Alotta you guys would've watched the D&D cartoon series when you were younger, right ? I remember 1 episode which is directly relevant to AH, which involved the evil dude, Venger (maniacal laugh- lol), having a time machine, with which he kidnaps ppl from many different Earth timelines, including a Luftwaffe pilot from WWII and a contemporary ace fighter pilot together with his newest jetfighter. Venger's plan to thwart the heroes involves sending the Luftwaffe guy back in time with this new jet in order to enable Nazi Germany to win the war and thereby prevent the heroes from ever being born at all, but this German guy actually crashes the plane while he's about to fly into the time gate, parachutes to safety, and says that he gives the heroes their freedom and lives, thereby foiling the evil Venger's plot.


All I remember about this cartoon is the dude with the energy bow, and that the whole show reminded me of Scooby Doo with swords. :)