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    you got it, it is "Greater Suriname, it is Suriname and French Guiana merged together
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    Feb 28, 2016

    Finished the flags of the sixteen colonies of EuroMars.

    Originally founded in 1982 as a joint colonial endeavor of the European Space Agency, EuroMars was in many ways intended to serve as a model of European unity back on Earth. The capital of EuroMars, Axiom, was the center of a confederation of sixteen provinces – Gaul (colonized by France), Alemannia (originally West Germany, later united Germany), Lotharignia (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), Suecia (Sweden), Hispania (Spain), Finnia (Finland), Helvetia (Switzerland and Liechtenstein), Dania (Denmark), Ausonia (Italy, San Marino, Malta), Luxitania (Portugal), Hibernia (Ireland), Noricum (Austria), Asgard (Norway), Graecia (Greece and Cyprus), Anatolia (Turkey) and Thule (Iceland Greenland). Anatolia is the newest Euromartian province as of 1999, originally the Turkish colony of Sakit, prior to the Turkish accession to the EU in 1995.

    The provinces of Euromars are even more closely associated with one another than the member states of the EU on Earth, and the Euromartian Commission has historically been quite enthusiastic to foster a “Pan-European” identity on Mars that many believe wouldn’t be possible on Earth; Mars is a blank slate where the follies of European nationalism can be avoided, or so the Eurocrats say. Even as early in 1999, EuroMars is known for its social engineering and political experiments, as a laboratory for solving the “European question” back on Earth. In practice, however, by eroding European national identities, they were actually laying the foundation for a wholly new, indigenously-Martian identity. Which of course ends well.

    EuroMars was partitioned after losing the EuroTAK War of the 2030’s, in which they decided to engage in that quintessential European tradition: charismatic populists declaring it would be best if he ran the world. The conflict ended in victory for the TAK Alliance (Tharsis-Avalon-Kasei, an alliance of the American, Commonwealth and Japanese colonies), which went on to establish the Martian Assembly after geopolitical developments on Earth effectively ended all relationships between Martian colonies and Earth nations. The former EuroMars republics took a while to become full Assembly members, and ended up being bastions of Reddist opposition to terraforming Mars throughout the late 21st century and early 22nd. But as of the late 23rd century, the polities in Syrtis, Isidis Bay and the Nepenthe Valley (regions collectively known as the “Euro Coast”, post-terraforming) are for the most part integrated into post-independence Martian civilization.

    While mostly sidelined by American Tharsis and Japanese Kasei, the Euro Coast remains a very culturally-diverse region of Mars, with many different states, cultures and languages, mixed beyond comparison to their Old World homelands back on Earth. While new polities have arisen to replace the original colonies, the flags of EuroMars and the Euromartian provinces remain strong symbols of regional pride for the Euro Coast.




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    @NK_Ryzov As baseline horrific as the idea of just transplanting European nations to Mars is to me, these designs rule. I especially like the stylized lion in Lotharignia's flag is!
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    Well, it’s not really that they transplanted European nations to Mars, so much as a bunch of European nations set up colonies on Mars, gave them poetic self-referential names (except Norway, the weirdo), and formed a bizarro Martian EU.

    After all, it’s not like Australia is just England transplanted to some Lovecraftian nightmare realm.
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    I don't know... Tuvalu?
    I proudly present a series of flags I've worked hard to complete.

    Set in an alternate 1776, when Washington dies of disease shortly before the Battle of Trenton. This forces the Americans to hold on till spring, when they're moped up by the British, bringing the First American Revolution to an end. North America stays British.

    This means France isn't financially strained by its intervention, and so the French Revolution and Napoleon's rise to power never occur (in this timeline, Napoleon becomes a minor military officer in Corsica). Italian never unifies and the Holy Roman Empire lasts until the late XIXth century before collapsing into a series of complex wars (the Germanic Wars). The various states fall into Austrian, Polish, French, Dutch and Prussian spheres of control.

    The British and French still manage to go to war in the late 1820s. By this time, a lawyer from the backcountry named Andrew Jackson has risen to rally the American provinces and propel them to independence. However, the ideals of the Enlightenment perished after the leaders of the previous revolution were hung by the British. Rather, a deep sense of Anglophobic rage and the simple desire to break free from the chains of oppression start the flames of revolt. As the British and French duke it out, each province breaks free, starting with New York. By 1838, most provinces have gained their independence. Britain ends up winning the war against France after a revolution erupted in French territory. However, the victory is Pyrrhic: British has lost several of its North American possessions and is now in deep financial trouble. In Canada, French-speaking Quebec also seceded after being inspired by the ideals of the French revolution (TTL Quebec's territory stretches from Labrador to the Great Lakes area). The Maritime provinces, experiencing heavy French influence and feeling burdened by British taxation, declare independence around the late 1840s, receiving support from various American states. The island of Newfoundland followed suit, becoming the last British possession in the are to break free, doing so in 1851.

    Britain's colony faces a paradigm shift, turning to Asia to recover financially and expand territorially. This leads to a quicker (and deadlier) campaign in India and faster incorporation of Australia and New Zealand into the British realm. Britain also goes to war against Spain around this time, acquiring Luzon and Guam in the 1860s. By now, Spain has experienced the degradation it lived through OTL following Napoleon's invasion. New Spain is transformed into several kingdoms under the Spanish crown, similar to OTL Commonwealth. OTL Mexico is now divided into the nations of Yucatan, Bajio, Nuevo Leon, Nueva Extremadura, Tejas and California, while Central and South America experience similar fates. Cuba lives through a violent slave revolution in 1874 which established the Republic of Cuba, while Puerto Rico follows suit in 1879. As Spain plunges deeper and deeper into turmoil, each state goes on to enjoy tons of self-determination, prosperity and peace. In an interesting twist of fate, Hispanic America becomes richer and more powerful than Anglo-Saxon America.

    That's a general outline. Here are the flags (I'll provide context soon).
    Kingdom of Massachusetts

    Principality of Rhode Island

    Republic of Vermont

    Federation of the Maritimes

    State of Newfoundland

    Empire of New York

    Republic of Delaware

    Kingdom of Ohio

    Floridian Federal Republic

    Empire of Columbia

    Hope you like it!
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    These are GORGEOUS. Honestly the off-brand Union Jack is SUCH an amazingly Newfoundland choice.
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    I don't know... Tuvalu?
    Thank you!
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    Very evocative,

    I wonder what would be your take on Communist Finland.
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    A particular man from New York had that motto. Nice touch. Rest his soul in pizza time.
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    Holy Nippon, the Empire of the Risen Son. From What Madness Is This? The Aura-and-Cross again appear as a trademark of Union satellites and regions, and the drop of Pinnacle Fluid shows the Nipponese people's past as the Lost Tribe of Israel.

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    Looks like something out of a timeline where the Christians weren't purged en-masse by the Shogunate, presumably an Otomo one. :3
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    I really have to read WMIT.
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    make sure you read the redux being written right now, it’s everything in the original and bonus!
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    From WMIT: The banner of the Illuminist People's Party of Germania. The cog of industry symbolizes not just labor, but also the equal "round table" all citizens are welcome at. It also symbolizes the might of the people to build an enlightened future. The Owl of Minerva is the traditional symbol of the Illuminati since the First Order, as well as the All-Seeing Third Eye.
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    Huh, you know what? That actually gave me some inspiration here! I've been trying to figure out a new Fascist Argentina design to replace my older one, and now I think I have one that I can actually tolerate as meeting my standards:


    Meet the new flag of the Argentine League, a fascist military junta that secretly has ties to the Nazi underground network ODESSA. The All-Seeing Eye within the red sun represents the regime's ever-present totalitarian surveillance of the populace, which the regime disguises as "the watchful eye of the benevolent guardianship of the state".

    And since it's been a long while from my last big flag post here, I have a few other flags I've made a while ago to share as well:



    First up, two different versions of a National Synarchist Mexico flag; I can't remember exactly where I got the overall design inspiration from, but I made these two versions that swap out the red and green sections for each other because I couldn't decide which looked better. I'll let you guys decide which you prefer.


    The next flag is another Mexico flag, this one being for a Catholic Mexican state after a second Cristero War. By the way, both this flag and the Synarchist flags above were prompted by the Man the Guns DLC for Hearts of Iron 4: the Mexico Focus Tree has quite a few divergent paths that you can take, and results may vary depending on your choices. The flag designs for Mexico, however, like as usual for Paradox Studios, are quite terrible (the Mexican Soviet Republic flag, in particular, is literally just a red field with a gold-colored map of Mexico slapped on. Incidentally, that path is also the meme path where Trotsky can take over Mexico).


    Lastly, with yet another HoI4-inspired redesign, here's my rendition of the Communist flag for Portugal, or "Maximalist Portugal" as it's known in-game. My design is actually not that too far off from the in-game flag design, with me just adding a little bit more detail and colors to clean it up some; the original in-game flag just had the yellow circle with the clenched-fist slapped directly onto the green-red division, with the inner section of the circle being red also; I felt that this was a little unbalanced in favor of the red, so I added in the Portuguese blue as a balancing agent, along with a black outline for the yellow circle to soften the garish contrast of the yellow against the green and red, along with a white outline for the black one to further balance the contrast, plus a white dividing line to separate the green and red for the same purpose.

    So that's it for tonight's flags! Sorry it's been a while since I last posted any, but I'm kinda sputtered out on new flags to design. I probably won't have any big mega-posts with tons of new flags to share in the future; if anything, they'll probably just be one-offs with just one particular flag or so. Still, until next time!
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    Working on flags for the territories of the Tharsis Commonwealth (America-On-Mars), and I’ll present all of them once I’m done, but I was really happy with this one and felt like sharing it.

    This is the flag of the Territory of Valles Marineris. At 4,000 kilometers in length, 200 kilometers wide, and 7 kilometers deep, Valles Marineris (or “Valmar” as some call it) is one of the largest canyons in the Solar System, and an iconic region of the Red Planet.

    The red-yellow-green-blue radiance on the flag (which I did by flipping the Arizona flag upside down) is meant to evoke the infrared MOLA images of the region taken in 1999, showing elevation with colors in descending order of warmth. The white thing above is the Mariner 9 probe, which is where Valles Marineris gets its name.

    Valles Marineris Flag1.png
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    I love the symbolism, I like how it focuses on science rather than some ultra-American Martian ideology
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    Feb 28, 2016
    I would argue that including Mariner 9 is both "SCIENCE" and "MURICA". Plus, it's white on blue, and looks a bit like a star.
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    Communist Benelux.png
    From my Soviet Victory flag serie.
    People's republic of Benelux.

    PRB was a federal republic formed by the former Belgium(split in Flandren and Wallonia), Luxemburg and Netherland.
    Antwerpen was a important Soviet base to control northern Atlantic and when Soviet Union began to falter, was one of the most hot point of Europe.
    The "massacre" of may 5th(the day the red army liberated Holland from nazis), to ask the retreat of Berlin pact forces spark a peaceful revolution that become more and more cokplex to manage for Moscow.
    In 1991 the red fleet retreat from Antwerpen and in 1992 Belenelux leave Berlin pact.

    From that day, altrought it was one of the most advanced ex-soviet republics, but it is plagued by France's vetero comunism in the south(aiming to call Wallonia secession) and a struggle between royalist forces(that want to return the kings and dukes) and the republican alliance ruling since '90s
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    I made more flags, this time for nations:
    Laos.PNG Turkmenistan.PNG UK.PNG