Since it's Saint Nicholas Day today, here's something appropriate from my archives, made some seven or eight years ago. :)

Benevolent Slovak Provisional Republic of St. Nicholas flag.png

"Benevolent Slovak Provisional Republic of St. Nicholas

You know Alien Space Bats, those rascals... They're constantly up to no good and mischief. One fateful early Advent, a group of ASBs decided to pick on the contemporary Slovak Republic. Their ASB ways wrecked havoc on the country, creating fear, confusion and insanity in what was to be a quiet and calm beginning to the upcoming festive season. It seemed only a miracle could help save the country from the oppression of the ASBs... And sure enough, the pre-Christmas miracle everyone was hoping for eventually arrived. If ASBs are wrecking up your country and military might, diplomatic measures or even desperate superscience can't help... Who ya gonna call ? That's right... Good old St. Nick !

St. Nicholas showed up in his magical sleigh pulled by dashing snow-white steeds, assisted by his sidekicks and helpers, an angel and a devil. The trio, but St. Nick in particular, made quick work of the ASB intruders, giving them what for and banishing them back into the ASB dimension. However, all was not well right away. Slovakia had been rather trashed and abused by the whimsically insane ideas and pastimes of the ASBs and needed at least a few months or years to rebuild. Parts of the country's leadership and elites had also been previously kidnapped by the ASBs, many of them still trapped in other timelines and awaiting eventual rescue. Given the complicated and chaotic situation in the country during the ASB defeat aftermath, St. Nicholas agreed to stay and help for a while. His efforts bore fruit in the form of a proposal to create a "provisional Slovak republic of benevolence and generosity", in order to ease the transition of the country from its crisis state back to normality - hopefully in time for Christmas, of course (by either Gregorian or Julian calendar reckoning) !

Sure enough, the plan succeeded. While the provisional republic founded by St. Nicholas was only short-lived and was replaced by the normal Slovak Republic again after mid January of the following year, this short-lived state remained fondly remembered in the memories of many a Slovak citizen. A particularly fond memory was one of the central provisional policies: "Lots of presents, generosity, love for thy fellow man, and merry-making and hoopla... But less complicated politics, people want to take their minds off that right now !" ;)

During the brief existence of the provisional republic, the secondary anthem adopted by the citizens out of gratitude was the classic St. Nicholas' Day carol Mikulášku, dobrý strýčku. :)"


Also, happy Day of Independence, Finland. :)

The Empire of Hayon is the most powerful human state in Agand. Founded about 1000 years ago, it has become the greatest power on the continent of Gelasia, from the Sea of Dragons, to the Inland Sea, and from the Vondon River all the way south to the Sea of Vortices.
Hayon, like the Roman Empire on Earth, grew out of a small city, Aretos.
Today, the capital of the empire, one of the largest cities on the planet, houses the bureaucratic and military apparatus of Hayon, as well as some of the most impressive and majestic monuments in all of Agand's history.
Because of the vastness of its borders, the empire employs a disproportionate military force that takes the form of immense legions of soldiers, steel warships and astonishing flying ships. Although these tools have made numerous peoples and nations tremble, once subjugated to Hayon, each people is more or less free to pursue its own path as long as it pays tribute and sends soldiers to the capital.
The empire rarely resorts to violence to keep the peace, but when it does, it is usually terrible to behold.
The empire is divided into provinces, kingdoms and duchies (sometimes marquisates).
Kingdoms are states that enjoy extensive internal autonomy and are left more or less to their own devices. They enjoy many freedoms, especially the possibility of having their own army.
Duchies and marquisates are ruled by a duke or marquis, who is a member of the imperial family or closely related to it. They also enjoy great autonomy, but are fully integrated within the imperial military apparatus and have no armed forces of their own.
Finally, the provinces. These are territories administered by a Strategus appointed directly by the capital and do not enjoy any kind of autonomy; provinces are usually recently conquered or turbulent territories.
New Project advance.

Heinach is Hayon's great adversary for the domination of the West.
In a close parallel to the history of the Roman empire on Earth, Hayon's brother state, the empire of Axion, was invaded and destroyed by barbarians from the north after it had been weakened by severe civil wars and revolutions and a terrible epidemic. Defeating the Axionite empire was the cabal of evil sorcerers known as the 'Black Order'. Terrified by the risk of ethnic contamination and the different religion of the barbarians, the black sorcerers, at the head of which stood the last emperor of Axion, Keus V, turned to necromancy, conjuring up the spirits of the dead and hordes upon hordes of skeletons, zombies, spectres and other creatures of the night.
King Ardus of the Hein, the foremost people among the barbarians, defeated King Keus in single combat and destroyed the black order and their evil creations, giving birth to the core of the Heinach empire.
Heinach is less populated than Hayon, and makes much less use of heroic spirits summoned from Earth. However, the use of technology is certainly not inferior to that of the Hayonites, and indeed, where Hayon still uses feudal military tactics, Heinach is already moving towards the use of modern firearms (albeit powered by magic).
The capital of Heinach is the city of Heisen, known as the most powerful and impregnable military fortress on the continent of Oldnna. The current ruler is the young but ambitious Harin VII.
For now, Heinach has not yet decided to stand against Cleopatra and Hayon, although the appeals of the small neighbouring nations are growing louder, but few believe that the hour of battle is far off.

The flag depicts the imperial eagle, which is said to have led Ardus onto the battlefield.
One therefore finds the black eagle in a black diamond and on band on a field of gold.
In the centre of the eagle is an irregularly quartered heraldic shield of Amaranth and lapis lazuli blue, which contains the heraldic symbols of the imperial house of Waltein, the wolf and the horse.
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Flags of Hawaii (redesign) and the Empire of Saturn. Feedback welcome


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Flag of the Republic of Egypt in the world of the Sidemoving.

It's the OTL Egyptian flag, with the following changes: Reversed the tricolor to signify German heritage, changed words below eagle to fit the country's different name, made eagle's back red to show Brandenburger heritage, changed crest to show Romanian heritage, and added triangle to show West Slavic heritage. Sidemoving fun fact: the capital of Egypt used to be Berlin.
The Socialist Caliphate of Nigeria (aka North Nigeria, OTL Niger)

The National Communist State of Nigeria (aka South Nigeria, OTL Nigeria)

A two countries scenario, where the Concessions of The Niger broke up into two states in 1946 following a messy independence and civil war. Originally a part of the transcontinental empire of The Guineas, The Niger used to be a major hub of origin of indentured workforce under the co-jurisdiction of a variety of European regimes. North Nigeria is loosely affiliated with the Red Gang and claims to have nuclear weapons, while South Nigeria is backed and popularised by the West.
The tenion is somewhat unpredictable, they do on occasions wonder to the edge of a full on war.
Dark Green background would make it the flag of the Peoples Republic of Benin.
So yeah I was looking for local commie vexillological tradition and Benin was my only choice. I like the idea of one of them being orange the other green. Also, should probably rely on pre-colonial African flags more.