Fast Food chains for the Craziests ASB Countries

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    May 10, 2018
    Basically, make up a fast food restaurant chains for the craziest ASB countries to survive in the modern day, like for example and include:

    Aztec Empire
    Holy Roman Empire
    Mughal Empire
    Confederate states of America
    Republic of Venice
    Ming dynasty
    Qing Dynasty
    Russian Empire
    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
    Swedish Empire
    Nazi Germany
    United Provinces of Rio De La Plata
    Gran Columbia
    Ottoman Empire
    Roman Empire
    Maratha Empire
    Napoleonic France
    Mongol Empire
    Iroquois Confederacy
    Inca Empire
    Tokugawa Shogunate
    Taiping Heavenly kingdom
    Mali Empire
    Byzantine Empire
    Songhai Empire
    Ancient Egypt
    Dutch Republic
    Kingdom of France
    Etc/ and more

    Make up a Fast Food Restaurant chain for any countries and any other country you can think of
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    I'm afraid The Simpsons beat you there.