Flag Thread IV

An idea I had too late for the Challenge:

Essentially the American rebels use a slightly different standard which on conferederation then union has the "Liberty Star" remodelled slightly. It's said to be 3 overlapping stars that represent the division of powers and serves as a "beacon of liberty".
United Korea.png

From my TL "La Triplice".
The Flag of United Korea, a state formed after China defeated Japan in Manchurian war during the '40s.
China won also thanks with the help of Germany and the war was costly, but eventually they won.
Korea is a modern state. A strongly conservative state between the two most powerfull states of Asia: The Empire of Japan and the Republic of China.
Korea is strongly conservative, and staunchly allied with Germany to counterbalance Japan, allied with U.K and a strong growing China.
Bit ASB but you could have the canton itself expressing the number of states by being shaped like the roman numerals with the number of stars themselves having not particular significance.
the 3 branches of the government, or if they're a theopublic, then the father, son, and holy spirit
Flag of the United Socialist States of America (1990-1995).png

Last flag of the United Socialist States of America used from 1990 to 1995.
Flag of the American Socialist Federation (2017-Present).png

The current flag of its successor state the American Socialist Federation (in use since 2017)

Thanks to @FriendlyGhost for providing me with the USSA flag(s, I didn't post the others). Made the ASF flags with the help of the USSA flags. USSA was established in 1945 by the Union of Britannic Syndicalist Commonwealths after the US defeat in WW2 out of US states east of the Mississippi except for New York, New England, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin (first two annexed by UBSC, others remained with the US remnant). Northwest was later annexed from US in a war and UBSC would later transfer the Bahamas to USSA leading to its last flag having 20 stars for 20 states and 8 stripes for founding colonies. USSA was a nuclear power and part of the Forum of Great Powers and the Forum of Nuclear Armed Nations in the International Concord (alt-UN). While the nation far-left it was home to multi-party elections (with the CPUS(S)A being the government since 1954. Other parties being Socialist Party, Socialist Labor Party and Socialist Workers Party. With the last election in 1994 being CPUSSA vs an alliance of democratic (capitalist) reformists). In 1995 the nation was reformed into the American Socialist Federation (with different subdivisions than the former states), a less democratic and oppressive country. There was 11 of these subdivisions and such the new flag had 11 stripes and 11 stars. The emblem of CPUS(S)A added to the flag (the party itself was renamed to Communist Party of America). In 2017 the Bahamas were given to the restored United Kingdom of Great Britain and the number of stripes and stars were dropped. Modern ASF is the only socialist nation truly free of Chinese Social Republic influence. It has very recently been warming up towards capitalist powers and even becoming more open towards USA and Canada. The nation has finally begun (economically and socially) recovering from the fall of the communist bloc in the 90s. USSA and ASF are both also (semi-)commonly known as East America (as opposed to USA's West America).