Unlike the US and a few other countries, Canada's head of government (the Prime Minister) doesn't have a distinctive flag of its own. In a timeline where Canada was a republic or simply decided to have a flag for the PM, this could be it. The central emblem is the heraldic badge for a current or former PM and small vertical stripes are used so that the flag keeps some aspect of the federal flag's "Canadian Pale" design without the possibility of being confused with a variant of the federal flag.

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I want to like this but I can't unsee a rounded cube at the centre of the leaves
Request: Could someone put the NATO flag in the canton of the US flag? If you’re more ambitious, feel free to switch the NATO star to 5-, 6-, or 7- points.
Hello again, today I have some new flags to share, all based on one of the factions of the Mental Omega APYR mod for RA2YR: Yuri's Epsilon Army! Or Epsilon Empire, as it was known in previous versions of Mental Omega (and which I think would still fit as a name in the current version, after Yuri successfully conquers the world).

Before we get into that, though, I must note: these are all custom designs made within the design (and overlay) limitations of Flag Maker, so these won't be at all 100% accurate to their original inspirations:


Case in point, the 'national' flag for the faction as a whole. Yuri's Emblem was difficult as all hell to try to accurately recreate as close as possible, and this was the closest I could attempt. Fun fact: Yuri's Emblem is also a tattoo on his forehead, and said tattoo and emblem are the symbols for the Hebrew letters "yod" (י), "vav" (ו), and "resh" (ר), when you 'read' them left-to-right (even though, linguistically-speaking, Hebrew is read and written right-to-left, meaning that when you accurately read (translate/transliterate) it, instead of YUR as was likely originally intended by Westwood, it instead reads as ROY XD).


Moving on, the next flag here is for the Epsilon PsiCorps, Yuri's original division of psychics founded when he still served under the Soviet Union. The PsiCorps were instrumental in the Soviet invasion of the United States, as they were the ones tasked with neutralizing the American nuclear arsenal before it could retaliate against the incoming Soviet forces, and their Psychic Beacons were what enabled the Soviets to effortlessly conquer vast swathes of the USA via mass mind-control. Of course, this would come back to bite the Soviets, as Yuri would later betray them to make his own bid for world domination: at the forefront would be PsiCorps and their cutting-edge psychic technology and mind-control techniques.

The design of the flag here diverges from the official version in that I went with a more blatant eye motif, and instead of that Triforce-looking symbol the MO team used, I used the Greek letter 'Psi' itself (I alternatively considered using the astrological symbol for 'Libra', in reference to PsiCorps' Hero unit with the same name, but I went with the Greek Psi in the end instead).


Next up is the most radical departure from the 'official' flag designs: the one for the Epsilon Headquarters, the primary base of operations for Epsilon, located in Antarctica. HQ (as it's commonly shortened as) is primarily tasked with the construction of Yuri's Ultimate Weapon, referred to in-game thus far as "The Tower" (which is actually, spoiler alert: the Mental Omega Device... but that should've been pretty obvious by now). Aside from that, though, HQ's other purpose is advanced-weapons research and development, most prominently in the field of genetics: the crowning jewel of their advances in genetic engineering being the monstrous supersoldier Rahn, HQ's Hero unit during field operations.

Design-wise, this is the flag that I'm least satisfied with, as it's the least accurate to the original design used by the MO team. Unfortunately it's all I could come up with so far, as I didn't want to go through the hassle of recreating Yuri's Emblem again. Maybe a request for a Yuri's Emblem overlay is in order...


Anyways, the next flag is for the third and final 'official' sub-faction of the Epsilon Army, the Scorpion Cell (I say 'official' because I have one more flag to share, but I'll get to that after this). Scorpion Cell has the distinction of originally not being part of Epsilon itself, instead being an independent terrorist organization situated in Africa, specifically Saharan Africa ranging from the Maghreb in the west to the Fertile Crescent in the east. Led by the ingenious and talented scrap-mechanic Rashidi, Scorpion Cell's original goals were to expel the Americans and the Euro Alliance from North Africa and rid the continent of their colonial and imperialist influences; to that end, when approached by Yuri for a proposal for an alliance, Rashidi accepted his offer with that condition in mind. However, Rashidi doesn't trust Yuri and believe in his vision for the world, and so has his own plans mind should there ever be a betrayal... (Spoiler alert: of course there's a betrayal at some point, this is Red Alert, what'd you expect?)

That said, Rashidi's ragtag band of terrorists turn out to be surprisingly crafty and formidable opponents to face, as despite their poor-quality weapons built from scavenged scrap, their hit-n-run swarm tactics, combined with their morally-bankrupt chemical-weapons arsenal, and Rashidi's right-hand-man and Africa's best assassin, Malver, as their Hero unit, makes Scorpion Cell a threat that punches above their weight class... mainly by hitting below the belt, with ruthless efficiency.

Design-wise, given that the GLA from Generals has a subsidiary branch of the same name, and that the official MO flag shares the same 'scorpion tail' design of the Brotherhood of Nod, I wanted something to distinguish the Epsilon Scorpion Cell from either of them, so I added poison droplets dripping from the tip of the scorpion tail's stinger, to emphasize the Epsilon Scorpion Cell's penchant for chemical warfare... which, incidentally, the GLA also shares, now that I think about it...


Now we get to the last flag I have for today - one for an old Epsilon subfaction that existed in previous versions, but now no longer exists as of the 3.0+ version onwards: the Epsilon Chaos Force. The Chaos Force as a concept existed back in the earliest days of Mental Omega's development, back when the mod first started out and its writing was in its infancy (which had crazy stuff like a Yuri-clone named Uri and other preteen's-first-fanfiction ideas). The Uri subfaction in the 1.2 versions later evolved into the Chaos Force subfaction the 2.0+ versions, dropping all the Uri stuff in the process; alongside Chaos Force, HQ and Scorpion Cell also debuted in the 2.0+ versions, which combined with PsiCorps (which started out as the original Yuri's Army from base-game YR) became the Epsilon Empire faction; as of Mental Omega 3.0+, however, Chaos Force was phased out, leaving only PsiCorps, HQ, and Scorpion Cell as the Epsilon's three subfactions that we are familiar with today.

In regards to Scorpion Cell's... err... defection (spoiler alert), late in Act 2 of the current 3.3.5 storyline, I'd like to headcanon Chaos Force as Scorpion Cell's replacement in the Epsilon roster, that Yuri creates using the remnants of the Cell that his prized Proselyte managed to subdue and recapture.

That's it for today's presentation, I hope you enjoyed it! Until next time, commander!😉
Flags of the Baltic Kingdom:
Flag of the Baltic Kingdom (1923-1950).png
Flag of the Baltic Kingdom (1950-1988).png
Flag of the Baltic Kingdom (1988-Present).png
First flag used after the independence from the Russian Empire (first in personal union, later in dynastic union) in 1923 until 1950. Black cross on White is the cross of the Teutonic Order. Used to represent the Baltics Germans. Green (and white is on all but one) is present in the flags of all the primary subdivisions. After WW2, there was a certain amount of national awakening in the Realm as such the flags of the subdivisions were changed five years after the end of the war in 1950. National flag was also changed along with that. Later, in 1988, nationalism was somewhat in the increase again. Courland and Livonia were unified under Latvia, with northern parts of Livonia given to Estonia. 4 traditional subdivisions were thus replaced with 3 roughly-ethnic subdivisions (Samogitinia would remain Samogitinia and not become "Lithuania" however). With green now present on only one flag (having already decreased to 2) the national flag was once again changed to replace the green with more red. Estonia would become and independent republic after 2015 but the black-white cross was maintained for Baltic Germans and tradition (having also served to represent Estonians in 1950-2015 era).

Flag of Estonia Governate (1821-1923) Duchy of Estonia (1923-1950).png
Flag of Livonia Governate (1821-1923) Duchy of Livonia (1923-1950).png
Flag of Courland Governorate (1821-1923) Duchy of Courland (1923-1950).png
Flag of Duchy of Samogitinia (1923-1950).png
Respectively; Estonia, Livonia, Courland, Samogitinia. All but Samogitinia are OTL (well, I found them in Wikipedia at the very least) flags for the Imperial Russian Governates. For Samogitinia I used green and red from Livonia and yellow from MS Paint, as an approximation of modern Lithuanian colors. I also saw on the Wiki page on the Lithuanian flag that the first idea was green-red with a thin gold line. ("Samogitinia" refers to Kovno Governate)
OTL flags of Estonia, Livonia, Courland, Latvia and Lithuania from Wikipedia serving as flags of Estonia, Livonia, Courland, Latvia, Samogitinia; respectively.

(Was originally going to include the flags too but ran into the 10 image limit)

While I did make/write this, if anybody has a better idea feel free to tell, I might change some flags. (Specifically for the original Samogitinia and all national flags).

Various retcons will/may happen and not necessarily be reflected in the posts or this index
Partition of Laos
WW1 and WW2
WW1 and WW2, earlier version with small write up
WW2 ATL-1-1
WW2 ATL-1-2
International Concord
Political/Military Alliances
Economic Blocs
Human Development Index
Forms of Government (Darfur retconned to being a Monarchy)
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Democracy Index
Most Popular Sports by Nation
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USSA/ASF Elections
Territorial Evolution of Malaysia(-Pacifica) (with CoA sketches and notes)

3 Malaysian blue ensigns (Ones with supporters canon)
Ensign of the Britannic Revolutionary Navy
Updated East South Sudan, Socialist Australia, Socialist New Zealand (this South Sudan retconned, the other one is still canon)
Malaysian and Pacifican Blue Ensigns
South Sudanese Flags
Latest Flags of USSA and ASF
Flag of the International Concord
Rio de la Platan and Sudamerican Flags
Second Flag of Pacific Federation
PSA Flags (Pacific Federation Flag retconned)
Algerian Flag (the bottom one)
Flag of Ghana (the bottom one)
Flag of Chinese Social Republic
Flags of Sudan
Flag of the Republic of Nyasaland
Flag of Sri Lanka
Flag of Chad

Non-Map and Non-Flag Graphics:
Britannic Union Air Force Roundel
West French, Ottoman and Russian Roundels
Istanbul Pact Roundels
South Africa, Malaysia(-Pacifica), New England Roundels
PSA/Pacific Federation/California Roundels
Ghana Roundel
Indian and Sri Lankan Roundels
Warspite, under Britannic command, bombing the French
Coat of Arms of the Dominion of Pacifica (shark outdated)
Coat of Arms of the Dominion of Malaysia-Pacifica (1992-2008)
Malaysian CoAs, a blue ensign for Malaysia

Commonwealth Roundels
List of the Leaders of Britannic Union (political parties and leaders mentioned in note 7 can be disregarded)
List of the Presidents of USSA/ASF (partially retconned check map for updated version)
List of the Presidents of USA
List of the Presidents of PSA/Pacific Federation/California
Rulers of the Romanov Realms
Political Parties of the Russian Empire
Primary Subdivisions of UBSC at its height (1972-1976)
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Monarchies and the titles of their rulers
History Exam: Japan from WW2 to 1970
Misconception of USSA Dictatorship
Treaty of Chicago, 1970 (Chicago could be District of Lincoln instead of Jefferson)
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Perhaps in the future, but that'll require some new overlays to simplify construction - specifically, Yuri's Emblem. I would gladly accept it if you provided one...
It's never interested me.
However why don't you download GIMP which is free and gives you the ability not to need specific layering.
In other flag news, I'm a finalist for the flag of Galveston, Texas! It would really mean a lot to me if you would vote for my design. Galveston deserves a great flag!

Here's my design:
00 Proposed flag of Galveston, Texas [recoded].png

Here is my proposal for the flag of Galveston, Texas. It is simple enough to be remembered by a child but distinctive enough to be recognised at a distance.

The overall layout represents the geography of Galveston, a diagonal island. The two blue sections represent the ocean and shipping industry as Galveston was one of America's biggest ports. The two golden stripes represent the beaches that attract many visitors. One shore faces the mainland and the other faces the wider world, representing how the port acts as a gateway to America. The red represents the life and energy of Galveston's people. The star represents the pride of Galveston as it punches above its weight.

The flag also references the history of Galveston. Red and gold are borrowed from the naval flag of the Spanish Empire. The diagonal layout is borrowed from the first flag of Mexico. The red, white, blue and star are borrowed from the flags of Texas and America.

Here is a map of the island of Galveston to understand what I was going for with the layout.