Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

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    Sep 8, 2018
    After the death of Tito Yugoslavia takes up a federal constitution like the US and holds it's first election. The nationalists are unable to secure a majority so any constitutional change that let's the Croatia, Slovania, macidonia and Bosnia -herzegovina leave is not passed. The nationalist leaders try to break away from Yugoslavia by force but are quickly crushed by the Yugoslavic army. So, will this United Republics of Yugoslavia which is a federation resemble Romania, US, Austria, Hungary, Germany , Russia , France,U.K or Spain more in the present era ? It will be part of NATO but will it be a part of the E.U?
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    Why wouldn't the EU admit them?
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    Feb 7, 2014
    Is this Yugoslavic army anything like the UN army? Because I'm having trouble seeing how nationalists wouldn't have infiltrated the military early on. It's exactly teh sort of career they are attracted to.
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    Well, it was reverse OTL

    All the generals cucked out at the last moment, which is why when the mobilization struck, only 2% appeared

    There's no saving Yugoslavia after the limping gorilla took power, every single thing was deliberately done to create long-term instability
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    Is this in the right forum? Will we be seeing maps?