Dual Monarchy

Chapter 1
On 1328, Charles IV would recover from his illness and survive for another decade until 1338 but he would not be able to sire another daughter, due to his sister able to convince that Edward III should succeed Charles IV via the female line which the estates of France supported as they know about Philip of Valois, however in this case, Jeanne, the daughter of Louis X would now be the monarch of Navarre and Countess of Champagne as compensation and the daughter of Charles IV and his second wife, Jeanne of Evreux after the death of Charles IV, Blanche would be betrothed to Edward, the son of Edward III and his wife, Philippa of Hainault, this would have made the Kings of England and France related to the direct Capetians directly.

On 1330, Jean of Valois[1], the heir to the Valois would die due to a childhood disease that would cause the Philip of Valois to give up from trying to get the throne of France as Isabella is plotting to get the throne.

1. OTL Jean II of France
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I think the only reason the English are called Anglo-Saxon and not Anglo-Franch was because the Plantagenet could not hold their continental Holdings. Looking forward to seeing more wish you luck and stay save.
Chapter 2
The papal dispensation between Henry of Jawor and Agnes of Bohemia was denied on 1323 due to the plot of John of Bohemia and Elizabeth Richeza would try another alliance against John of Bohemia in this time and she would be right this time and she would bestow the bloodline of her father and her husband, Wenceslaus II to the future King of Poland, Jutta of Bohemia at this time is betrothed to Casimir, the heir of Poland, but Elizabeth herself would be careful, Elizabeth and her husband, Henry of Lipa would flee to Poland with her daughter Agnes of Bohemia and marry Agnes of Bohemia to Prince Casimir of Poland on 1324.

On 1327, Henry the Good of Wroclaw would take the widow Kunigunde of Poland as his new wife who finally gave him a son named Casimir who would inherit the county of Wroclaw and Wroclaw itself would not be absorb by Bohemia even if there was a treaty and the son would renounce the treaty itself as he would have good ties with Casimir III.
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Chapter 3
On 1328, Philippa of Hainault would give birth to a daughter that her husband would christen and name as Isabella of England or Isabella of Woodstalk who would be a prize for grooms would be to marry, Isabella of Woodstock would be followed by 6 children, Edward b. 1330, Joanna b. 1332, Margaret b. 1333, Lionel b. 1334, John b. 1335, Eleanor b. 1338, Richard b. 1340 and Philippa b. 1342.

On 1338, when Edward III would ascend to the French throne, he would betroth his sister, Joanna of England to Louis, the heir to the Hungarian throne in exchange for the Hungarian claim to the territory of Provence against the Neapolitans and Edward III would annex Provence and Forcalquier for France in 1340, Joanna of Naples would not be able to act against it and forced to marry the Hungarian choice husband for her.

On 1349, Dauphine was sold by Humbert III to Edward III annexing Dauphine to France.
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Chapter 4

Isabella of Woodstalk

On 1339, Isabella of Woodstalk is betrothed to Peter I of Portugal ushering the alliance between the Dual Monarchy and Portugal, Isabella of Woodstalk would arrive on 1342, a year prior to the marriage being consummated, Isabella of Woodstalk would be known as Isabel de Francia in Portugal, she would give birth to the following; Maria of Portugal b. 1343, Ferdinand I of Portugal b. 1345, Edward b. 1352 and Beatrice of Portugal b. 1353.

On 1346, Peter the Cruel would marry Isabel dela Cerda as he had sensed the threat of his brother to him as Isabel’s cousin, Juana Manuel would have married his own brother, he would abandon the planned marriage to an English Princess either to Joanna or Margaret, the marriage would quell the paranoia of his mother against his illegitimate brother, Isabel dela Cerda would at least give birth to two daughters, Blanca b. 1349 and Juana b. 1352.
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