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Flag for the Kingdom of the Mosel and Rhine, the country whose timeline I am currently working on and posted about in the WIP thread. Coat of arms is courtesy of @FriendlyGhost, superimposed over a modified Dutch tricolor. The cross, common imagery for Christian states, also acts to both divide and unify the flag; the two blue eights represent the two rivers from which the country draws its name, and the two red portions represent the life and blood of the people and struggle to maintain independence.

mosel rhein flag.png
An alternate flag for Canada that I quickly made in order to "participate" (as in get the badge with minimal effort while staying somewhat on theme) in DeviantArt's 2020 April Fools' Day event "Hoofs Banned".

Save Hoofs Canada.png


I'll post the explanation of this flag later. I do like having people guess what the flags I make mean after all. ;)
I'll post the explanation of this flag later. I do like having people guess what the flags I make mean after all. ;)

UK of Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands and somewhere else (Austria?) and a colony/dominion of it. Possibly ruled by the House of Hapsburg.
What’s wrong with the canton? :(
It feels like those attempts to mash Wales in by focusing on the central cross. It feels wrong.
Maybe if I knew the process I could accept it as is or modify it slightly.
I mean it could just be my, for lack of a better term, flag arrogance. I like flags to look good.

Edit: seems I did previously comment:
I suppose they're anaesthetic enough to be realistic. Though I do wonder if they wouldn't just have added the Netherlands in as an escutcheon or similar then created a completely new Grand Imperial flag from scratch on Hannover's entry before devolving the entire unwieldy parliament into a federal system and thus adding in separate flags for the constituents.
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From my same Moselrhein timeline I'm working on, Australia if New Zealand had been a founding state at Federation, thus meaning the seventh point on the Commonwealth Star represents them rather than "all future territories," an honor that now goes to the five-pointed star, which remains just the standard white, symbolizing hope/the future:

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I find it weird that alternate Australian flags tend to heavily feature the sporting colours and the kangaroo. What's the meaning of the wreath?
From what I call my "timeline-to-be" with the current name idea being "the Tsar, the Kaiser and a Springtime Revolution".
The Flags for the three current claimants for the legitimate government of South Sudan:
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The Flag of the Republic of South Sudan (also the Flag of South Sudan OTL), the internationally recognized "legitimate" government. Currently still holds the International Concord seat, and operates as a government-in-exile in Egypt. South Sudan ITTL, gained independence from the (Socialist) Democratic Republic of Sudan in 1977. The government fell to a socialist insurgency 2015-2019, as the fall of the Africanist Republic of the Congo (Saddam/Assad analogue followed by war on terror/civil war) kicked off several widespread insurgencies in Central Africa (2015 was a rather eventful year for TTL actually, there are more stuff), with two being rather active in South Sudan. This government lost last of the ground it controlled in 2019. (The legitimate, capitalist government)
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Flag of the Social Republic of South Sudan which was fully established in 2019. It is recognized by 7 sovereign states (Chinese Social Republic, its 5 puppets and American Socialist Federation) most of which are themselves partially recognized but with International Concord memberships (that said, West Zambia only barely managed to get a membership). Also called "Southeast Sudan" (because East South Sudan doesn't roll off the tongue) This flag is also used by the African Peoples Liberation Army-South Sudanese Section. (*Maoist Chinese Client State)
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Flag of the Democratic Peoples Republic of South Sudan (Southwest Sudan, naturally). The state is barely recognized (only recognized by the insurgent state of Democratic Peoples Republic of the Congo and the Central African Democratic Peoples Republic), lacking the crucial Chinese recognition that CAPDR managed to get due to the lack of an active *Maoist group in the Former CAR. And acts as a puppet state and base for the Peoples Revolutionary Army of the Congo (the people behind DPRotC, likely the closest analogue for ISIS ittl). With European Council sending troops to Chad and Darfur it is believed that the days of PRAotC and its two puppet states are numbered. (The OTL symbol of Zaire is used by the PRAotC and their puppets) (puppets of the extreme Khmer Rogue/North Korea style terrorists)

Other posts in this thread from the same timeline:

From the same timeline (thought I am leaning more towards just "A Springtime Revolution" currently). Flags of two of five successor states to the Dominion of Malaysia-Pacifica, which itself can be considered the successor to the United Kingdom-in-Exile as it inherited all UK governed territories except Bermuda when the Union of Britannic Syndicalist Commonwealths was dissolved and British Provisional Government (which governed all lands that were UBSC territories in 1991 except Ireland) restored the monarchy. Singapore, which had served as the Royal Capital and seat of the (rather vestigial) British Parliament-in-Exile (also home to the Parliament for Administration and Governing of Loyal Realms aka the Real Parliament-in-Exile as it was the one that governed the Empire-in-Exile), continued to serve as the capital of Malaysia-Pacifica (with the Royal Family and Parliament-in-Exile leaving). Sultanate of Aceh (OTL Flag) would become independent from the Dominion in 2003, while Polynesia (French Polynesia + Pitcairn Islands, Flag is Blue Ensign with French Polynesia symbol) and Papua New Guinea (all of Papua, OTL Flag) both became independent Dominions in 2008. Malaysia-Pacifica would dissolve in 2011 leading to the birth of the Dominions of Malaysia and Pacifica. While this was the last change of flags the maps would change one more time in 2013 when the Malaysian State of Micronesia became independent as the Dominion of Micronesia (Pacific Islands Trust Territory flag from OTL but with a Union Jack in the canton).

While the restored United Kingdom does not have the St. Patrick's Cross/Saltire on its flag other flags featuring the Union Jack still include it (as did the Union Jack as it was used in the Empire-in-Exile) and it is sometimes described as the "Old" or "Heritage" Union Jack.

Flag of the Dominion of Malaysia:
Flag of Dominion of Malaysia (2011-Present) (FriendlyGhost).png

Flag of the Dominion of Pacifica:
Flag of Dominion of Pacifica (2011-Present).png

Both Coats of Arms (and actually the first flag as a whole) are courtesy of @FriendlyGhost
Thank you once again.
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