Dragon King: the Many Wives, Mistresses and Children of King Henry VIII (1491-1577)

Here is a quick recap of Henry's legitimate descendants. As you can see, I haven't been able to find husbands and wives for all of his children but although some will remain single, most will marry and have legitimate descendants ITTL.
List of Henry VIII’s mistresses and illegitimate descendants

List of Henry VIII’s mistresses and illegitimate descendants​

Muriel Howard (c.1486-1552), relationship 1505-1515
1 Muriel FitzRoy (1506-1564)
2 Marcella FitzRoy (1508-1582) m. Edward St Lawrence, 6th Baron Howth
3 Henry FitzRoy (1510-1545) m. Jane Seymour
4 Edmund FitzRoy (1511-1587) m. Catherine Parr
5 Jasper FitzRoy (1513-1569) m. Mary Brandon
6 Edward FitzRoy (1514-1556)
7 Frederica FitzRoy (1516-1574) m. Alessandro de’ Medici, Duke of Florence​

Elizabeth Blount (c.1500-1547), relationships 1514-1517 and 1520-1526
1 Henry FitzRoy (1516-1571) m. Elizabeth Seymour
2 John FitzRoy (1517-1564)
3 Elizabeth FitzRoy (1521-1587) m. James Butler, 9th Earl of Ormond
4 Katherine FitzRoy (1523-1564) m. James FitzGerald, 13th Earl of Desmond​

Mary Boleyn (1499-1543), relationship 1517-1520
1 Katherine FitzRoy (1518-1572) m. Henry Clifford, 2nd Earl of Cumberland
2 Edmund FitzRoy, Duke of Cambria (1520-1587) m. Agnes ferch Rhys (Agnes Rice)​
1 Catrin FitzRoy of Cambria (1551-1587)​
2 Agnes FitzRoy of Cambria (1553-1578)​
3 Edmund FitzRoy of Cambria (1556-1584)​
4 Mary FitzRoy of Cambria (1557-1579)​
5 George FitzRoy of Cambria (1559-1561)​
6 Griffith FitzRoy of Cambria (1560-1598)​
7 Elizabeth FitzRoy of Cambria (1562-1601)​
8 Thomas FitzRoy of Cambria (1564-1567)​
9 Anne FitzRoy of Cambria (1565-1623)​
10 Thomas FitzRoy of Cambria (1569-1612)​
3 George FitzRoy (1521-1592)​

Elizabeth Carew (1500-1546), relationship 1526-1530
1 Margaret FitzRoy (1528-1541) m. Sir George Howard (c.1525-1580)
2 Thomas FitzRoy (1529-1612)
3 Francis FitzRoy (1530-1598)​

Anne Basset, Marchioness of Exeter (1520-1555), relationship 1537-1542
1 John Basset, 2nd Marquess of Exeter (1538-1612) m. Lady Anne Somerset (1536-1596)
2 Annette Basset (1539-1598)
3 Honour Basset (1540-1605) m. Henry Clinton, 2nd Earl of Lincoln
4 Thomas Basset (1542-1611)
5 Arthur Basset (1543-1599)​

Deianira Cominata Arianiti, Baroness Paleologa (c.1515-1544), relationship 1540-1544
1 Deianira Paleologa (1542-1589)
2 Constantine, Baron Paleologa (1543-1601)
3 Francesca Paleologa (1544-1544)​

Elena Cominata Arianiti, Marchioness Di Monferrato (c.1518-1558), relationship 1542-1558
1 Enrico, 2nd Marquess Di Monferrato (1543-1579)
2 miscarriage (1544)
3 Elena Di Monferrato (1546-1631)
4 Francesca Di Monferrato (1548-1617)
5 Bonifacio, 3rd Marquess Di Monferrato (1550-1602) m. Lady Mary Hastings (1552-1587)​
1 Henry-Maximilian, 4th Marquess Di Monferrato (1574-1617)​
1 Helen “the Younger” Di Monferrato (1599-1670) m. Henry IX, King of England​
2 Helen “the Elder” Di Monferrato (1577-1623)​
3 Boniface Di Monferrato (1578-1631)​
4 Edward Di Monferrato (1583-1645)​
6 Constantine Di Monferrato (1551-1600)
7 George Di Monferrato (1553-1641)
8 Edward Di Monferrato (1555-1632)
9 Deianira Di Monferrato (1556-1602)
10 Ippolitta Di Monferrato (1558-1634)
11 Polissena Di Monferrato (1558-1641)​

Lady Lucy Somerset (1524-1583), relationship 1559-1566
1 Anthony FitzRoy (1560-1652)
2 Lucy FitzRoy (1562-1589)
3 William FitzRoy (1563-1641)​
4 Jane FitzRoy (1566-1613)
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And here are his illegitimate descendants. Same here: I couldn't find partners for all but more will have children of their own - legitimate or not.
1 Christina of Denmark (1539-1578) m. Frederick II, King of Denmark and Norway
So Christian II is still overthrown?
3 Christian, Duke of Somerset (1541-1560) b. Archduchess Barbara of Austria
I might be wrong, but he was Henry's first legitimate son to not die young, right? If so, shouldn't he be Prince of Wales? If he wasn't heir during his lifetime, he wouldn't marry a Habsburg.
So Christian II is still overthrown?
Yes. Butterflies didn't affect Denmark enough to prevent this.
I might be wrong, but he was Henry's first legitimate son to not die young, right? If so, shouldn't he be Prince of Wales? If he wasn't heir during his lifetime, he wouldn't marry a Habsburg.
Christian was created Duke of Somerset shortly after his birth because he had two living elder brothers at the time, although they died the following year. Christian was later created Prince of Wales (my list usually only indicates the first title the children were granted).
Henry VIII Infobox
Last but not least...
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Which of his wives would you say Henry loved the most?
Difficult to say. He loved them in different ways.
If I have to choose, I'd say Catherine of Aragon, Madeleine de la Tour d'Auvergne and Anne Boleyn.

Henry loved Catherine deeply - that's why he so adamantly refused to divorce her. He also loved Claude of Brittany very much, although their marriage was political, mostly because she was the gentle kind who made no waves - they would've probably clashed more than once otherwise.
He was very much in love with Madeleine, otherwise he would've turned his back on her after she refused to become his mistress and not given her a second thought, and he was completely mad about Anne in the first years of their relationship, even though the death of his sons caused him to "blow a fuse" and believe slanderers.

Maria of Portugal and Christina of Denmark were political matches. Katheryn Howard he was quite besotted with but what he felt about her wasn't what I'd call love - more a strong infatuation.
Renata of Navarre and Charlotte de Laval were political matches as well, although they got along with him so well that it turned into something like romantic friendship.
Lady Margaret Seymour, like Katheryn Howard, was some kind of infatuation. Henry was charmed by her talent as a writer.

As for his last wives, I imagine Henry as the kind of person who simply needs a companion, a "gentle presence" by his side and can't stand being single, especially not in his old age. Joan Knollys was a gentle person, just like Claude of Brittany had been, and it was Claude's memory that drew him to Lady Mary Talbot.

Regarding his mistresses, Elena Cominata Arianiti was probably the one he loved most - with the exception of her sister Deianira, whose liaison was cut short by her suspicious death, and Anne Basset, who lost Henry's heart after he met Deianira.
English Calvinism?
Yes. ITTL Henry doesn't break from Rome the way he did OTL. He simply converts under Renata's influence - and Renata's a Calvinist, so there's no "Anglican" Church proper, although Calvinism in England will evolve in a slightly different way from, say, Calvinism in Switzerland or Navarre. Don't ask me how, though, because I'm no specialist of religion:)
I may but not just now. I'm preparing the release of my new book and busy writing the next one - I'm supposed to finish it before the end of the year, though it's going to be a bit tight, so I don't think I can write another TL, even a short one.
It's no problem. Alternate History is supposed to be a hobby, not a job.