Flag Thread V

Remade one of the Makhnovist flags into Interslavic:

Власт плоди приживников! Нехај живе Безвластје!
Vlast plodi priživnikov! Nehaj žive Bezvlastje!
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As I worked the scenario, Communist Hawai’i fell by the wayside. The above flag is now merely the flag of the Hawai’ian Communist Party, which remains a force at certain points in history, but never takes control.

Intead, let me present the Three Flags used by Hawai’i in this timeline.

The first is the OTL outing, and is obviously not my work. It is used by the Kingdom of Hawai’i (1792-1893) the First and Second Republics (1894-1912 and 1912-1936 respectively), the Junta known as the Government of National Preservation (1950-1971), and the first five years of the Hawai’ian State. Now days it is primarily associated with Whites and Native Hawai’ians, although their interpretations of the meaning may differ


The Flag of the Hawai’ian State was introduced by President-for-Life Mark Aulani in 1977, shortly after he changed his first name to Ka'iimamao for “greater authenticity.” He proclaimed that the era of imitating Europeans and Americans was over. Thus a flag that represented Hawai’i as a green space in the vast blue sea. Also included was Aulani’s personal symbol, the traditional Mahiole of a Chief. The flag was used until the 1993 Rainbow Revolution, which deposed Aulani. Nowadays it is almost exclusively used by supporters of the old regime.


Finally there is the “4 Peoples, 8 Islands, 1 Nation” flag. Designed by opposition to the white supremacist Second Republic, the flag is modeled off of the 5 Peoples Flag of China. Yellow represents the Native Hawai’ians, White the Whites, Green for those of mixed descent, and Pink the “Asians” (a catchall term for people of Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and, for reasons too complicated to explain here, Portuguese, descent). The Flag served as the official one during Second Republic (1936-1950) and for the Fourth Republic (1994-Present). Typically used by those who support Democracy, in particular the left wing.

Flag of Avaris, from a dream that I had this morning. Avarians never divided themselves by country or nationality so the world was largely devoid of wars and conflict. Avaris was ruled over by one global organization.

Flag of Chinese Social Republic (1940-Present).png

Flag of the Chinese Social Republic (the PRC analogue basically, expect with an ideology close to OTL Trotskyism) (based on the design proposed by Zhu De plus the Hammer and Hoe symbol)

The Hammer and the Hoe is from the OTL flag/coat of arms of the Peoples Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) but is the symbol of Chenism (after Chen Duxiu, no Russian Revolution but rise of a Chinese communist state under him lead to the ideology getting press under him and not Trotsky) ITTL.

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