Earth Swap: Alternate History Meets Space Opera

A few days ago, I finally published “Earth Swap”, my 13th novel, on Amazon. Most of those novels have been at least arguably alternate history. Earth Swap is sort of a cross between a very big ISOT into an alternate history and Space Opera. All of modern-day Earth finds itself in a different version of our solar system, one where humans got to space tens of thousands of years ago, following in the footsteps of a now-vanished non-human species nicknamed The Builders. The Builders terraformed any place in the solar system that could be modified to accept Earth life, then disappeared over a million years ago, leaving behind enigmatic but often stunningly powerful artifacts. Hundreds of millions of years later, humans followed in the footsteps of the Builders, building a interplanetary civilizations three times and falling into decay the first two. They are now on the upswing, back in space, but are on the verge of a devastating interplanetary war.

We're suddenly in a much more interesting solar system, in the Chinese curse sense, one where explorers can stumble across forgotten technology, useful or dangerous and both human and non-human, all over the solar system.

More importantly, we're suddenly in the middle of an interplanetary Cold War that is about to go hot. If it happens, that war will be fought between powers hundreds if not thousands of years ahead of us technologically, who can toss around antimatter and dinosaur-killer asteroids, as well as nasty nanotech and mount "soft coups" against Earth governments.

Like it or not, we’re in the hot seat. The powers of this new solar system are searching desperately for an ancient stone library full of knowledge from the Builders which is now somewhere on our Earth.

By the way, this may sound familiar to some of you. I posted part of a much earlier and more primitive version of this in the Writer’s Forum on under the title “Mars Looks Different.” I would give you a link, but I can’t find it for some reason. Feel free to post the link if your search-fu is better than mine.