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Flag Challenge 113: Out of the Wardrobe

What is the best flag?

ONE said:
During the late 19th century, the Chinese secret society of Triad, under new leadership different to OTL, instead of retaining their traditional doctrines and taboos, started their own reformation aiming only to acquire full dominance of China through any means, including accepting the Western weaponry and fund, mainly by the Freemason, thus became a lot stronger than what we know, yet folding themselves into the secrecy and supporting the anti-Qing revolutionaries, and thanks to the support, in 1911 the revolutionaries succeeded.

The history still marches in a familiar pattern. In October 1st, 1949, the People's Republic of China was founded, yet when in the 1966, the devastating Cultural Revolution has erupted. The Triad, which was always behind the scene of every events, decided to trigger the fatal blow and accomplish their only goal...

In 1968, the mystical religious society, the Eastern Thunder, has already controlled China south of Yellow River, with advanced weaponry---they even have a small airforce---and charismatic leadership, they were many, and fanatical to follow the Emperor's will. After a few months of battle, the fanatics flooded to Beijing, capturing many PRC officials, and killed them.

At the same year, the already rioting Korea and Japan also have their fanatical, religious groups acquired power. The Chinese Empire, comparatively powerful and ideologically friendly, asked the two nations to join and form a confederation to counter the influence of the Coalition of Oceania and the Union of Eurasian Socialist Republics , thus forming the Confederation of Eastasia, which was being known as Eastasia.

The white symbol in the flag of Eastasia was actually surprisingly the same with the icon of the Triad.


TWO said:
The Duchy of Cagliostro:

Cagliostro is an enclaved microstate with a population of 4,233 people (based on the 2009 census; compare to 3,814 people from the 1979 census), making it the smallest UN member state by population. The Duchy is located within the Swiss canton of Valais, but despite being located in a canton mostly inhabited by Francophone and Germanophone Swiss, most of Cagliostro's population speaks Italian as their first language, though the other two languages are very common as well. The Duchy was founded sometime during the 14th century and remained indepedent thanks to being an ally of the Swiss cantons.


In 1972 the Duke and the Duchess were killed in a fire which destroyed most of the Ducal Palace, leading to the Duke's cousin, the Count of Cagliostro Castle, becoming regent. Under the Count's rule Cagliostro became Europe's "black hole for organized crime", with the Goat Bill, commonly regarded as one of the best US dollar conterfeits in history, becoming the most imporant "export" of the small nation. However in 1979 the Count was killed while searching through an ancient Roman ruin, illegal activities ended [1] and in 1980 a long-lost branch of the family from France laid claim to the throne of Cagliostro. After the new ruling family took temporary residence in Cagliostro Castle they reformed the nation's economy, making it mostly tourism-based, with the restored Ducal Palace, the Castle of Cagliostro and the Roman ruins being the main attractions.

Furthermore they changed the flag, switching from the old tricolour to a lozenge-based design. Furthermore they banned the personal standard, of the former Count of Cagliostro, a red cross on a black field, from use [2]. Despite intensive debates, it was chosen not to put the ancient symbol associated with the local ruins, the sea-goat, on the flag because of reasons unknown, though continuity with the old flag design being a likely one[3]...


[1] That's what happened in the movie, everything after that is my own stuff.
[2] Those are the two flags that can be seen in the movie. But since I didn't want to enter the challenge with an exact replica of any of those, they got themselves a new design. Hooray!
[3] Fuck the sea-goat... I mean it looks awesome, but it is too hard to trace by hand. Furthermore, yes, the flag seen in the movie features a regular goat, so yeah...

THREE said:
Kingdom of Wakanda


The Kingdom of Wakanda is a small east-African monarchy ruled by a head titled the Black Panther and is currently held by T’Challa, the current Black Panther. The country has a population of around 190,000 and growing, but still makes it the smallest independent African nation by population. The country borders Lake Turkana geographically and Kenya and Ethiopia politically.

The land is filled with unique resources due to the rare mineral found only in Wakanda called Vibranium which is sound-absorbant and radioactive. This radioactivity has created mutated flora and fauna including the Heart-Shaped Herb which has medicinal properties and the rare White Gorilla which one of the 4 cults of Wakanda consume the flesh of.

The Wakandan royal line of Black Panthers started with Bashenga sometime around 10,000 years ago before the discovery of Vibranium. The title is passed down through generations and was held previously by T’Chaka, the father of T’Challa.

T’Chaka originally kept an isolationist policy for Wakanda which protected the nation from attacks from those wanting to gain Vibranium. All the while technology has advanced massively from sending the best scholars to the best universities across the globe. T’Chaka was eventually killed by entrepreneur explorer Ulysses Klaw who designed a self-titled “Sound Blaster” which killed T’Chaka.

As touched upon, Religion in Wakanda is split into 4 cults following the 4 gods and goddesses of Wakanda. The Panther Cult worships Bast, the White Gorilla Cult worships Ghekre, the Lion Cult follows Sekhmet and the lost Crocodile Cult use to follow Sobek.

Extra: The symbol in the middle is some African tribe's symbol for Mother Earth, and I thought it would fit since it's Mother Earth that gave Wakanda it's rare resources.

FOUR said:
The Republic of St. George's Island is a small island nation in the Arabian Sea, south of Iran and east of the Arabian Peninsula. The majority of the population are ethnically Arab and follow the Anglican Church, though there are notable White British and Muslim Arab minorities. St. George's Island became independent of the United Kingdom in 1970 as a member of the Commonwealth of nations; from independence to the end of the Cold War, Marxist guerrillas in the highlands and threats of invasion from Soviet-aligned countries were a source of trouble for the Republic, but both issues have mostly gone away. St. George's Island is a parliamentary republic under the Westminster system and has a high HDI and standard of living.


FIVE said:

(Not much time, apologies for no text)

National motto : "We don't want to belong to any alliance that will accept us as a member"


SIX said:
Arab Islamic Republic of Qurac

Motto: لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
Capital: Al-Kuwait
Languages: Arabic
Religion: Sunni Islam (72%)
Government: Islamic theocracy, unitary presidential republic
Population: 5.3 Million


Qurac is a Middle-Eastern republic which compromises roughly the entire easternmost area of the Arabian peninsula, bordering the Persian (Quaraci) Gulf. It is one of the largest oil producers in the world, ranking 5th in the entire world. Al-Kuwait is currently the capital and largest city after the destruction of Abu Dhabi in 1993.

Originally a League of Nations mandate carved up out of the Ottoman Empire in the wake of World War One, control was handed over to the pro-British Hashemite King Farouk I in 1921. Farouk's son however, was overthrown in 1950 by a popular nationalist revolution. In 1967, the democratic government was itself usurped in a Ba'athist coup by Hurrambi Marlo, who ran Qurac as a dictatorship for nearly 18 years afterwards. Marlo held a strongly anti-western foreign policy and was a notorious sponsor of international terrorism, leading to his eventual capture by Superman to face justice in 1985.

The military under General Avral Kaddam took advantage of the subsequent power vaccum and seized power soon afterwards. The country was plagued by an ongoing western-backed Shia'a insurgency at this time, but Kaddam's rule was cut short when the terrorist Cheshire detonated a nuclear warhead over Abu Dhabi on 11th Febuary 1993, completely destroying the city and the government with it.

Qurac soon decended into anarchy, prompting a UN intervention aimed at preventing the spread of radiation sickness, ending sectarian violence, and securing its oil supplies. A pro-western puppet government was placed in power at this time, led by the corrupt, autocratic strongman Abdul Al-Yassin. During the 2011 Arab Spring, Al-Yassin was toppled and a hard line Islamist group came to power in Qurac, establishing an Islamic Republic.
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Qurac entry: It's comprises, not compromises... :rolleyes:

But other than that, all of you did a good job ! :) :cool: I'm still picking who to vote for...