Empire of the Setting Sun: A Graphics Timeline

Napoleon II

Napoleon II Augustus (Napoleon Francois Charles Joseph; 20 March 1811- 7 August 1886) was Emperor of the French, Spanish and Italians from 1838 until his death in 1886. Soon after he assumed the Austrian throne and became Pharaoh of Egypt. Napoleon was posthumously known as Napoleon Augustus for his vast expansion of the French Empire all over the world.
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Essentially, Napoleon II, who was close with Francis II, bullied/persuaded him into letting him become Emperor while his descendants retained the Archduchy of Austria and were Princes of Hungary.
The Napoleonic Cadet Kingdoms: The Principality of Sicily
Principatu di Sicilia
The capital of Sicily is in Palermo which is also its largest city.
The official languages are
Sicilian, French, and Latin.
Sicily has a population of nearly 5 million, mainly
Sicilians, and the vast majority of the population is Catholic.
Sicily is a self-governing
semi-constitutional monarchy within United Europa. This means that it has its own parliament, can levy taxes, and has its own currency.

List of Monarchs of Sicily
- Marie Louise: r. 1853-1919, l. 1835-1919, daughter of Napoleon II
- Charles-Napoleon I: r. 1919-1926, l. 1860-1926, son of Marie Louise
- Charles-Napoleon II: r. 1926-1963, l. 1892-1963, son of Charles-Napoleon I
- Louis-Napoleon: r. 1963-2008, l. 1925-2008, son of Charles-Napoleon II
- Charles-Napoleon III: r. 2008-, l. 1954-, son of Louis-Napoleon


Charles-Napoleon III (Charles-Napoleon Augustin Marie-Joseph; born 9 April 1954) is the current Prince of Sicily, ascending as the 5th monarch of Sicily on June 21st, 2008, upon the death of his father Louis-Napoleon. The eldest son and third child of Louis-Napoleon of Sicily and Pauline of Naples, Charles-Napoleon was prepared from birth to become Prince of Sicily. Charles-Napoleon became Regent for his father in 1977 during his father's madness (since diagnosed as bipolar disorder) and reigned as regent until his father's death. Charles-Napoleon was married in 1978 to his distant cousin, Leona de Bernadotte, daughter of the Prince of Sardinia.
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The Napoleonic Cadet Kingdoms: The Principality of Corsica
Principauté de Corse

The capital of Corsica is Ajaccio which is also its largest city.
The official languages are
French and Corsican. Latin is used on official documents but nowhere else.
Corsica has a population of 350,000, the majority of which are Corsicans.

Corsica is an autonomous constitutional monarchy within United Europa. This means that it has its own parliament and has its own currency. The Principality also maintains a small navy.

List of Monarchs of Corsica

- Louis I Bonaparte: 1815-1846, l. 1778-1846, brother of Napoleon I
- Louis II: 1846-1878, l. 1804-1878, son of Louis I
- Louis III: 1878-1902, l. 1830-1902, son of Louis II
- Louis IV: 1902-1915, l. 1852-1915, son of Louis III
- Louis V: 1915-1918, l. 1887-1918, son of Louis IV
- Louis VI Odo: 1918-1920, l. 1889- 1920, brother of Louis V
- Louis VII: 1920-1991, l. 1914-1991, son of Louis VI
- Robert: 1991-2014, l. 1936-2014, son of Louis VII
- Odo I: 2014-2017, l. 1958-2017, son of Robert
- Odo II: 2017-, l. 1990-, son of Odo I


Odo II (Odo Napoleon Charles Jerome Marie-Joseph; born 16 December 1990) is the reigning Prince of Corsica, ascending as the tenth monarch of the island on March 10th, 2017, following the assassination of his father, Odo I, in Paris. The only surviving child of Odo I of Corsica and Isabel de Casablanca, Odo was born illegitimate but, due to his parents marriage, rendered legitimate in 1992. Odo was born in the reign of his great-grandfather, Louis VII, and was fourth-in-line to throne*.

*Once his legitimacy was recognized.
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The Napoleonic Cadet Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Hanover
Konigreich Hannover
The capital of Hanover is Hanover which is also its largest city.
The official languages are French and German. Latin was previously used but not anymore.
The Kingdom has a population of around 9 million, mainly Germans but it has a significant Dutch minority. The majority of the nation is Lutheran.
Hanover is an semi-autonomous constitutional monarchy within United Europa. This means that it has its own parliament, its own currency, and its own standing army. The Kingdom is also a dual-monarchy with King Charles IV and King Georg VIII.

List of monarchs of Hanover

Bonaparte Monarchs
Augustus I: 1833-1889, 1815-1889
Augustus II: 1889-1901, 1838-1901
Charles I: 1901-1919, 1869-1926
Charles II (Napoleon V): 1926-1950, 1875-1950
Charles III (Napoleon VI): 1950-2003, 1900-2003
Charles IV (Napoleon VII): 2003-, 1935-

Hanoverian-Hamilton Monarchs
Georg III: 1760-1820, 1738-1820
Georg IV: 1820-1830, 1763-1830
Ernst I: 1830-1837, 1765-1837
Viktoria: 1837-1901, 1819-1901
===House of Hamilton===
Ernst II: 1901-1909, 1841-1909
Georg V: 1909-1937, 1864-1937
Georg VI: 1937-1952, 1894-1952
Georg VII: 1952-2022, 1928-2022
Georg VIII: 2022-, 1954-

Georg VIII.png

Georg VIII (Georg Augustus Karl Ernst Wilhelm Friedrich Heinrich; born 12 October 1954) is the reigning King of Hanover, ascending as the eleventh monarch of Hanover on August 24th, 2022, following the death of his father, Georg VII. The seventh child but first surviving son who could remain as heir, Georg was heir apparent to the Hanoverian throne since 1970 when his elder brother, Ernst von Hanover, married Princess Maria Alexandrovich, the daughter of Grand Duchess Xenia of Russia and converted to Orthodoxy. His eldest brother, el-Hajj Majid Ali, was excluded from the succession for obvious reasons, and his other brother Friedrich was killed when he overdosed on opium. After fifty-two years as Crown Prince, his father died of old age on August 24th, 2022 to be followed two weeks later by his aunt, the Columbian Empress.
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John Lennon


John Lennon
John Montgomery Lennon (born 9 October 1940) is an English singer, songwriter, musician and peace activist who achieved worldwide fame as founder, co-songwriter, co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the Beatles.

Where does he live?
John currently resides in Paris, UE with his wife and grandchildren.

What is his latest album?
His latest album, Bountiful Kingdom, was released in 2021. It is available for 14 or £15.

When is his next tour?
Next March, John will be touring the Indian Confederation. Stops include Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Kalat.
Heads of State of the United Commonwealth
1. Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell: 1649-1658
2. President Richard Cromwell: 1658-1701
3. President Unless-Jesus-Christ-Had-Died-For-Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damned Barebone III: 1701-1709
4. President John Churchill: 1709-1721
5. President Gods-will-be-done Montagu: 1721-1722☠️
6. President William Bromley: 1722-1733
7. President Arthur Onslow: 1733-1741
8. President Hugh Smithson: 1741-1745, Couped
9. Marshal Jeffrey Amherst: 1745-1768, Couped
10. President William Pitt: 1768-1773
11. President Humiliation Cornwall: 1773-1779, No Confidence
12. President Frederick North: 1779-1782, No Confidence
13. President Beaumont Hotham: 1782-1788
14. President Die-well Barebone: 1788-1790, No Confidence
15. President William Pitt II: 1790-1806,☠️
16. President Samuel Hood: 1806-1816,☠️
17. President Sidney Smith: 1816-1825
18. President Augustus Guelph: 1825-1837
19. President Edward Knatchbull: 1837-1845
20. President Robert Peel: 1837-1850, ☠️
21. President Stapleton Cotton: 1850-1860
22. President Edward Blakeney: 1860-1868
23. President John Russell: 1868-1869
24. President William Gladstone: 1869-1898,☠️
25. President Joseph Chamberlain: 1898-1905
26. President Thomas Power O'Connor: 1905-1909
27. President Evelyn Wood: 1909-1917
28. President David Lloyd George: 1917-1925
29. President Ramsay MacDonald: 1925-1931, Couped
30. Lord President Oswald Mosley: 1931-1947, ☠️
31. Lord President Malcolm Campbell: 1947-1948, ☠️
32. Lord President Thomas Johnson: 1948
33. President J.R.R Tolkien: 1948-1953
34. President Edmund Ironside: 1953-1959, ☠️
35. President R.A Butler: 1959-1965
36. President Bernard Montgomery: 1965-1973
37. President James Callaghan: 1973-1981
38. President Margaret Thatcher: 1981-1993
39. President Jeremy Ashdown: 1993-1997
40. President Neil Kinnock: 1997-2001
41. President Tony Blair: 2001-2007, Resigned
42. President Gordon Brown: 2007-2009
43. President David Davis: 2009-2017
44. President Alexander Johnson: 2017-2021
45. President Keir Starmer: 2021-
Egyptian Monarchy Referendum
After the nationalist Nation's Future Party swept the Egyptian Parliament in 2020, they promised to hold a referendum on whether Napoleon VII should remain as Pharaoh of Egypt. The Bonaparte family has reigned in Egypt since 1817, overthrowing Muhammad Ali, and has generally been liked by the people. However, in the past few decades there has been increasing debate about why a Napoleon still reigns in Cairo. Therefore, Prime Minister Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Razeq has called a referendum on the future of the Egyptian Monarchy.

Screenshot 2022-11-26 9.28.50 AM.png

You decide!

Is Columbia OTL's USA? If so, it's interesting to look at a timeline where America is a monarchy and Britain a republic rather than the other way around. Quite refreshing.
The Napoleonic Cadet Kingdoms:The Kingdom of Sardinia
Rennu de Sardigna

The capital of Sardinia is Cagliari which is also its largest city.
The official languages are French, Sardinian, Italian, and Latin.
The Kingdom has a population of around 1.6 million, mainly Sardinians but it has a significant Italian minority. The majority of the nation is Roman Catholic.
Sardinia is an semi-autonomous constitutional monarchy within United Europa. This means that it has its own parliament, its own currency, and a Premier. Unfortunately, for Sardinians but not for the House of Bernadotte, the Kingdom is a semi-absolute monarchy. The monarch has near unilateral powers over law, justice, and anything in between.
The Kingdom also has a space force.

List of Monarchs of Sardinia
Giulio I: 1810-1844, l. 1763-1844, Marshal of the French Empire
Oscar: 1844-1859, l. 1799-1859, son of Giulio I
Leonidas I: 1859-1872, l. 1821-1872, son of Oscar
Leonidas II: 1872-1935, l. 1852-1935, son of Leonidas I
Giulio II: 1935-1942, l. 1871-1942, son of Leonidas II
Giulio III: 1942-1991, l. 1901-1991, son of Giulio II
Giulio IV: 1991-1997, l. 1932-1997, son of Giulio III
Leonidas III: 1997-, l. 1972-, son of Giulio IV

Leonidas III.png

Leonidas III (Leonidas Giulio Oscar Augusto; born 19 December 1972) is the Prince of the Kingdom of Sardinia, assuming the throne as the eighth monarch since Giulio I on 6 October 1997 due to the death of his father, Giulio IV, of gout and worms. Leonidas is perhaps the least interesting of the monarchs we've encountered so far. He married an Austrian heiress and had a son eighteen months later. He bought a mega yacht and sails around the Mediterranean annoying his cousins. Anyway, Leonidas III is a billionaire monarch who has near absolute powers over the island of Sardinia. One slightly more interesting thing about Leonidas III is that he is, as of November 2022, the only head of state in the world to have been on the Moon. Yes, Leonidas checked that off back in 2018 when he visited Nova Roma Base in Copernicus Crater.
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Egyptian Monarchy Referendum: Round Two
As none of the three options have secured the required 50.1% of the vote, the referendum continues to a second round. A republic has been eliminated from the running and so the Bonaparte and Muhammad Ali dynasties are the two remaining options.