Effects of a US/South Korean Victory in the Korean War on World Militaries?

I recall this post made by RanulfC from a previous thread about the effects of a US-UN victory in the Korean War:
No MASH, and America has a much more positive outlook for longer on military intervention and deterrence since it 'worked' in Korea. America retains the concept of 'total victory' in any conflict for a while longer, which will make it harder to justify or accept anything short of total commitment to a conflict. We would be less willing to pull out punches in places like Laos and Vietnam if we're involved which might not be a bad thing overall but it will also foster the idea that "might makes right" for longer as well. This will probably lead to more focus on a military capable of prosecuting and winning both limited and unlimited war which will have knock on effects down the line. In politics the idea of a 'cheap' defense based on total war under any situation, (Ike's "New Look" policy for example) will get less traction because Korea proved we can fight and win a war without atomic weapons so Ike's budget cuts will need to come from somewhere else.
-A quick war means a faster return to smaller military budgets as we 'won' with what we had quite obviously so less money for missile and advanced aircraft or other military equipment. The Redstone let alone Navaho or Snark programs are all not going to get the OTL boost they did and may not get significantly started until much later.

-No jet-v-jet combat so the F-86 comes into production as a straight-wing strictly subsonic and mediocre aircraft

-Like in Vietnam later the US learned a good bit, (that the promptly forgot as "we're not going to do this again") on tactical and strategic air power projection and updated ground combat tactics and operations. Short war means a lot of those lessons aren't learned

-The US will retain much longer a bias on the ability of any other military of any size to resist them which as noted above means we'll be confident we can easily do 'more' with 'less' with all that implies for European confrontations. Though at the same time we will be MORE willing to commit forces than OTL due to that being the key to winning the Korean war.

Well all that sounds good for the US but I kind of wonder how would the other countries be effected in terms of military strategy and whatnot? Will the UK and France follow the US's example in a victory and rely more on conventional forces? How will the USSR and Maoist China follow suit? Will Germany still rearm or not? Japan being effected along with South Korea's?

One thing's for sure, the nuclear developments will NOT go away as it is a given that they are both a weapon and a deterrence in the Cold War so I don't see them going away ITTL; though at least less of that Massive Retaliation stuff will be around.

And yes I'm aware there are multiple ways to have the UN/US win the Korean War but I'll stick with a more competent US strategy plus China still intervening and yet still being defeated in the process for the sake of clarity.