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This is the voting thread for Flag Challenge 87. Place your vote in the poll above.

It's time yet again for another exciting flag challenge. The new challenge is as such.

You will design a flag for a political party that has emerged after a nation has lost a devastating war. The political party is irredentist, but other than that all other aspects of the party and it's ideology are for you to define. The nation is of your choice as well. But the flag you are designing has to be a vexilloid, and meant as a standard used for political rallies and marches. The flag must include the motto of the party and party symbolism, whatever they may be. You may upload simply the vexilloid, or even the entire standard, like this.

For example this image, the Nazi standards in the back.

Entry # 1 said:

But lets say this is flag of party who emerge in USA after another "win" but lost war in middle east. Its persuade Americans to give their traditional Democratic and Republican votes to them. Its postulate return to traditional American values and 19th century isolationism doctrine.

Entry # 2 said:

In the wake of the February Revolution in Russia, the Kerensky government's abrupt exit from the war was seen as a stabilising act. Unfortunately, chaos reigned, as the Central Powers attempted to slice away huge parts of the former Empire, peripheral states declared and fought for their independence, and opportunistic neighbors took advantage of the confusion. The republic teetered but survived, with coalitions of liberal and socialist parties trading blows in parliement. To many Russians outside the cities, and to many traditionalists, there was a great sense of confusion and anger, as their homeland seemed to have gone from being a Great Power to a weakling in the blink of an eye. The growing secularisation of Russia, pushed by the anti-religious left and the anti-church centre, fed into a heady mixture which resulted in the formation of the Third Rome movement. Drawing on Russia's Imperial glory, and on the strength of the Orthodox faith, the Third Rome movement captured the attention of traditionalists, and in the face of Eser and Menshevik militants, quickly militarised itself, with significant aid from a disaffected military. The Third Rome movement promised a return to greatness, a reconquest of the peripheral states and the Stolen Lands, and a reckoning with those who had betrayed the Motherland. There was a particular hatred for Esers, Mensheviks, and Germans in the movement.

The banner below is the basic design used for party marches. The slogan RUSSIA - THIRD ROME appears, with the party symbol in between.

Entry # 3 said:

Rallying Standard of the Zirconist[1] Party of England & Ireland from an Anglo-Irish Regency TL [2]

[1] think Authoritarian State Socialists with fetish for "Hybrid Vigour" Eugenics
[2] in brief: William Adelin lives to become King but dies shortly after. Matilda marries Count Thierry of Flanders, she only has daughters and her eldest marries Eustace son of Stephen. His sons become King of England, King of Ireland, and Latin Roman Emperor. England and Ireland are later united under one King whose insane descendant gets replaced by a first temporary then permanent Regency with varying presidential powers.

Entry # 4 said:

fascist party of Estonia

added text võim (power in english)

Entry # 5 said:


Following the Great Devolution of Europe, a series of fishing disputes between the People’s Democratic Republic of Sicily and Malta escalated into a brief but bloody war. Under the peace treaty brokered by the Hedonistic Island Kingdom of Eivissa, the islands of Gozo and Comino were ceded by Malta to Sicily. Five years after the end of the war, the SNPM seized control of Malta following the ‘Macho Malteser March on Valetta”.


The main policy of the SNPM was the recovery of the lost islands, to which end it developed a plan of militarisation and accelerated firework production. The party’s motto was “Malta Rise Again!”

Entry # 6 said:


Following a protracted campaign, mainly peaceful but with outbreaks of violence, Western Australia achieved its independence. But part of the price for the treaty by which the Commonwealth of Australia recognised the independence of its former member state was the cession of the northern most part of Western Australia (area shaded grey on map), which was incorporated into the Northern Territory.


The National Justice Party of Western Australia came into being just 18 months after independence. It sought not only to recover the area ceded to Australia but also acquire land in the Northern Territory (shaded green on the map). The party’s motto was “Strength, Justice” and its first leader was Rolf Patterson, grandson of the legendary Sir Les Patterson.