Essays for Sea Lion Press

So I put up a post about this in April. And I'm going to put another one up now.

Sealion Press, was started by members of this forum and is kind of a spin off of it. It has published over 100 books of AH fiction, often of timelines first published here. This forum is fantastic for discussion, it has a huge membership but it isn't a platform to publish content, Sea Lion Press is.

And as well as publishing fiction, SLP also publish essays as part of an online magazine, on their front page. This can be a review of an AH content, a general discussion piece about the genre, a how to do guide on making wikiboxes or an historical essay on a particular what if scenario. So for instance this one is about the Anglo-Zulu War and how it might have gone differently, this is about a proposed buyout of DC comics by Marvel comics and this is a series about different possible outcomes of Operation Barbarossa.

I edit that magazine and I am happily accepting any new entries anyone is willing to send me. You want to talk about different domestications, different technologies, different politics, different pop culture, you want to review published AH and talk about the genre? That's all great. Any kind of non fiction writing would be gratefully received. Often you just need one interesting thing you want to say, one historical fact, one what if and then you can expand it into an essay. So if you've answered some questions about something in the pre 1900 and post 1900 forums and you're proud of your answers, why not make that into an essay?

I don't want to squash creativity by suggesting too much what you should write. There are a lot of people here who know a lot of stuff and I'd be delighted to see them write that down. Part of the appeal of this for me is to be able to collect wisdom from people who know stuff I don't. But PM me and I'll happily talk you through any ideas and offer any help I can.

So why would you want to do this? Well personally I've really found writing essays for the magazine rewarding because it allows you to get your thoughts in order and it results in really good historical conversations with people riffing on you. And from the readers point of view it means you have texts you can refer to when you're looking at subjects. It's a pool of knowledge. I'm glad that if I want to write something about an area of history, I can refer to my own thoughts all written up and in one place. You also get an audience for your thoughts, we share these on twitter and facebook and quite a few people will see them.

Essays are about 1,000 to 4,000 words. Any longer and I'd prefer it being split into parts. I also reserve the right to reject articles and to edit them in terms of spelling, grammar etc. You would probably see them on the site within a couple of weeks though it depends how many essays I receive. This isn't a short term offer, we've been running essays for nearly two years and will continue doing so for the foreseeable future. There's no rush.

And we do sometimes collect essays into non fiction anthologies and publish them. We won't do that without your permission but if both sides wanted that, you would get some money in royalties for that.

Any ideas, any essays you've written elsewhere that you would like to share for a new audience please either PM me or email me at sealionpressblogeditor at gmail dot com. I'll always be happy to get a reply on this.
I'd like to sign up. I would also like to find a way to get paid for it if that would be possible as well.
I'm afraid that we're not offering money at the moment. Obviously if there's money made by the site in terms of releasing a kindle book of a collection of essays, which has happened in the past, the author will get that money. But just for the standard articles, no the money simply isn't there. I do this for free, as well.

We do link to any other works you ask us to. So we put the article up on twitter and facebook and can link to any other work you're selling, though I realise it's not a huge boost.

If you're not interested in just writing something for free, just to kind of contribute to a writing community and spread a bit of knowledge, then I get it, time is money. No hard feelings, if it's not for you.

If you are interested, drop me a message either through the private message here or email me at sealionpressblogeditor at gmail dot com. We can chat what about what you'd be up for writing.