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    A French puppet government in Germany. Whoa, hold up, did Germany unite? And who united it? Some minor German Catholic state that had the backing of France? (which excluded Austria and Prussia???)
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    The flag of the Anglo-Romany/ Romanichal English gypsy community
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    Can i have a alternate Indonesian flag?

    The Indonesia i'm talking about is still a republic, that never experiences the New Order, so its still retains the republican form. Be free with the shapes, yet the colour of red and white is highly encouraged.

    Bonus points if its involves the national emblem (yet altered to add the words of "Babareng Nagara Kiat" after the Bhineka Tunggal Ika motto.)

    Thanks tho btw.
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    Plattsburgh State flag:
    (The reason for only five stars is due to the state government's protest against the laws being put in place in Gilead.)
    Flag of Vermont:
    Flag of New Hampshire:
    Flag of Gilead:
    Flag of Adams:
    (want of the most hated flags)
    Flag of Salem:
    flag of salem.png
    The Republic of Vermont:
    1. Plattsburgh
    2. Vermont
    3. New Hampshire
    4. Gilead
    5. Adams
    6. Salem
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    Feb 28, 2016
    Some more Mars, more Overheaven. This time, I'm comin' at ya with all the flags of the Tharsis Commonwealth by 1999.

    •The flag the Tharsis Commonwealth is basically a “remix” of the terrestrial American flag. The symbol with the red disk and white chevron, surrounded by thirteen stars, is taken from the mission patch of the Ares-5 mission, which landed the very first human on Mars; the “Shield of Ares” is also intended to serve as a “gender-neutral” alternative to the traditional astrological symbol for Mars, while also evoking a Spartan shield, and therefore, the Greek god of war.

    •The flag of Alba has admittedly pretty bland symbolism. It was mostly selected because it looked cool. Though the post-hoc rationalization is that the red triangle represents Alba Mons, the blue is for knowledge, the white is for hope for an optimistic future, and the two mixing represent how one is needed for the other. Or something.

    •Borealia’s flag does a great job of telling you the state is at the Martian north pole, and doesn’t do much else.

    •Columbia was settled primarily by Southerners and Chinese-Americans, and the flag of Columbia combines the “Blue Sky, White Sun, and a Wholly Red Earth” of the Republic of China, with (more subtly), the Confederate battle flag.

    •The flag of Eisenhower draws most of its symbolism from the personal coat of arms of former US President, Dwight D. Eisenhower. The blue anvil is a reference to the president’s surname translating as “iron-hewer”, while the five stars symbolize his rank as a five-star general during World War II. The Latin phrase “Pax Per Intellectum” translates as “Peace Through Understanding”, and is a motto associated with Eisenhower’s coat of arms.

    •Named in honor of the first human to set foot on Mars, Robert H. Lawrence, Jr, the basic design of Laurentia’s flag is meant to evoke that of Lawrence’s home city of Chicago, Illinois. Indeed, most of the early settlers in the state hailed from the Chicago area as well. While the flag of Chicago has four stars (one for the Great Chicago Fire, one for Fort Dearborn, one for the World’s Columbian Exhibition, and one of the 1933 Century of Progress Exhibition), this flag has a fifth, for Laurentia.

    •Located in Stickney Crater on Mars’ largest moon, Phobos, New Archangel was settled by large numbers of Russian-American, Ukrainian-Americans and Jewish refuseniks who defected from the USSR in the 1970’s. The flag of New Archangel uses the colors of the pre-Soviet flag of the Russian Empire (yes, the red and blue are out of order, I didn’t really have a choice), with a proud all-American bald eagle in the style of the Great Seal of the United States. The shield on the eagle’s chest depicts Saint George (officially “Mounted Figure”, in accordance with New Archangel’s secular constitution) sinking a lance into the red dragon of communism.

    •Back on Mars, we have the flag of New California, which clearly emulates the familiar Californian flag. Only instead of a California grizzly astride a small green hill, this banner has a majestic California condor soaring upwards, with a red arrow behind it.

    •The flag of New Saigon obviously references the flag of the Republic of (South) Vietnam. The green bars on the top and bottom are meant to evoke the ribbon of the Vietnam Service Medal given to American soldiers who served in the Vietnam War. The red circle represents Mars itself, and the “Captain America” star and blue circle represents New Saigon’s status within the American/Tharsian experiment; additionally, the star, circle and the three red stripes form the roundel of both the US Air Force and the former South Vietnam Air Force.

    •The flag of Olympus Mons. Not much to say here. A torch for liberty, orange for the Martian sky, and a red triangle for an inaccurate representation of the titular mountain, with some white for the snow and glaciers on the mighty Martian mountain.

    •The flag of Pōmaikaʻi reflects its Hawaiian heritage with the red, white and blue stripes from the Hawaiian state flag, and the double-crossed paddles which symbolize the heritage of Martian-Hawaiians as explorers and voyagers, on not one planet, but two. And of course, the traditional symbol for Mars, which needs no introduction.

    •The flag of the newest Tharsian state, Reagan, is...Republican.

    •The flag of Roosevelt is a bit more creative, while still featuring the mug of its namesake dead president, FDR. Most of this state’s population came from, appropriately-enough, New York, and the colors of the flag recall the flag of New York City and of New Amsterdam which preceded it - blue, white and orange.

    •Tempe was settled mostly by colonists from Ohio, and when the time came for them to adopt a flag, they decided to lean into their Buckeye State pride. The flag borrows the Ohio Buckeye symbol, surrounded by 17 stars, which represent Ohio’s status as the 17th state to enter the Union back on Earth.

    •The flag of Valles Marineris is easily my favorite flag of the bunch here. The red-yellow-green-blue is meant to evoke an infrared elevation map, which I felt was the most apropos way to represent the largest canyon in the solar system. And high above the canyon we have a dark blue sky, and the Mariner 9 probe which discovered Valles Marineris in 1971, and is the region’s namesake.

    •Vandalia was settled mostly by Texans and Japanese-Americans from Hawaii and California. The flag is mostly a stylized version of the Texas flag, though the abundance of white and red could be thought of as a subtle reference to the Hinomaru, with stars and stripes instead of a sun. The first red star stands for the Republic of Texas, the second stands for the State of Texas, and the third red star stands for Vandalia.

    •And finally. Zephyria was primarily settled by colonists of Cherokee, Pawnee, Navajo, Sioux, Choctaw, Blackfoot, Creek and Iroquois descent, and the state’s flag features a thunderbird on a red disk, surrounded by a stylized dream-catcher. Originally an Ojibwe craft, the dream-catcher became a “Pan-Indian” symbol in the 1960’s and 70’s, and variants of the thunderbird are found in the mythologies of Native American cultures all over the United States, from the Great Lakes to the Great Plains, and the Southwest to the Northwest. The flag is split in half with red and blue. Blue for Earth, red for Mars. The symbol is on the blue side, because Zephyrians will never forget their heritage and where they came from, even as the thunderbird looks to Mars for the future.


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    @NK_Ryzov this rules! Will we get a map of the Commonwealth eventually?
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    In the works, I have a gigantic map of Earth, Luna, Mars, Venus (no land, just the upper atmosphere), Mercury, Neith (counterfactual moon of Venus), Phobos, Deimos, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, Callisto, Ganymede and Europa, in 1999. It’s too early in 1999 for Io to be colonized yet, though I might add some more asteroids to the map, and I’m contemplating including a mini-map of “Exonesia” - the growing cloud of space habitats in Earth orbit, which include some new states of the US which are located entirely in orbit (fun fact: America’s lunar colonies get consolidated into the 51st state, Kennedy; Puerto Rico becomes the 52nd state).

    I’d like to do a proper map of Mars during this era, but alas, the “99 Map” really only shows the settlements on Mars, rather than borders. Mostly because I’ve found it difficult to do maps on a planet that doesn’t have an ocean; I don’t know how to color in the map in such a way that accounts for the massive lowlands in the Martian north, Valles Marineris, or the Hellas and Argyre basins. Or the extreme uplands like Olympus Mons. Some states like Tempe, Borealia and Columbia are entirely in the northern basin, for example (which ends up getting flooded when Mars is terraformed), and most political maps don’t really factor in geography on Earth, in the way that it would be relevant on Mars; on Earth, we have dry land and water. On pre-terraforming Mars, we have dry land...and other distinct kinds of dry land.

    I *do* have a 2285-era map of Mars in the pipeline, however, which *is* terraformed, and would feature a futuristic version of the Tharsis Commonwealth, but that’s going to be a huge undertaking and at present it’s maybe...5% completed? I’ve got other people helping me in the ideas department for Overheaven on my Discord server, but the actual writing and visual content is 100% just me, and I’ve got dozens of different OH-related projects going on at any one time, because I’m insane like that and insist on having everything be absolutely massive.

    I might post some of my map content in the map thread later today, actually. After I get some errands done this morning.
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    Flag of Vermont is broken
  9. PopulistBean All Hail Richard M. Nixon

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    It is just OTL flag of Vermont
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    The Flag of the Theocracy of Deseret, located between the Texan Republic, the Infinite Nation of Native America, the Republic of California and the Independent Sovereignty of Oregon. Deseret is the religious capital and holy land of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church.

    The Flag of the religious extremist group, known as the Latter-day Crusaders. The extremist group is a highly dangerous organisation, albeit primarily within the Americana continent, mostly in the neighbouring countries. The text beneath the honeycomb pattern, written in the Deseret alphabet is taken from a quote by the church's founder Joseph Smith Jr: "Noah came before the flood. I have come Before The Fire."
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    From my CP victory TL "La Triplice" (now on hold, perhaps forever)
    The flag of the Republic of Greater Turkey.
    Ataturk saved the Ottoman Empire from defeat, with consistent German and Italian aid, but was unable to keep united it.
    Arabs and others minorities were too restless to be subdue.
    However the acquisition of Ajerbaijan and other Turkish lands in ex-Russia allowed to Ataturk to compensate.
    In national assembly in Konya, the ottoman Sultan was declared decayed as political head of Turkey and retain only religious powers.
    Turkey is a big ally for Germany and Italy, but its poor relations with Bulgaria are always a problem.
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    So basically, they're Mormon ISIS.
  13. Napoleon53 Pinnacle Order of Monocled Sirs ಠ_ರೃ

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    As the Confederation of the Carolinas entered the brave new world of the 1920s, the economy was booming. Recently annexed East Carolina brought a massive economic boost and the Jacksonland and Yonderland colonies in southern Africa were doing swimmingly. Truly, nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina.

    From What Madness Is This? Redux: The Union Forever
  14. Napoleon53 Pinnacle Order of Monocled Sirs ಠ_ರೃ

    Jul 18, 2011
    Republican Union Space Force High Command
    WMIT California first flag.png

    Flag of the State of Pacifica, formerly known as the Bonapartist Kingdom of California until its destruction in the Great World War by Joe Steele's Republican Union. The portions of the population deemed "Inferiors" were rounded up and sent to labor camps while the Union government sold their property and lands at auctions, triggering the "Great Pacifica Land Rush." By the 1920s, Pacifica was booming under Governor Bell and was a solidly under Union control.

    From "What Madness Is This?" Redux: The Union Forever. Shield was made years ago by, I believe, Petike? For the first version of the TL.
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    And nothin’ could be grander than to be in Louisiana!
    In the mornin’....
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    The Flag Challenges have been a bit low in attendance lately. Are people feeling a tad uninspired? Do people want a break for a few weeks? What say you?
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    Flag of the East Slavic Federation, from the Arthurverse future history project. Originally forged between the nations of Russia, Belarus, Novorossiya and Ukraine, the Federation has since expanded both economically and territorially, and is (as of 2100) the most powerful nation in Europe. With the most geographically secure position the East Slavic people have been in since the First Cold War, the ESF is now focusing much less on their military and much more on colonisation and development, both of the Siberian arctic and of Luna (with plans to colonize elsewhere in the solar system later on).

    If anyone else wants to join the Arthurverse project: https://discord.gg/9VGcNYR
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    So in this thread on proposed flags that were never adopted I saw a number of interesting designs, some of which I thought with just a little tweaking might be better (simpler designs and thus easier to replicate and for persons including school children to draw freehand etc) and more in tune with what they were trying to represent. One (the one for Kosovo) is made a bit more complex and the form is still somewhat rough, but....well take a look:

    First up New Zealand.

    The proposed flag is nice. It incorporates the fern which is associated with New Zealand and includes the colour black while retaining the southern cross stars from the existing flag as well as the red, white and blue from the existing flag too. However the fern is based off how an actual fern looks and I thought that a stylized fern such as the one from Cameron Sanders 2005 proposal, might work better:

    proposed New Zealand flag based off kyle lockwood and cameron sanders.png

    Next up Australia.

    Again the proposed flag is pretty nice. It incorporates the southern cross constellation, the red, white and blue from the original flag and has a representation of the land (the red stripe at the bottom). There was a 1993 proposal with a similar theme except the land at the bottom was formed an arc and was supposed to be more of a stylized Uluru (and thus a symbol of Australia). Using that as a basis, I re-added the federal star from the original flag and used the golden wattle symbol to incorporate the national colours of gold and green (removing the golden wattle symbol makes the flag work just as well if not better though):

    proposed Australia flag based off ausflag 1993 design.png

    And finally, Kosovo. The second flag of Besnik Nuli's proposal seems to be inspired by the flags and colours of Albania and Serbia. Taking this a step further and using this flag as inspiration, I combined the elements of the Serbian and Albanian flags and coats of arms at the time Kosovo declared independence. Yes the eagles don't quite line up, but as be can seen from this example which I just found, it could be fixed (but I won't do so today):

    kosovo flag proposal mine based off serbia and albania.png
  19. Transparent Blue TRANSPARENT! TRANSPARENT!

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    The Cameron Sanders fern is quite popular on this site. Back when the flag referendums were ongoing and this site was discussing it more, I adapted a design based on this site's stated preferences. It has a similar basis as your adjustment.

    Proposed flag of New Zealand based on ah.com comments.png
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    It's nice, but the combination of the ultra-stylised fern and the stark black and white makes it make a little fashy.
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