Flag Challenge #289: Give Me A Break, Martha Washington!

Based on a recent convo I had about the Give Me Liberty comic over on Sufficient Velocity I had a neat idea for the challenge! The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick a successor state from that depiction of the Second Civil War and design a decent flag for it!


You can't change any of the descriptions, alignments, or lore, but I think they're interesting enough to open up all sorts of possibilities!

Submissions Close: 10:00pm CST, June 11th

Please remember to review the RULES, especially concerning flag size. For an image in a single-flag entry, the shortest side must be 600 pixels or less, and the longest side must be 1200 pixels or less.
Here's the new flag challenge if anyone wants to give it a shot!


Flag of the Eurasian State, stretching from Scandinavia to Southeast Asia. A decentralized, tribalist, syncretic, reactionary, multi-nationalist, anti-colonial, populist, monarchy.

The origins of this country are like ... something related to Ungern Sternberg, Nicholas Roerich, and friends wank after the collapse of the Russian, Chinese, and British Empires at the start of the 20th century.


Second Version of Flag:

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I recreated a flag that I saw on two photos of the State Diet of the Free State of Brunswick, in the meeting hall to be exact. It's the flag of the Free State, but in the middle is what seems to be a red circle, which shows the Saxon Steed, which was the CoAs of the state. Although I used the Saxon Steed of the State of Lower Saxony, tilted to the right, thus making the steed look more similar to the one used on the photo.
All in all a pretty obscure flag.
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It looks like the flag of Pavlo Skoropadsky's Cossack Ukraine.

Not quite a flag, but it includes my Somali flag ;)

Italo-Somali space mission patch for the ASI (Italian Space Agency) mission "Caligula II". No lore for it yet, just a neat idea.
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Had some flags left over i haven't used, figured i might as well post them here.

Some fantasy flags.
800px-Flag_of_Blauwald v.5.png

800px-Flag_of_Blauwald v.7.png

Flag(s) of the Blauwald Confederacy
Can't remember the specifics, but evidently the union of three separate states.
I do like the mixture of Blue and Orange, don't know why, i just think they look neat together.

800px-Flag_of_Lacksteel v.14.png

Flag of the Kingdom of Lacksteel
Again, no idea what it was for, I guess i was just in the mood for a High Fantasy flag.
Not the biggest fan of this one, a bit generic.

An alternate-history flag
800px-Flag_of_St_Michael v.2.png

Flag of the Island Monastery of St. Michael
Eh, why not?

And finally, a possible future flag
800px-Flag_of_RIP-Brit v.3.png

My take on a British Republican flag
I am not a fan of the current possible tricolour for Britain (Shocker, i know). So when i saw that protesters at the coronation of old Charles had chosen Yellow as their colour, i had an idea.
Blue to represent Britain extensive past, and as a callback to the Union Jack.
White to represent a present wish for peace and prosperity.
And Yellow to represent a future of liberty and equality for everyone.
Had some flags left over i haven't used, figured i might as well post them

Flag of the Kingdom of Lacksteel
Again, no idea what it was for, I guess i was just in the mood for a High Fantasy flag.
Not the biggest fan of this one, a bit generic.
Honestly, the Lacksteel one is my favorite. The diamond, the parallel lines, the blue on white; I'm a sucker for just about every element on that flag. The first Blauwald one is a close second, I like that color scheme too.
Flag of Ilha Alta

Ilha Alta is a fictional island with little over 5,500 people that is based on the real Inaccessible Island. An unincorporated, organized territory of the United States, it gained its current status on July 4, 1993. Largely self-reliant due to a large population of sheep, good fishing waters, and an oil economy slowly being replaced by tourism, its flag represents this identity. The blue represents the South Atlantic Ocean, while the five stars represent the five small settlements of the island (Concordia, Highland, Rehoboth, Saltaire, and Rainbow Beach), and the torch represents liberty in a turbulent sea. The flag was designed in 1963 by Preston Moore, an enlisted sailor in the United States Navy who settled that year with his family on the island. Rear Admiral Benjamin Marshall, who had a home on the island and was Ilha Alta's first elected leader from July 4, 1993, until his death on December 3, 2006, fell in love with the flag and adopted it as Ilha Alta's banner.

Ilha Alta Flag.png

Virginia Alt Flag.png

A flag for a 15 Virginias project I'm working on. This flag in particular is for a Virginia which the Virginia Slavery Debates of 1831 and 1832 lead to the state abolishing the practice in the late 1830s. As a result, Virginia remains united. The colors are obviously the American colors of red, white, and blue (but the hues have been taken from the 1861 Virginia state flag reconstruction on Wikipedia). The four flowers are American Dogwood blossoms, the state flower of Virginia. These four flowers stand for the four general districts of Virginia: Trans-Allegheny, Valley, Piedmont, and Tidewater.


Another concept:

A futuristic American Reconstruction Order who believes that too much freedom brought the Old United States to ruin. It is an extremely regimented society in which all forms of entertainment and vice are banned, the government chooses your job and your spouse for you using ChatGPT, and a social credit system is in place to keep the population in line. By default a person has zero freedom, but more freedom can be earned by obtaining a higher social credit score, which can be gained through community service.

Since I'm feeling particulary productive today, here are some flags from my ongoing TL. I'm yet to complete the write-up but this will come with it's own map showing the new states in questions.

Flagbook_Tekengebied 1.jpg
😳 But, wait, how can I test that I've not been ISOT'd? This is a US subnational entity's flag and it's actually good, actually a real flag *. There's no bedsheet, no reams of text, no horribly complex 57-colour picture sat in the middle...

Well done Frederick County!

* yes, I know there are actually other good ones, such as the superlative New Mexico flag. But the good ones are very much outliers from the morass of junk ones.