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Inspired by the flags above:

The flag of the Finnish Popular Republic (Suomen kansanvaltainen tasavalta), a Soviet-allied, short-lived (1918-1923) state created after an alternate Finnish civil war:


The greater coat of arms of the Popular Republic, with its motto "The People's Work, the People's Power".

All from same timeline concept. With the name "the Tsar, the Kaiser and a Springtime Revolution".

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Firstly an update on "East" South Sudan (aka the Social Republic of South Sudan). The Chenist (alt!Trotskyist, ideology of the Social Republic of China and the most popular form of far left ideology after the fall of the Britannic Union and its specific ideology becoming less popular) Chinese puppet state.
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Flag of the Democratic Republic of Australia (1940-1986), the Britannic client state in Victoria and New South Wales. Established after the Britannic-British War (1939-1940) along with the help of local socialists. The flag features the Eureka Flag and the Hammer and the Pick (symbol of mining). The DRA would survive 1941-1944 war against the USA (mostly considered a part of World War 2) despite getting invaded and fall of Sydney and Canberra. With detente in the following cold war and the slow (and mostly peaceful) disintegration of the Britannic Union DRA would compromise with and unify with the Commonwealth of Australia (Dominion) in 1986. It was succeeded by the Commonwealth of Australia (Republic), which adopted the Australian Federation Flag from the 1830s. The canton is a bit too small but I couldn't make it better.
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Flag of the Peoples Republic of New Zealand (1940-1957) and later the Peoples Republic of Aotearoa (1957-1991). Flag is based on the United Tribes of New Zealand flag with the George Cross changed into a red field. Blue on the flag would be changed to black. The Irish Starry Plough was also adopted as a symbol (New Munster and New Ulster were names used for South and North Islands). The Peoples Republic was established at the same time as DRA in the North Island. The entirety of the Nation was occupied by the US from 1942-1944 with US troops in North Island surrendering after the mainland United States had surrendered and been fully occupied by Japan and the Britannic Union. In 1957 the name was changed from Peoples Republic of New Zealand to the Peoples Republic of Aotearoa. In 1991 the Peoples Republic would unite with the Dominion of New Zealand (South Island based) and New Zealand-Aotearoa (a republic) would be established. A modified version of the Dominion's blue ensign would be adopted as a "black ensign".

Continuation from the same timeline (my Algeria concepts are also to fit in fit the timeline ).
Flag of the Revolutionary Navy.png

The Ensign of the Revolutionary Navy of the Revolutionary Union of Britain/Union of Britannic Syndicalist Commonwealths. Also the Cog/Compass/Book symbol was not made by me but I can not remember where it came from.
Crossposting the latest Flag Challenge:
Weekly Flag Challenge 224: Nunarput og Førroyar

Nunarput = "Our Country" (Greenland) in Greenlandic
og = "and" in Danish
Førroyar = "Sheep Isles" (Faroe Islands) in Faroese

Create a national flag or overseas territory flag for Greenland or the Faroe Islands.

Maybe Greenland or the Faroe Islands have gone completely independent from Denmark, or whichever country held them previously. Or maybe they are overseas territories with plenty of autonomy, as in our timeline. Or maybe overseas territories where their limited autonomy continued, for better or worse. The sky's the limit, use your imagination well and create something suitably alternate, with a believable backstory. As already hinted at, they don't have to be former Danish colonies in your particular timeline. The upper limit of the timeframe is the year 2020, as in our world. You cannot reuse any flags for these countries that you've created for past rounds of the WFC.

You don't have to create an alternate flag for both lands, one is sufficient enough. Please do not use entries that are just slight modifications of existing Greenland or Faroe Island flags. As always, try to be creative and figure out something original and visually captivating. Best of luck !

Submissions Open: Now (12:00 GMT 20th May)
Submissions Close: 12:00 GMT 27th May
See the current entries in the Entries thread:
baltic flag.png

From my Moselrhein/Swiss Kingdom WIP, the flag of the Kingdom of Courland, Estonia, and Livonia; it combines the national colors of Estonia in the form of a Nordic cross, with the coat of arms of the duchy of Courland and Semigallia superimposed. The coat of arms and crown are drawn from relicensable images on wikipedia.
Cross-posting my entry in the Weekly Flag Challenge:
Kingdom of Greenland

After the creation of the Kingdom of Iceland within the Danish Realm as a theoretically equal partner to the Kingdom of Denmark, the blue flag of Iceland and the red flag of Denmark were modified with a canton showing union mark of Denmark and Iceland - a combination of the two colours divided diagonally.
During the World War and the occupation of Denmark, the functions of government were transferred to Reykjavik, which led to a greater degree of autonomy for Greenland and the Faroe Islands, which they hoped would continue following the return of the realm-government to Copenhagen. This was not the case immediately, and only occurred following Greenlander and Faroer nationalist parties winning pluralities in their respective legislative assemblies in the election of 1958, which began a four-year long negotiation process which would see their elevation to the kingdoms within the Danish Realm and theoretically equal partners to Denmark and Iceland in 1962. This necessitated a change in the union mark, adding the green of Greenland and the white of the Faroe Islands to all of the kingdom flags, and changing the realm-flag similarly.View attachment 551416

This is one of the most madcap flags I have seen in a while. :eek:

I suppose you're riffing on Uganda's reputation of being a hotbed for cults who start their own armed movements.

A United States of America, founded by pirates, buccaneers, and other sea based highway men. Her founders include Edward Teach, Edward Low, and Jonathan Edwards.
(Yes, that Johnathan Edwards).

Alternatively, the flag of a US-style Republic of Pirates.

"Argh, this Congress of Pirates is adjourned !" :D
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Alternate Australia Flag Pixel-Art 1.png
Alternate Australia Flag Pixel-Art 1.1.png

Alternate Australia flags. I love the simplicity of the tricolour design. I made the blue and gold to pay homage to the original and I feel blue is good for representing the ocean and gold the land. The green and gold flag matches our national colours.
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Alternate Australia flags. I love the simplicity of the tricolour design. I made the blue and gold to pay homage to the original and I feel blue is good for representing the ocean and gold the land. The green and gold flag matches our national colours.
Are the black lines part of the design? Otherwise the yellow will blend into the white on physical flags.

(Edit for another missing "?")
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Crazy Boris

WA Bigfoot.png

2 AM flag idea: what if the flag of Washington depicted the state's most famous resident, ol' bigboy himself, in an appropraitley blurry fashion
Dano-Wendish Kingdom.png

A bit of a teaser for a thing I'm working on. Basically the flag is for a Denmark in perpetual union with "the Wendish lands", basically Mecklenburg, most of Pommerania, and Holstein (Schleswig is seen as part of Denmark). Those Wendish lands are barely Slavic anymore, mostly German with Danish and Slavic elements, but Wendland is just a good regional name.

Anyway, the resolution is a bit low but I think the design is still nice. Enjoy!
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