Europe colonized by Europe

Meganormandy would be by far the most powerful of these nations, seeing as it controls much of the blue banana, plus Paris. Plus, since it is majority french (Paris + Wallonie + Alsace) Occitania would have a decent chance of wanting to join up peacefully.

Upper Finland + Karelia , meanwhile, is probably the weakest due to insanely low population density, and would likely want to unify with lower finland ASAP.
Come on folks. The borders in Africa did actually follow a pattern. It went like this:
  1. Establish a foothold on the coast
  2. Extend control inland
  3. Usually a border would occur once you hit a major natural feature, like watershed divides or mountains.
Straight lines were actually borders only in desert areas (Sahara, Kalahari, Australia). Even the border between Louisiana and Hudson Bay Company used to follow watershed divides, before the current Canada US border was established
I agree with @Tomislav Addai - here is quite a lot of information on watersheds in Europe. And this map, out of Wikipedia, shows them:

Credit goes to User Sansculotte of the German Wikipedia.

EDIT: By the way, following the European Main Watershed could have meant a border just a few miles from my former home village
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Could a Roman province map be a more realistic idea for a map of Europe? Considering that in a sense it was a colonization. 😃

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I think you're onto something. Italia was sort of a metropole that was exempt from many taxes and had a number of privileges. Taxes levied from the provinces were invested there. That was until Diocletian completely restructured the administration of the Empire and Italia lost its special privileges.