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    I'm not seeing it. As a New Zealander, I'm probably too accustomed to black and white to make that link. Also, I think the angular-ness of emblems is what makes them feel fascist and the silver fern is too curved to qualify. At worst, this looks like an All Blacks rebranding. Still, this is a site about alternate history so maybe the connotation of an alternate fascist New Zealand is what appealed to the users? :p
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    possible joint israeli-palestinian flag ??? controversial i know but two-state policy is a disaster.

    israeli-palestinean single state.png
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    The blue lines are definitely too thin, they need to be more pronounced for the design to be recognizeable.
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    Republican Union Space Force High Command

    Flag of the Mittelafrikan Reich in "What Madness Is This?" Redux: The Union Forever. The Reich is a white-supremacist offshoot of Wolfgang Kapp's Germanian Republic. During the Germanian Civil War of 1914-1920, four factions battled each other to near-extinction as Kaiserin Erika's rule shattered, her brother-in-law, the Grand Duke, attempted to usurp the throne, and Illuminist revolutionaries attempted to spread their radical ideology. In Mittelafrika, pro-Royalist colonial governor Leopold von Egk was ousted in a coup led by Reinhardt von Bachenheim, a fervent supporter of Kapp. Kapp then ordered von Bachenheim to govern Mittelafrika as a sovereign nation, leading to von Bachenheim proclaiming himself Fuhrer. The new dictator despised the native Africans and utilized some of the worst war criminals of the Great World War (1911-1916) to hold them down and force them to work on nationalized oil fields, rubber plantations, and mines.
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    Crossposting in case you guys like this also
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    i am confused why Utah and Colorado are grouped as Midwestern, that term is mainly for the Great Lakes region
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    Updating that now. Brainfart.
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    I've been in Australia going on 20 years and I'm with you on that. Black and white when related to NZ don't invoke in me fascism but more "international sporting event".

    I think that's something that flag designers need to bear in mind when creating ATL flags: the perception of colours and colour combination can be quite different from one country to the next.
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    My favorite creation: The Republic of Teklistan
    Flag of Teklistan.png
    The Republic of Teklistan is a landlocked country which resides in OTL Orenburg Oblast. The majority ethnicity is the Tekls, a group which split from the Kazakhs. It has been ruled by President Nukov since gaining independence in 1991. It maintains good relations with both Kazakhstan and Russia. Tekls, Kazakhs, and Russians are treated fairly while other groups are mistreated by the government.
    The flag is green to represent the agricultural aspects of the country, while the blue bar represents the Ural River.
    The flag of the Teklistan SSR
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    *Fully Enchanted Luxury Gay Astral Plane Communism intensifies*
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    1920px-Dream_British_Flag.svg copy.png
    1920px-Dream_British_Flag_2.svg .png
    These two flags (Or something similar, I think the 2nd one was actually a circle pattern) appeared in the background of a dream I had.
    They were in this painting of a British royal event.
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    I was bored, and decided to make some Antarctica flags.
    The choice of orange and bright blue was done with the idea of the flag being more easily visible in the snow.
    The Antarctica map is self explanatory, and the recurring sevens is in reference to the seven nations who all currently lay claim to territory in Antarctica.