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  1. CountDVB Dual Emperor of the Aztech and Maychanical Empires

    Aug 26, 2017
    An ambassador speaking to the success of the Counter-Reformation, especially with how Timur converting to Catholicism and established Catholic dominance over in Central Asia. He was also speaking in regards to the Oriental Christians in the Levantine and all the way down south past Ethiopia and into the Swahili.

    "Past the Ural Mountains, the peoples have established civilizations in communities... they are Zoroastrians! I suppose the Fire temples are welcomed in such cold lands."
  2. ThatOneGuy Fite me m8, swer on me mum

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    Quote by Historian Pat Sajak on the various Emirates of Rus dotting the Siberian tundra. Once tribal hordes with various tribal and monotheistic religions they were converted by Zorastrians fleeing the Muslim conquest of Persia. To the rest of the world it looked as if the ancient religion had all but died. That is until the mid 1700s when the burgeoning Russian Empire crushed the Sibir Khanate and started its westward expansion. They did not get far before running into the first of these budding nations who were more or less completely cut off from the rest of the world for centuries. After knocking over the first two reletivly easily the Russians were met by a massive Confederation made up of the rest of the Zorastrian enclaves. After fifteen bloody wars and five shortlived Russian victories, the Russians abandoned Siberia all together. In the modern day the once tens of dozens of small emirates had consolidated into the larger Five States of Siberia. Today they are mostly highly religious republics with only one, the Siberian State being described as The Black Hole of Earth run by a despotic dictator twisting the peaceful religion to his needs. All in all however the Five States are a bastion of Zorastrianism keeping the religion alive and acting as the headquarters for the massive Temple of Zoraster.

    "The Americans said their nation would last a thousand years. It actually lasted about 45...give or take I guess." Andrew Jackson
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  3. halfcoop Well-Known Member

    Nov 14, 2016
    British Military Governor of New Orleans talking about the failure of Republican experiments of Latin America before being subjugated by Spain.

    'You can't have a revolution, without a revolution'-Otto Von Bismark
  4. Marlin Dreamer

    Jun 27, 2017
    A quote from Otto Von Bismark's 'Idiot's guide to Revolution'.

    "Our history is a mess. Historians have records of wars that never happened. People who were never born. Words that could never have been said, but somehow fit in our history. What is truth anymore Watson? At least the Atlanteans have a theory, I mean had, poor chaps."
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    Oct 22, 2018
    Quote from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's eighth season premiere, "Timestorm," in which Chief Miles O'Brien is discussing some of the storm's effects on the timeline to Lt. Martin Watson, the station's new chief of security.

    "That's one small step for a man...and one giant leaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
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    Last words of French professor Professor Barbenfouillis as he, along with his colleagues, was disintegrated what would be known as a heat ray from the aliens known as the Martians. They would be the first casualties in the global conflict between Man and Alien called the War of the Worlds. This would decimate much of the imperial powers, destroying London, Berlin, Paris, St. Petersburg, and other important capitals. This would bring the Atlantians, informed of the surface war by Milo Thatch and his own team of explorers, to rise from the sea and help fight against the alien invaders. However, it would be the use of biological warfare, pioneered by the Germans, that ended the war. However, this will be the start of a decades-spanning Cold War between crippled empires.

    "We shall fight in the fall of Nanjing. We shall fight in American dictatorship. We shall fight with vigor as we pass through the realities. We shall defend our world, whatever the cost may be. We shall never surrender."
  7. Marlin Dreamer

    Jun 27, 2017
    Professor Kyle Fairbank's words to the remnants of a humanity suffering oppression, in a world gone mad. A World War 5 decimated the planet, science was akin to magic. Humanity's last hope was time travel research, long acknowledged as a waste of resources until the science breached into a reality that wasn't dying.

    "They only outnumber us fifty to one. Half of you take a break."
    ooc: Fun fact, lasers are real.
  8. CountDVB Dual Emperor of the Aztech and Maychanical Empires

    Aug 26, 2017
    A comment from a Sikh commander to his men, sardonically noting the massive advantage for the waning Aghan tribes. Namely in that the superior skills, tactics and weaponry of the Sikh group in Balkh. They would crush the remaining Afghani tribesmen and the Sikh Empire would finally annex all of Afghanistan.

    "Why are Garesha and Allah considered kami?”
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  9. VVD0D95 Lemmy is God.

    Mar 15, 2015
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    Said by Brigadier General Malcolm Rivers upon discovering an old text in the desert of Persia.

    "Father, you have left me a heavy burden. I shall not fail you, the Hashemites shall rule Arabia."
  10. CountDVB Dual Emperor of the Aztech and Maychanical Empires

    Aug 26, 2017
    Talal bin Abdullah swearing on his father's grave to install the Hashemites into power after he was killed by the Sauds and the family fled to Yemen. Talal would fulfill his father's destiny and indeed unite virtually all of Arabia under the Hashemite house. Becoming engaged with a princess from Ethiopia while also making several deals with prominent Jewish investors for the formation of Israel, he would amass an army of veterans and believers to purge the Sauds into nothing. During World War 2, he used the opportunity as an ally to claim French Syria and British Iraq into his domain. While this would lead to Turkey joining the Axis as a result of a coup, this allowed him to work with Iran to beat Turkey, dividing it into Anatolia, Pontia and Kurdistan. He gave the Shai dominant parts of Iraq to Iran while managing to expand the Israel state.

    Arabia was now united under the Hashemites, where it would become a world power due to its large petrol supplies, its fiancial backing into progressive Islamism, its large reforms (including adopting a left-to-right modified version of the Musnad script), and later investment into solar power.

    "The Holy Land is now under the control of the... Samaritans??"
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    Byzantine Emperor Justinian I when he learned that the Samaritans won the revolt against the troops sent by the former, with the help of rebel (although able) Ghassanid commanders and their battalions, who helped the Samaritans improve their guerrilla tactics. As the result, which Byzantine Emperor Justinian I personally described as "humiliating", the Samaritans were given (limited) autonomy in their own internal affairs, with rebel leader Julianus ben Sabar appointed as governor of the province of Palæstina Prima.

    - La Viuda Porcina​
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  12. Marlin Dreamer

    Jun 27, 2017
    A popular phrase to shout during October 31st in the west coast of America (seriously screw the states, can't reference the America continents without confusing for the U.S.A) during the 2050s. Legend goes in the early 2000's all across the land corn came alive screaming the name Miiiiiiiiinnnnna! (an internet meme went beyond insane in the 2040s, people thought it was funny, then 2050s added it to the culture of Halloween)

    "And do you Peter Parker, take Shuri as your bride?"

    OOC: Yes, I'm taking advantage, people used movies to explain quotes before... But this quote designed to be from a movie should create controversy in the implied wedding style. I'm implying a western wedding, but due to the whole 'Black Panther is a love letter to African culture'. There should be controversy, but hey Spider-Man has weird popularity, maybe no one would care?
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    Aug 26, 2017
    A line from Marvel's Summer 2018 Edition of What-If...?. Specifically, the What-If centered on Shuri leaving Wakanda to escape being in her brother's shadow. She ends up in New York where she runs into Spider-Man. She eventually becomes the US's ambassador to Wakanda while starting a relationship with Peter. Many noted the relationship's fascinating dynamic, with Shuri gaining a better understanding toward the needs of common people and Peter becoming more worldly and willing to confront large-scale problems. Other notable What-Ifs included What If Red Skull Moved to America which reminded people of the depths of humanity for Johann Schmidt, (his named anglicized into Jonathan Smitt when immigrated to USA) as he grew up in a different evironment in the America before making his way to become the first Socialist President of the US and What If Magneto became Captain America which shows the young would-be Magneto be adopted by Captain America and helping to promote mutant equality though also inadvertably causing the nuclear arms race to be displaced by a mutant arms race.

    "Our new President is... Walter Elias Disney of the Socialist Party!"
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  14. Traincakes Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2016
    A quote from an unknown reporter during the 1952 American election, it was the boiling point for many Americans, and after the assassination of President-Elect Disney, turned into the Second American Civil War.

    "When I became a priest of the church, I had no intention of this."

    -Patriarch Ioseb Dugashevelli
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  15. CountDVB Dual Emperor of the Aztech and Maychanical Empires

    Aug 26, 2017
    ((Fun fact, Walt's dad was a socialist))

    A line from Patriarch Ioseb Dugashevelli's acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize. Despite becoming a holy man, he remained close to his working class roots and would attempt to combine the socialist aspects and spirituality for Christian Socialism. His humanitarian work and philosophy spread like wildfire throughout Eurasia (such as Daoist Socialism growing in China) and indeed became viewed as a mroe acceptable form of socialism. Beyond this, he also practiced and preached tolerance of all kinds and was instrumental in keeping peace between Russia and their new neighbor, the Turkestan Kingdom (ruled by the House of Osman after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire due to the coup after Ataturk's death, resulting in the new nations of Anatolia, Pontia, Karamanlia and Kurdistan).

    "Me, a revolutionary? I am loyal to the Emperor"- Prime Minister Mao
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  16. Bookmark1995 Bookmark95 Reborn!

    Dec 26, 2016
    Prime Minister Mao, when asked by Zhu Lau, the advisor to the Qing Court, if his liberal reforms were to threaten the monarchy, 1948.

    Oh Yes. Americans are truly free. They are free to slave away for some capitalist dog, free to sink into debt, free to be robbed by their doctor. The proletariat of Russia are truly oppressed by housing, health care, and education.
  17. Megafighter3 Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2017
    - Alex Jones, in response to a caller attempting to rankle him by claiming that he's against "American freedom" by talking positively of Vladimir Putin. (This timeline is weird.)

    "The deal is finalized, and the name on the contract does say McMahon..."
  18. Traincakes Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2016
    The final deal between the New Amsterdam Clogs and the San Francisco 49ers regarding the trade of one half of the famous McMahon twins, after the other had died in a terrible accident involving a tiger, a whip, and alcohol.

    "What? Me worry?"
    -President Alfred E. Neuman.
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    Jun 15, 2012
    President Neuman reacts to the lost of New York, Pennlaviana Florida and Ohio in short order on election night 2000... in a shocker he ran well across the rest of the country and was re-elected

    "Tonight Game 7 eastern Confernence Finals Burins Ranger at the House that Bobby Built"
  20. CaliBoy1990 A bright future is still possible! =)

    Jul 14, 2010
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    Portions of a local newspaper recovered from the scene of a large explosion that ripped thru the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, on June 7, 2026, killing 418 people, just after the end of the much-anticipated game between the Boston Bruins and the New York Rangers; "The House that Bobby Built" was a reference to New York Rangers star player Roberto "Bobby" Vasquez, who died trying to help other injured people flee the scene, as he had scored his first winning goal at Nationwide 5 years earlier.

    "Is there really such a thing as the Chicago Sidewinder?"
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