Dragon King: the Many Wives, Mistresses and Children of King Henry VIII (1491-1577)

Dragon King: the Many Wives, Mistresses and Children of King Henry VIII (1491-1577)
Dragon King
The Many Wives, Mistresses and Children of King Henry VIII

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The series’ title Dragon King derived from one of Henry VIII's badges, the Red Dragon of Cadwaladr.

In 2015, History Channel 2 launched Dragon King, an ambitious TV series about the life of England's longest-ruling King Henry VIII, the "Grandfather of Europe". Starring an international cast of both world-famous and little-known or unknown actors, the series met with great success, so much that spin-offs are now being made.

Eight years after the release of the first episode, here is a quick overview of the historical characters who inspired the series.
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Credit where credit's due!
This short TL is inspired by this challenge. Have Henry VIII have as many wives and children as possible.

The TV series' title Dragon King is inspired by some of the lyrics of this song I like very much:

I know some of the matches are probably a bit (or a lot?) ASBish but well, for the sake of fun, let's go.
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Henry VIII (1491-1577)

Henry VIII (1491-1577)​

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A family affair: father and son Ruaidhrí and Conchobhar Ó Seachnasaigh played Henry VIII at the different stages of his life.

Born in 1491, Henry was the second son of King Henry VII Tudor and Elizabeth of York, and the third of four siblings who lived past infancy, the other three being his elder brother and sister Arthur, Prince of Wales, and Margaret, the future Queen of Scotland, and his younger and favourite sister Mary, the future Holy Roman Empress. At the age of two, Henry was created Duke of York.

In 1502, both Arthur and his wife, Catherine of Aragon, fell ill with the sweating sickness. Although Arthur was severely affected, he eventually recovered but died a few months later, leaving a pregnant widow. In February 1503, Catherine of Aragon gave birth to a daughter and King Henry VII decided to betroth the newborn baby to his son. The Pope granted a dispensation and the betrothal took place in August 1503.

Succeeding his father in 1509 as King jure uxoris, Henry would reign for 68 years, becoming England's longest-reigning monarch.

Henry’s many liaisons and marriages, as well as his struggle to have a living son to secure the Tudor dynasty, quickly earned him a reputation as a womaniser, and he is now remembered as the Grandfather of Europe.
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Wait, are those their actual names? Google isn't being that helpful
Pretty sure the younger actor is Domhnall Gleeson, so I assume that these are ATL actors.
It’s OTL Brendan and Domhnall Gleeson! :)
Yes, it's Brendan and Domhnall Gleeson. I usually make up names for my ATL modern-day characters but I left the actors' names in the file titles so if you right click the picture as if to download it, you can see who they really are.
Very cool. Looking forward to the fruits of your labours.
Lady Muriel Howard (c.1486-1552)

Lady Muriel Howard (c.1486-1552)​

Henry’s mistress from 1506 to 1515

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Evangeline Bellefont played Muriel Howard, Henry’s first official mistress.

Muriel Howard was the second daughter of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk, and Elizabeth Tilney. She married John Grey, 2nd Viscount Lisle, by whom she had a daughter, Elizabeth.

While betrothed to his niece, Henry met the older Muriel, whose husband had died less than two years before, and who soon became his mistress. After the birth of their son in 1510, Henry acknowledged Muriel’s children as his own. However, he soon dismissed her after meeting Elizabeth Blount and Muriel returned to her family with her children.​


1 Muriel FitzRoy (1506-1564)
2 Marcella FitzRoy (1508-1582)
3 Henry FitzRoy (1510-1545)
4 Edmund FitzRoy (1511-1587)
5 Jasper FitzRoy (1513-1569)
6 Edward FitzRoy (1514-1556)
7 Frederica FitzRoy (1516-1574)​
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