Flag Thread III

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They're our sporting colours. I absolutely hate it when people use them in flags and the like, but what can you do.

Personally, I think it's a better combination than red-white-blue, which is the most widely-used hue combination in vexillology. Yellow and green are nice and refreshing! :eek:

Regards, Laq'. :)
Personally, I think it's a better combination than red-white-blue, which is the most widely-used hue combination in vexillology. Yellow and green are nice and refreshing! :eek:

Regards, Laq'. :)

I, for one, like that almost all national flags feature either red, white, or blue. And I think that Jamaica and Grenada are just being counter-cultural and should be brought into line with the rest if the world. :p Libya was made to bend the knee to the R.W.B, and so shall Jamaica and Grenada.
Jamaica and Grenada are hipsters. Red-white-and-blue is just too mainstream. Ugh, I hate it when all Grenada talks about is indie bands and Miller High Life...
I posted an earlier version of this a number of pages back, but I have changed it based on people's comments since then.

I did try adding some black to the flag (specifically a black stripe near the bottom), but it looked way too much like the modern German flag for my liking. I couldn't think of any other place to add black to the flag, so that change ended up being abandoned.

I ended up settling on red lilies instead of any other example of North American flora as I thought the color scheme worked the best. I thought about using a Black-eyed Susan, but I thought the yellow didn't work very well with the rest of the colors on the flag. I'll admit that I'm not entirely sold on the green, nor the placement of the lilies (I did try placing them behind the eagle, but I thought it looked odd). It might be that the flowers are too large, so I think I'll try experimenting with different sizes.

Anyway, let me know if there are any further changes that should be made.



Red White Blue is just plain overused. There are only so many ways you can make it work before it gets tiresome, and it's been tiresome since the 19th century.

Gold and Green are also very "Australian" colours. They are distictive and naturalistic, and give a very southern hemisphere-ey sort of vibe. They represent the Australian national flower too.

In that particular flag, I meant the Gold-White-Green tricolour to have three main meanings.

The Golden Wattle

The concepts of progress (Gold), peace (White), and prosperity (Green)

The Sun (Gold), the sea and sky (White), and Australia's priceless and distinctive biodiversity (Green).

Also, one of the main reasons I designed that flag was because I thought the southern cross symbol looked neat as a centerpiece of a vertical tricolour. Red White and Blue are in far too many of those.
What's the flag supposed to represent?

Napoleon beat me to answering this, and I can't believe that I forgot to include that in the original post. He's right, of course. I don't have any history developed for it, but it's really just supposed to be country/state in the Northeastern United States that was heavily settled by Germans.

I thought it was Spain at first, but on second glance, it's probably not. :eek:

That's the really big issue with this flag. I took the colors from Schleswig-Holstein's Coat of Arms, but it turns out that those colors are very similar to the colors on the Spanish flag too. I think I might have been subconsciously influenced by that. I had a previous design that was a horizontal bicolor, but I ended up thinking that the current design looked better.

Since it does look so similar to the Spanish flag, I might go back to the original design.
Here are two flags I did for my A More Personal Union TL today:


This is the flag of the Golden Roman Empire, basically an independent New Spain. The gold is for the Golden part, obviously, and the Tyrian purple is to evoke the Roman Empire. The Cross of Burgundy was used for three reasons: 1) it is associated with St. Andrew, who was the founder of the Church of Byzantium, and Emperor Ferdinand sees himself as the successor of Constantine, 2) it was traditionally used on the flags and arms of New Spain and various other Spanish colonial possessions, and 3) as JackTheCat pointed out, it looks like two crossed macuahuitls, which are obsidian-edged weapons used by various Nahuatl-speaking cultures, and Ferdinand has based his empire on a warrior caste comprised of assorted Mexica, Maya, Tlaxcalans, etc.


This is the flag of the Most Christian Republic of Naples, which is an ecclesiocracy in southern Italy. Since the republic was founded amidst a backlash of anti-foreign sentiment, all the previous Neapolitan flags, which drew attention to various foreign overlords, had to be scrapped, and so this design is new. The white field indicates Christ, his sacrifice, and the purity of the new state. The scarlet cross potent is the color associated with Cardinals of the Church, since the leader of the new government is a Cardinal; it also brings to mind Christ's blood. The cross itself evokes the Jerusalem (or Crusader's) Cross, signifying the Neapolitans' view of themselves as carrying on the work of "crusading for Christ", albeit in a non-violent way.
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