Eric Flint has died

very sad.

In late 2005 I found a copy of 1633 and The Ring of Fire anthology (and a two Harry Turtledove books) in a library, donated, but given away for a small donation, since the librarians did not want to have them.
Soon afterwards, I signed in to
Flint was one of the biggest names in the AH community, and helped pave the way for it to gain its current ever growing prominence in mainstream pop culture. To say his passing is both tragic and a blow to our tight knit fandom community is an understatement.
My SO bought me 1632 back when we were just starting out dating - I normally avoid AH that involves time travel. I've since bought every book in the main line (and a few by Ring of Fire press). I do hope the other participants find a way to continue the timeline (based on whatever in-progress books and outlines exist) beyond this event.