Draka fanfics from StarDestroyer.net forums

It's a forum that's still active, but pretty long in the tooth now, so just posting some decades-old DrakaFics for posterity:

General Information - Draka rank and unit system, OOBs and armament info, links to some stories

Another index of links

Timeline. - the SD.net BBS DrakaFic continuity, based on Stirling's original work - includes references to some of the stories below

Timeline: 1776 -- 1943 - another timeline

The Great Patriotic War: Beginnings - war with the Soviets

Operation Noah's Hammer - war with British, Italians

The Caribbean Beat - Patton and the Americans interdict Draka interference in their pond

Mission to Moscow - an American journalist visits Ivan Krasnov's Soviet Union on the 20th anniversary of the communist takeover, by @Norseman

Across the Marco Polo Bridge - Japan invades China. Includes details on the Taiping Dynasty

Sweet and Honorable - multi-POV story including a Greek serf, a young Ceausescu, an American sailor in Hawaii, a Chilean soldier, and action in Morocco

Anatomy of a Disaster; The Prut Campaign - detailed AAR about Tukhachevsky's Soviet campaign against Draka

Araby - the brutality of Draka Palestine (one-shot)

Cuchulainn’s Hounds - Ireland deals with the Draka (one-shot)

Der Alpenfuchs - the fate of Adolph in the DrakaFic continuity (one-shot)

The Al Aqaba Roundtable - a different Draka hanging out in Palestine

A Speech. - the Kaiser declares war on the Draka

A Conversation - the Kaiser travels through Soviet Union and speaks to captive Draka, Johanna von Shrakenburg

Blood is Thicker Than Water - Soviet Georgia guerrilla warfare, by @Norseman

The Early Propaganda War 1938-1941 - pro-Draka agitprop by anti-Soviet America First elements, by @Norseman

Technical Notes - Report on the Holbars T-7A Assault Rifle, Model 1935, by @Norseman

Riding with the Red Guard - Trotsky rides the Soviet rail (one-shot)

Night of the Superforts - U.S. air power bombs the Draka

Tears of St. Michael -Romanians vs. Draka

The Charge. - British lancers, the 5th Rajputana Lancers, charge against the Draka in Persia

Fire on the Waters. - Greek navy vs. Drakian Air Force in the Mediterranean

March of the Volunteers - Taiping People's Volunteers and alternate Mao, by @Norseman

Soldier of the Dominate - diary of a Draka recruit

History of the Christian Draka and the Draka Church Militant - Christian fanatic Draka

Two Stars over Astrakhan - USAF volunteers in the Soviet Union vs. the Draka, by @Norseman

The Yanks Are Coming! - more angry American air power bomb the Draka

Dastam râ begir. - a Draka and her serf get into Middle Eastern adventures

A Journey Through the Dominate - a Soviet spy journeys through Draka Afghanistan, by @Norseman

After the Domination Falls - discussion about how the SD.net DrakaFic continuity was going to end

The Final War (alt-Draka story) - Junghalli's alternate continuity

The Snake and the Dragon (Draka final society vs...) - Star Trek crossover
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Ah yes back in the mists of time I had been short of involved at a late stage of the project for the Greek stuff, much of it was in place already. Is the @Norseman here the same person with the writer in the links above?
I enjoyed the Drakafic verse when I encountered it a few years back. Though some of the grammar could do with cleaning up in some of the fics (and, sadly, I think they used the fraudulent translation of the Cyrus Cylinder in "Journey through the Dominate"). I particularly liked the "Al-Aqaba round table"--a look into Draka psychology. I was sad the "Timeline of the Drakaverse" ended with the nuclear detonations in Palestine at the Domination's last offensive--the crossing of the Suez canal would have been a sight to see. In my headcanon, I always figured that there would have been subordinate amphibious ops later on to divert Draka reinforcements away from Egypt--definitely one from Italy to Tunisia, and a suped-up Operation Torch for Morocco. Less certain about a landing in Ethiopia, though.
The Duchess was quite prolific back in the day. And Shep… oh Shep…

Stu Slade’s Armageddon-verse was hosted on SDN way back when. Long gone now. That site was quite the scene from like ‘02-‘10
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Draka's gross. It makes me feel like I'm reading something that SM Stirling masturbates to, and that's never a headspace I want to occupy.
The Duchess was quite prolific back in the day. And Shep… oh Shep…

I still think about Global Peak all the time. It was characteristically SDN edgy grimdark, yet in retrospect Faeelin was wrong when he said in response to it that people wouldn't simply rehash the failed ideologies of the 20th century.

Stu Slade’s Armageddon-verse was hosted on SDN way back when. Long gone now. That site was quite the scene from like ‘02-‘10

It was a different culture during the Bush era. Before angry internet atheism was associated with cringe reddit r/atheism, and before like all of the prominent New Atheists got busted for everything from racial and gender insensitivity all the way to sexual assault.
My opinion of the Draka 'verse remains strongly negative, and this rewrite has its fair share of problems and then some, but there are some aspects I find hilarious and appropriate.
  1. The initial Draka invasion of Georgia is an unmitigated catastrophe that results in the elite Citizen units getting their butts handed to them repeatedly by a bunch of kids.
  2. The entirety of Night of the Superforts. To whit:
    1. The US launches a massive aerial bombardment of the Draka heartland. The Draka are caught completely by surprise due to having no foreign intelligence worthy of the name, the US has an overwhelming technological advantage, what industry the Draka have is bombed flat, and the US only loses a couple of planes.
    2. In the aftermath, the Draka leadership is repeatedly told that the US planes are several YEARS more advanced than Draka tech (as in, "three years until we can copy this tech", which means another two years minimum before you can START introducing the damn things, and that's with a functioning war industry and not one that's been bombed flat), and repeatedly fails to accept the reports from subordinates who have zero reason to lie.
    3. Strategos Almost Sane Guy lays it out flat:
      1. The Draka are hilariously out-teched.
      2. The Draka have lost 2.6 million Citizen soldiers out of a pre-war population of 35 million total Citizens. (please keep in mind, this is about half the casualty rate that the USSR took in OTL's WW2, which was the result of a genocidal invasion over the course of four years. And the USSR, for all of its many faults, was not a turboNazi slavocracy with demographics that make ancient Sparta look stable and functional. The Draka simply cannot afford to lose 7% of their Citizen population in 3 years. Especially considering point 3 below)
      3. They have completely exhausted their base of "slaves who won't shoot the first Citizen they can see in the back if given firearms".
      4. They still have a million troops in an unwinnable guerilla conflict in Afghanistan WHILE THEY ARE TRYING TO INVADE THE USSR THROUGH GEORGIA.
      5. Their industry is effectively gone.
      6. They just lost an entire army including 150k Citizens to Allied encirclement.
      7. tl;dr the Draka are completely hosed and their best chance is to retreat, entrench somewhere defensible, and hope that they can bluff the US into backing down.
    4. In response to this display of something approaching competence and common sense, the Archon doubles down on racist insanity to a degree of blind Positive Thinking that Adolf Hitler would consider insane, and says "great, I want your plans for a counteroffensive on my desk by tomorrow morning, and no, you may not retreat from our Afghan boondoggle".
  3. The story where the Draka Great White Hunter gets called in and ends up basically laughing with madness because the PRIDE OF THE MASTER RACE (tm) was left hiding in their bunkers in terror and he himself nearly got killed by...some farm boy with his dad's ancient rifle and a couple of Coke bottles.
Sure, it's basically all petty vindictive spite fic, but it's petty vindictive spite fic aimed directly at an overrated racist jerk who throws giant tantrums over people calling out his nonsensical techwanking, so really, I'm not complaining.