Fight between Philip the good and charles the bold

In 1457, Philip the good and his son Charles the bold had a big argument (knives where nearly drawn). The argument started when Philip demanded that Charles took a cröy family member as his counsilor, Charles refused. Isabella the portugese wife of Philip sided with her son and she muttered all is lost whilst they fleed the chapel the had the argument in.
Philip in return would also leave without telling anybody where he went and only returned the next day.
Whilst Philip certainly had his fair chare of bastards running around, his father john the fearless had a bastard with the cröy family, who basicly owned the picardy, they where the most inportant noble house in the region, the bastard brother of Philip, john the archbishop was also a elector for the holy roman emperor.
In 1448 in portugal a strong bastard family in portugal was responsible for the death of isabella's brother, Peter who had been the regent until shortly before he died.
Is it possible that Isabella feared that the same would happen in burgundy and that she set Charles up against this "bastard"(most aren't bastard but a strong noble house) family. Philip knowing full well he needed the support of the family refused to force a distant as he needed them to rule Picardy and get influence with the roman empêror (they had a elector).
What is the change that he ended up selling the Picardy not for money to begin a crusade (that never came). But to avoid a civil war as he assumed that charles would be a bad leader. Similar the erection of the staten generaal could have been to hide the Cröy influence on the court and to reduce the power of his son. (If his personal councilor can't be a cröy) then have a council of 50 men some of them being from the cröy family.