answer would be set up in the new The Amazing Spider-Man film. Starring Logan Lerman as the titular character, the film takes place before the Avengers. Starring a Peter Parker entering university, he grapples with his new life and responsability, having it been two years since he lost his Uncle Ben and became Spider-Man. The film is on themes of self-discovery as Peter struggles who he wants to be as a man and as superhero, corrleating it with life as a college student and his first serious romance with Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Roberts), a scientific minded young woman wih a sharp disposition. Emma noted that she wanted to go from playing "good girl" types to sharper and more abrasive characters to avoid being typecast. She chose be Gwen Stacy partially because the character fit between the two (described as a sharp but nice girl). The antagonist surprised everyone with it being Miles Warren aka The Jackal. Adopting elements of the "The Clone Saga", Warren serves as a biochemist professor embezzlig fund in unethical genome engineering experiments and seeks to clone Spider-Man. The conflict has Peter fight a mutated monster based off of his DNA (codenamed Spidercide in the script) and uses his smarts to defeat him with Gwen's help. The film ends with Peter confiding to Gwen who he is along with regaining a sense of conviction of being Spider-Man along with wanting to help others out. However, Warren seemingly escapes as seen in a post-credits scene and recruited by an unknown benefactor. Many were rewarded with a post-credits scene of Peter fighting Badoons while savign civilians (including a show of superstrength) in the Battle of New York, over in Queens, distinctly apart from the Avengers while wondering what's going and noting like he's missing something.

Meanwhile, over in video games, news of the Nintendo Wii's successor console being delayed was confirmed. In the meanwhile, this did not stop new waves of games coming out for the various consoles. Animal Crossing New Leaf for the Nintendo UDS granted players mayorship of their towns, giving them creative freedom to customize their towns as they wished. Additionally, Fire Emblem Awakening came back to revive the franchise with new ideas and renewed interest and other games appeared for the UDS. Pokemon followed up on Pokemon Black and White with Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Despite rumors of Gray, the two games were maintained as such in order to keep the duality theme of the games. They were delayed a few months for the holiday season, but with the benefits of adding more to the motifs, such as save data from the previous games affecting gameplay, events and so on. Other games was on how Paper Mario 64 Ultra would come out; originally planned to be an original game, the allocation of different resources and delays for the Wii's successor led to differing projects being considered. However, the revamped game possessed more variety of enemies, expanding the dungeons along with more extra content. Rare confirmed Banjo & Kazooie for the UDS was in development and to coincide with the release of Skyfall, they released 007 Golden Ultra, a remastering of the N64 classic Goldeneye 007, though with more emphasis on the multiplayer campaign, online play and more characters, including multiple Bonds. However, there is a single-player campaign with a form of story mode, namely Bond undergoing virtual missions, with the levels being recreations of the best places from past Bond films as an homage. Sony would begin trying to recover with games like Gravity Rush, Far Cry 3 and many others. Of course, Mass Effect 3 was the big one. Having been delayed by several months out of concerns of sales, they worked to implement everything and maintain quality and the hard work paid off in capping of a masterful trilogy. People began having more faith in Sony ad they hoped to capitalize on this with Persona 4 Golden, a revamped version of the original game on their new handheld, the Playstation Vita. However, when Atlus was asked if it would be exclusive, they remained quiet on the answer, fueling speculation on releases on other consoles. For the Xbox 360, they were also having fun with their various releases: NiGHTS into dreams and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed were among there along with some others. Phantasy Star Online 2 was the big thing for them though as it would be released for Microsoft games and annouced the game would also come out for the successor of the Xbox 360. Other games were appearing in regards to MMOs. World of Warcraft got their update on Mists of Pandaria introducing a new race along with new lands and the new Monk class. 2012 also saw the massive rise in indie games coming out on various consoels and computers such as Skullgirls, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Fez, FTL, Hotlight Miami and many other. Overall, the year has been one of highlights and reflections.
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