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    I was 18 when I got into Alternate History. I played the Resistance games for PlayStation 3. For all you guys that don't known what the franchise is I'll fill you in. An alien race known as the Chimera landed in Siberia during the Tungaska Event that destroyed the entire forest and region. Locals and investigators who investigated the region are infected with a alien viral strain the mutated them into, the Chimera. They immediately spread the virus and infect millions, and dig up buried Chimera towers and facilities abandoned before humanity was born. With their advance technology and virus they completely overrun Russia and by 1950 all of Europe and Turkey.

    The United States was fanatically isolationist, and under a dictatorial President Noah Grace, barely does anything to aid the rest of the world in the fight against the Chimera. By 1951 England however, was liberated thanks to a joint U.S.-British operation were one American soldier, Nathan Hale singlehandedly brought the Chimera to its knees in England thanks to being partially immune to the virus. (He was part of a secret project called Project Abraham). However the Chimera soon launch and invasion in the United States itself and in just two years after heroic fighting, the Chimera conquer the United States and the survivors are forced into hiding.

    Now I read the Domination of Draka books by S.M. Sterling and although I am a huge fan, I agree the Drakas are too Mart Sue-ish. They never lost a war and never faced an enemy they cannot defeat or overpower. This was especially the case during the Eurasia War when they were fighting an Axis force that was woefully under equiped to face the Draka. (I mean come on the Wermacht still had their bolt-action Kar98 rifles while the Draka had a weapon similar to a modern day light-machine gun and a tank that is pretty much an Abrams.)

    What if the Domination for the first time encountered and enemy in 1949, that the Draka technology can't match? What if they encounter an enemy that can sustained multiple gunshot wounds, and still fight? What if the Drakas fight an enemy so horrifying that not even the most battle hardened Draka veteran can resist the traumatic fear of seeing these creatures?

    How would the war start? Were would it start? I was thinking of Starting it in Georgia like in the first book Marching Through Georgia. The Russian cloven soldiers attack border plantations making the Draka believe the Russians were behind the attack. The Draka invade the Russian Empire not knowing it has already fallen to the Chimera and that's when they encounter the Chimera. The entire invasion force is destroyed in the Kuban Mountains of the Caucases thus opening the way for the Chimera to march into the Domination of Draka. (Yes I want Eric von Shrakenberg and even Sophie Nixon and Will Dreiser part of this arc)

    I need a lot of help making this timeline possible and can't do it alone. So I am inviting you all to help me make this timeline so any suggestions are welcome and any input, creative criticisms, and ideas to help make this a fantastic timeline are welcome. I look forward to working with you all. Lets make this happen!
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    Yeah I moved the threat there after I realize that. I already got good responses!