Easily Animated Maps


This Tutorial is how to make animated maps easily, more advanced techniques maybe discussed in this thread and at a later date, for now we start off with the easy way to make animated maps: The Humble GIF image.


We'll start off with this image, a well-known basemap that pops up when you type in "World Basemap" for Google. Since this map is too big for making a gif, we will crop to the area we need to animate, to make the finished image small enough to loaded easily.

This Example is an American Invasion of Cuba, from a fictional world that doesn't matter, it will only be an example.


This is the first frame, where we have the two colours seen as seperate, before the operation.


These next frames are just a sample not all the frames I created. You must move forward in small increments to make the animation not look too clippy.

Once you have all your frames you should put them in a program called Unfreez like so and set the frame delay to something above 20 so it's not too fast.


Then you press the button, save your work and show people!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial it was fun to make.
Because this seems to have turned into a 'post your map gif' thread, here's one I made a while ago.

carthage monster anim2.gif

carthage monster anim2.gif
Might as well jump on the bandwagon.

A map I did for the Space Timeline RP thing I did, where we were attempting to make a timeline by RPing characters.

This depicts the initial month of the War of Timor, which kicked off nearly a decade of hostilities between the Australasian Federation and Indonesia, one of several proxy wars that lead up to WW3.

Timor War March Anim.gif