Flag Thread V

British colonies, for the most part, never officialy adopted distinctive flags during the colonial era so the following must be understood to have been granted / adopted at some point during the late 19th or 20th century.


Connecticut: arms used OTL on a red ensign
Delaware: based on the current state arms OTL
Georgia: based on the current state emblem OTL
Maryland: based on the first seal adopted during the colonial era.
Massachusetts: based on the first seal adopted during the colonial era.
New Hampshire: based on the arms of the county of Hampshire (UK)
New Jersey: based on the current state arms OTL
New York: uses the white rose of the House of York with their livery colours
North Carolina: based on the current state flag
Pennsylvania: based on the arms of William Penn with colours inverted
Rhode Island: a white ensign (like the current state flag) with the anchor used by the state since colonial time.
South Carolina: based on a seal adopted by the Province of Carolina during the colonial era.
Virginia: based on the first seal adopted during the colonial era.
North Sea Flag.png

North Sea Flag 2.png

Some concepts for a "united kingdom of the North Sea"- basically if Denmark-Norway merged their legislature like OTLs England and Scotland. there's another one with the gold field with the blue replaced with red, but its not on this computer. I've been thinking of merging them in my timeline once i get over the writers block surrounding chapter 20
Latest flag challenge if anyone is interested:

Banner of the Magic Maidens

Evil has arrived. Whether it is a swarm of alien monsters, an international crime syndicate, or malevolent demons from another dimension, the world is in danger of plunging into darkness, and the armies of nations prove incapable of harming the diabolical entities threatening humanity. But hope and justice may yet triumph, as rumours of young girls acquiring mysterious powers and weapons began to surface into the limelight. And all they need is someone to lead and organize them, an organization to turn a scattered group of defenders into a powerful fighting force - and a banner to go with it.

Design a flag centered around Magical Girls, whether it is for an international or national crime-fighting organization, a faction, or even a country run or inhabited by Magical Girl(s). The rules are as follows:
  • The organization or faction must be based on Earth. No magic lunar kingdom, no spacefaring alien mascots running the show, you get the drill.
  • There must be at least one element of the flag tying it to Magical Girls, based on the lore you have written. I am not asking for a full story, but some explanation is needed.
  • The use of existing magical girl shows is currently forbidden. However, if too many have trouble coming up with entries, I may consider lifting that rule.
Submissions Open: Now
Submissions Close: 20th October, 2020, 2200 hours (GMT+8)
Entries in the Entry thread please.
Alternate flags of portuguese colonies (adjusted to their COA):


India (Goa):


And now, some concepts:

Sao Tomé and Principe:
sato tome.png
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A Pro-Democratic Texan Militia Flag, an alternate militia that would have existed since the beginning of the 20th century ...
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