Does anyone know how to make a timeline like this, found on Wikipedia?

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  1. Airesien Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2017
    Yorkshire, England
    I cannot find for the life of me an application or website where I can make a timeline like this. Does anybody have any idea where I could do?

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  2. Burton K Wheeler l'état profond, c'est moi Moderator

    Jun 11, 2006
    That was probably created manually. The go-to application for creating colored bars is Excel, though it doesn't always look pretty.
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  3. CalBear Your Ursus arctos californicus Moderator Moderator Donor

    Oct 4, 2005
    This was done in Excel. Be a HUGE pain in the ass to set up. Once the template was completed you could probably save and reuse.
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  4. nbcman Donor

    Jan 6, 2009
    Looks like an output from a SQL database that is shown graphically as a Gantt chart. It would be pain to set up individual named fields like that and to address all of those colors and text fields. Excel would probably be the best bet to do it using a commonly available software package.

    EDIT: a multicolored multi-level gantt chart like this

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  5. Burton K Wheeler l'état profond, c'est moi Moderator

    Jun 11, 2006
    I'd always just done Gantt charts in Excel, but I'm a simple soul.
  6. Gog-Clocthoth Well-Known Member

    Jul 12, 2013
    So, from what I can find, this is the page your chart appears on:

    On this page, I went to the "Edit" tab near the top of the screen, same row as the "Search Wikipedia" bar.

    That gets me to this page:

    This allows me to view all the code that goes into the article, particularly the part that goes into making the timeline. In this case, it was easy to find because everything we need is between tags:
    <timeline> and </timeline>.

    I'll paste the original in a spoiler here and it should work fine, but I'm not sure if the process of making it a post will mess up the formatting. For your own purposes, you may just want to copy directly from that edit page on the article.

    # Note: The end date is the year after an NFL season. A team that played only in 1922 would be listed as 22-23. This shows up as a one-year bar for 1922.
    DateFormat = yyyy
    ImageSize = width:1100 height:auto barincrement:25
    PlotArea = left:20 right:20 bottom:20 top:20
    Period = from:1885 till:2018
    TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy
    Colors =
    id:majorGridColor value:rgb(0.9,0.9,0.9)
    id:lineColor value:gray(0.5)
    id:notpro value:gray(0.9)
    id:eek:hio value:rgb(0.85,0.80,0.80)
    id:nypro value:rgb(0.85,0.80,0.80)
    id:inactive value:gray(0)
    id:afli value:gray(0.75)
    id:afl_iii value:gray(0.80)
    id:nfl value:gray(0.5)
    id:brown value:rgb(0.36,0.20,0.10)
    id:green value:rgb( 0,0.51,0.28)
    id:darkgreen value:rgb( 0,0.20, 0)
    id:kellygreen value:rgb( 0,0.63, 0)
    id:eek:range value:rgb( 1,0.39, 0)
    id:redorange value:rgb( 1,0.20, 0)
    id:maroon value:rgb(0.50, 0, 0)
    id:red value:rgb(0.80,0.01,0.07)
    id:red2 value:rgb(0.90,0.01,0.07)
    id:darkred value:rgb(0.50, 0, 0)
    id:iceblue value:rgb(0.20,0.60,0.80)
    id:lgray value:gray(0.90)
    id:grayblue value:rgb(0.00,0.13,0.26)
    id:gray value:gray(0.25)
    id:gray2 value:gray(0.5)
    id:sand value:rgb(0.94,0.89,0.77)
    id:navy value:rgb( 0, 0,0.30)
    id:teal value:rgb( 0,0.65,0.65)
    id:teal2 value:rgb( 0,0.45,0.45)
    id:purpl value:rgb(0.16,0.01,0.32)
    id:columbia_blue value:rgb(0.35,0.57,0.8)
    id:49ers_lightgold value:rgb(0.85,0.62,0.46)
    id:49ers_red value:rgb(0.58,0.0,0.16)
    id:bengals_orange value:rgb(1,0.15,0.0)
    id:black value:rgb(0.0,0.0,0.0)
    id:black2 value:rgb(0.06,0.11,0.14)
    id:browns_brown value:rgb(0.3,0.14,0.05)
    id:buccaneers_tan value:rgb(0.4,0.36,0.31)
    id:cardinals_gold value:rgb(1,0.77,0.05)
    id:cardinals_red value:rgb(0.69,0.01,0.22)
    id:celtsgold value:rgb(0.93,0.86,0.51)
    id:chargers_blue value:rgb(0.02,0.09,0.23)
    id:chargers_lightblue value:rgb(0.06,0.51,0.72)
    id:chiefs_black value:rgb(0.0,0.0,0.0)
    id:chiefs_red value:rgb(0.77,0.0,0.14)
    id:colts_blue value:rgb(0.0,0.25,0.49)
    id:darkblue value:rgb(0.0,0.07,0.25)
    id:darkblue2 value:rgb(0.0,0.16,0.36)
    id:darkblue3 value:rgb(0.0,0.18,0.3)
    id:dolphins_orange value:rgb(1,0.39,0.16)
    id:dolphins_teal value:rgb(0.0,0.42,0.47)
    id:eagles_green value:rgb(0.0,0.18,0.19)
    id:eagles_silver value:rgb(0.93,0.93,0.93)
    id:falcons_red value:rgb(0.14,0.12,0.13)
    id:giants_darkblue value:rgb(0.0,0.19,0.33)
    id:gold value:rgb(1,0.75,0.0)
    id:jaguars_teal value:rgb(0.0,0.51,0.61)
    id:jets_green value:rgb(0.09,0.25,0.2)
    id:lightblue value:rgb(0.0,0.5,0.75)
    id:lions_black value:rgb(0.93,0.95,0.97)
    id:lions_lightblue value:rgb(0.0,0.43,0.63)
    id:lions_white value:rgb(0.96,0.96,0.96)
    id:eek:range value:rgb(1,0.39,0.17)
    id:packers_green value:rgb(0.16,0.26,0.22)
    id:panthers_teal value:rgb(0.0,0.59,0.77)
    id:patriots_silver value:rgb(0.78,0.79,0.8)
    id:raiders_silver value:rgb(0.71,0.73,0.74)
    id:rams_gold value:rgb(0.75,0.63,0.36)
    id:ravens_gold value:rgb(0.96,0.64,0.16)
    id:ravens_purple value:rgb(0.17,0.01,0.36)
    id:red value:rgb(0.84,0.19,0.23)
    id:red2 value:rgb(0.93,0.18,0.17)
    id:redskins_darkred value:rgb(0.55,0.0,0.1)
    id:saints_black value:rgb(0.0,0.04,0.09)
    id:saints_light_gold value:rgb(0.77,0.66,0.46)
    id:seahawks_darkblue value:rgb(0.01,0.06,0.12)
    id:seahawks_green value:rgb(0.24,0.54,0.22)
    id:silver value:rgb(0.63,0.65,0.67)
    id:titans_dark_blue value:rgb(0.0,0.17,0.29)
    id:vikings_gold value:rgb(1,0.67,0.17)
    id:vikings_purple value:rgb(0.14,0.04,0.4)
    ScaleMajor = start:1890 increment:10 gridcolor:majorGridColor
    LineData =
    at:1920 color:lineColor layer:back width:0.66 #APFA (later NFL) forms
    #at:1946 color:lineColor layer:back width:0.66 #AAFC forms
    at:1960 color:lineColor layer:back width:0.66 #AFL forms
    at:1970 color:lineColor layer:back width:0.66 #AFL–NFL merger
    # -- Text Positions
    Define $Up = shift:(,1)
    Define $Left = anchor:from align:right shift:(-1,)
    Define $LeftIn = anchor:from align:right shift:(25,)
    Define $LeftMargin = anchor:from align:left shift:(3,)
    Define $UpLeft = anchor:from align:right shift:(-1,1)
    Define $UpLeftIn = anchor:from align:left shift:(2,1)
    Define $UpLeftMargin = anchor:from align:left shift:(1,1)
    Define $Right = anchor:till align:left shift:(2,)
    Define $RightMargin = anchor:till align:right shift:(-2,)
    Define $RightIn = anchor:till align:right shift:(-25,)
    Define $UpRight = anchor:till align:left shift:(2,1)
    Define $UpRightMargin = anchor:till align:right shift:(-2,1)
    Define $UpRightIn = anchor:till align:right shift:(-25,1)
    Define $UpUpRight = anchor:till align:left shift:(2,10)
    Define $AboveRightMargin = anchor:till align:right shift:(-2,12)
    Define $Down = shift:(,-10)
    Define $DownRight = anchor:till align:left shift:(2,-10)
    Define $DownLeft = anchor:from align:right shift:(-2,-10)
    Define $I = text:"(Ind)"
    Define $NY = text:"(NY)"
    Define $Ohio = text:"(Ohio)"
    Define $Afliii = anchor:from align:right shift:(-1,) text:"(AFL)" textcolor:black
    Define $White = textcolor:white
    Define $champ = text:"•" textcolor:white fontsize:L shift:(5,-1)
    TextData =
    text:"•^won Super Bowl or NFL or AFL championship"
    text:"1920^formation of the APFA (later renamed NFL)"
    text:"1960^formation of the AFL"
    text:"1970^NFL-AFL merger"
    text:"Ind^independent team"
    text:"Ohio^Ohio League, active 1903–1919"
    text:"NY^New York Pro Football League, active 1908–1919"
    text:"AFL I^American Football League, active 1926"
    text:"Midwest^Midwest Football League, active 1935–1940"
    text:"AAFC^All-America Football Conference, active 1946–1949"
    text:"AFL^American Football League, active 1960–1969"
    BarData =
    # -- Original Teams
    bar:panhandles #Columbus Panhandles/Tigers
    bar:Heralds #Detroit Heralds/Tigers
    bar:Flyers #Muncie Flyers
    bar:RockIsland #Rock Island Independents
    bar:AkronPros #Akron Pros / Indians
    bar:Jeffs #Rochester Jeffersons
    bar:Canton #Canton Pros-Bulldogs
    bar:Cardinals #Arizona Cardinals
    bar:Triangles #Dayton Triangles/Brooklyn Dodgers
    bar:Buff #Buffalo All Americans / Bisons / Rangers
    bar:Bears #Chicago Bears
    bar:ChiTigers #Chicago Tigers
    bar:Hammond #Hammond Pros
    bar:Cleveland #Cleveland Tigers
    # -- 1921 additions
    bar:Brecks #Louisville Breckenridges
    bar:Kardex #Tonawanda Kardex
    bar:Marines #Minneapolis Marines
    bar:packers #Green Bay Packers
    bar:Celts #Cincinnati Celts
    bar:Evansville #Evansville Crimson Giants
    bar:Brickley #New York (Brickley) Giants
    bar:Senators #Washington Senators
    # -- 1922 additions
    bar:Toledo #Toledo/Kenosha Maroons
    bar:RacineLegion #Racine Legion
    bar:Oorang #Oorang Indians
    bar:Badgers #Milwaukee Badgers
    # -- 1923
    bar:CleBulldogs #Cleveland Indians/Bulldogs
    bar:Duluth #Duluth Kelleys/Eskimos
    bar:Allstars #St. Louis All-Stars
    # -- 1924
    bar:YellowJack #Frankford Yellow Jackets
    bar:KCBlues #Kansas City Blues/Cowboys
    # -- 1925
    bar:Steam #Providence Steam Roller
    bar:pottsville #Pottsville Maroons/Boston Bulldogs
    bar:NYGiants #New York Giants
    bar:DetPanthers #Detroit Panthers
    # -- 1926
    bar:Blues #Hartford Blues
    bar:LionHorse #Brooklyn Lions-Horsemen
    bar:LABucs #Los Angeles Buccaneers
    # -- 1927
    bar:NYYankees #New York Yankees
    # -- 28
    bar:Wolverines #Detroit Wolverines
    # -- 29
    bar:Orange #Orange Tornadoes
    bar:Stapes #Staten Island Stapletons
    bar:RedJackets #Minneapolis Red Jackets
    # -- 30
    bar:DetLions #Detroit Lions
    # -- 31
    bar:CLE_IND #Cleveland Indians
    # -- 32
    bar:Redskins #Washington Rs
    # -- 33
    bar:phillyEagles #Philadelphia Eagles
    bar:Steelers #Pittsburgh Steelers
    bar:Reds #Cincinnati Reds
    # -- 34
    bar:Gunners #St. Louis Gunners
    # --37
    bar:Rams #Cleveland/LA/St. Louis Rams
    # -- 1947
    bar:BostonYanks #Boston Yanks-Bulldogs
    # -- 1950
    bar:AAFCcolts #AAFC Baltimore Colts
    bar:49ers #San Francisco 49ers
    bar:Browns #Cleveland Browns
    # -- 1952
    bar:IndyColts #Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts
    bar:DalCowboys #Dallas Cowboys
    bar:Chiefs #Kansas City Chiefs
    bar:Chargers # SD/LA Chargers
    bar:Broncos #Denver Broncos
    bar:NYJets #New York Jets
    bar:patriots #New England Patriots
    bar:Raiders #Oakland Raiders
    bar:TenTitans #Tennessee Titans
    bar:Bills #Buffalo Bills
    bar:Vikings #Minnesota Vikings
    bar:Falcons #Atlanta Falcons
    bar:Dolphins #Miami Dolphins
    bar:Saints #New Orleans Saints
    bar:Bengals #Cincinnati Bengals
    bar:Seahawks #Seattle Seahawks
    bar:Bucs #Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    bar:CarPanthers #Carolina Panthers
    bar:Jaguars #Jacksonville Jaguars
    bar:Ravens #Baltimore Ravens
    bar:HouTexans #Houston Texans
    PlotData =
    anchor:middle # other options are anchor:from anchor:till
    align:center # other options are align:left align:right
    bar:49ers from:1946 till:1950 color:notpro $Left text:"(AAFC)"
    bar:49ers from:1950 till:end color:49ers_lightgold textcolor:49ers_red $RightIn text:"San Francisco 49ers"
    at:49ers at:1981 $champ mark:(line, 49ers_lightgold)
    at:49ers at:1984 $champ mark:(line, 49ers_lightgold)
    at:49ers at:1988 $champ mark:(line, 49ers_lightgold)
    at:49ers at:1989 $champ mark:(line, 49ers_lightgold)
    at:49ers at:1994 $champ mark:(line, 49ers_lightgold)
    bar:AAFCcolts from:1946 till:1950 color:notpro $Left text:"(AAFC)"
    bar:AAFCcolts from:1950 till:1951 color:kellygreen $Right text:"Baltimore Colts"
    bar:AkronPros from:1908 till:1920 color:notpro text:"(Ohio L)"
    bar:AkronPros from:1920 till:1927 color:blue $Right text:"Akron Pros"
    bar:AkronPros at:1920 $champ mark:(line, blue) color:blue
    bar:Bears from:1919 till:1920 color:notpro $Left text:"Decatur Staleys (Ind)"
    bar:Bears from:1920 till:1921 color:darkblue textcolor:eek:range $Left
    bar:Bears from:1921 till:1922 color:eek:range textcolor:white $UpRight text:"Chicago ~Staleys"
    bar:Bears from:1922 till:end color:darkblue textcolor:eek:range $RightIn text:"Chicago Bears"
    at:Bears at:1921 $champ mark:(line, darkblue)
    at:Bears at:1932 $champ mark:(line, darkblue)
    at:Bears at:1933 $champ mark:(line, darkblue)
    at:Bears at:1940 $champ mark:(line, darkblue)
    at:Bears at:1941 $champ mark:(line, darkblue)
    at:Bears at:1943 $champ mark:(line, darkblue)
    at:Bears at:1946 $champ mark:(line, darkblue)
    at:Bears at:1963 $champ mark:(line, darkblue)
    at:Bears at:1985 $champ mark:(line, darkblue)
    bar:Bengals from:1968 till:1970 color:bengals_orange textcolor:black2 $Afliii
    bar:Bengals from:1970 till:end color:bengals_orange textcolor:black2 $RightIn text:"Cincinnati Bengals"
    bar:Bills from:1960 till:1970 color:darkblue textcolor:darkblue $Afliii
    bar:Bills from:1970 till:end color:darkblue textcolor:red2 $RightIn text:"Buffalo Bills"
    at:Bills at:1964 $champ mark:(line, darkblue)
    at:Bills at:1965 $champ mark:(line, darkblue)
    bar:BostonYanks from:1944 till:1949 color:kellygreen $UpLeft text:"Boston Yanks"
    bar:BostonYanks from:1945 till:1946 color:gray2 $Down text:"The Yanks"
    bar:BostonYanks from:1946 till:1949 color:kellygreen $Up
    bar:BostonYanks from:1949 till:1950 color:blue $UpLeftMargin text:"New York Bulldogs / Yanks"
    bar:BostonYanks from:1950 till:1952 color:silver
    bar:BostonYanks from:1952 till:1953 color:darkblue3 $DownRight text:"Dallas Texans"
    bar:LionHorse from:1926 till:1927 color:red $Left text:"Brooklyn Lions/Horsemen"
    bar:Broncos from:1960 till:1970 color:darkblue3 textcolor:eek:range $Afliii
    bar:Broncos from:1970 till:end color:darkblue3 textcolor:eek:range $RightIn text:"Denver Broncos"
    at:Broncos at:1997 $champ mark:(line, darkblue3)
    at:Broncos at:1998 $champ mark:(line, darkblue3)
    at:Broncos at:2015 $champ mark:(line, darkblue3)
    bar:Browns from:1946 till:1950 color:notpro $Left text:"(AAFC)"
    bar:Browns from:1950 till:1996 color:browns_brown textcolor:eek:range text:"Cleveland Browns"
    bar:Browns from:1999 till:end color:browns_brown textcolor:eek:range text:"Cleveland Browns"
    at:Browns at:1950 $champ mark:(line, browns_brown)
    at:Browns at:1954 $champ mark:(line, browns_brown)
    at:Browns at:1955 $champ mark:(line, browns_brown)
    at:Browns at:1964 $champ mark:(line, browns_brown)
    bar:Ravens from:1996 till:end color:ravens_purple textcolor:ravens_gold $RightIn text:"Baltimore Ravens"
    at:Ravens at:2000 $champ mark:(line, ravens_purple)
    at:Ravens at:2012 $champ mark:(line, ravens_purple)
    bar:Bucs from:1976 till:end color:red textcolor:white $RightIn text:"Tampa Bay Buccaneers"
    at:Bucs at:2002 $champ mark:(line, red)
    bar:Buff from:1915 till:1920 color:notpro $Left text:"Buffalo All-Stars"
    bar:Buff from:1918 till:1919 color:notpro #text:"Buffalo Niagaras"
    bar:Buff from:1919 till:1920 color:notpro $NY #text:"B. Prospects"
    bar:Buff from:1920 till:1924 color:eek:range #text:"B. All-Americans"
    bar:Buff from:1924 till:1926 color:black #text:"B. Bisons" $Down
    bar:Buff from:1926 till:1927 color:eek:range #text:"B. Rangers" $Up
    bar:Buff from:1927 till:1928 color:black
    bar:Buff from:1929 till:1930 color:eek:range textcolor:black $Right text:"Buffalo All Americans / Bisons / Rangers"
    bar:Cleveland from:1919 till:1920 color:notpro textcolor:black $Left text:"Cleveland Tigers (Ind)"
    bar:Cleveland from:1920 till:1921 color:black
    bar:Cleveland from:1921 till:1922 color:eek:range textcolor:black $Right text:"Cleveland Indians"
    bar:Canton from:1911 till:1918 color:notpro $Left text:"Canton Pros (Ohio L)"
    bar:Canton from:1919 till:1920 color:notpro
    bar:Canton from:1920 till:1927 color:maroon $Right text:"Canton Bulldogs"
    at:Canton at:1922 $champ mark:(line, maroon)
    at:Canton at:1923 $champ mark:(line, maroon)
    # The amateur Morgan Athletic Club inspired the name of the pro Racine Cardinals, but there's no direct link
    bar:Cardinals from:1913 till:1920 color:notpro $Left $I
    bar:Cardinals from:1920 till:1922 color:black textcolor:black $UpLeft text:"Racine ~Cardinals"
    bar:Cardinals from:1922 till:1944 color:cardinals_red textcolor:white
    bar:Cardinals from:1944 till:1945 color:gray2 textcolor:white $Left text:"Card-Pitt"
    bar:Cardinals from:1945 till:1960 color:cardinals_red text:"Chicago Cardinals" textcolor:white
    bar:Cardinals from:1960 till:1988 color:black textcolor:white text:"St. Louis Cardinals"
    bar:Cardinals from:1988 till:1994 color:cardinals_red textcolor:white $Up text:"Phoenix ~Cardinals"
    bar:Cardinals from:1994 till:end color:cardinals_red textcolor:white $RightIn text:"Arizona Cardinals"
    at:Cardinals at:1925 $champ mark:(line, cardinals_red)
    at:Cardinals at:1947 $champ mark:(line, cardinals_red)
    bar:CarPanthers from:1995 till:end color:panthers_teal textcolor:white $RightIn text:"Carolina Panthers"
    bar:Chargers from:1960 till:1961 color:gold textcolor:chargers_blue $Left text:"Los Angeles Chargers (AFL)"
    bar:Chargers from:1961 till:1970 color:chargers_blue textcolor:gold
    bar:Chargers from:1970 till:2017 color:chargers_blue textcolor:gold text:"San Diego Chargers"
    bar:Chargers from:2017 till:end color:gold textcolor:gold $Left text:"Los Angeles Chargers"
    at:Chargers at: 1963 $champ mark:(line, chargers_blue)
    bar:ChiTigers from:1920 till:1921 color:eek:range $Right text:"Chicago Tigers"
    bar:Chiefs from:1960 till:1963 color:chiefs_black textcolor:chiefs_black $Left text:"Dallas Texans (AFL)"
    bar:Chiefs from:1963 till:1970 color:chiefs_red textcolor:chiefs_black
    bar:Chiefs from:1963 till:end color:chiefs_red textcolor:chiefs_black $RightIn text:"Kansas City Chiefs"
    at:Chiefs at:1962 $champ mark:(line, chiefs_black)
    at:Chiefs at:1969 $champ mark:(line, chiefs_red)
    bar:Celts from:1921 till:1922 color:celtsgold text:"Cincinnati Celts" $Right
    bar:Reds from:1933 till:1935 color:red $Left text:"Cincinnati Reds"
    bar:CleBulldogs from:1923 till:1924 color:red $Left text:"Cleveland Indians"
    bar:CleBulldogs from:1924 till:1928 color:maroon $Right text:"Cleveland Bulldogs"
    at:CleBulldogs at:1924 $champ mark:(line, maroon)
    bar:CLE_IND from:1931 till:1932 color:red $Left text:"Cleveland Indians"
    bar:panhandles from:1901 till:1920 color:notpro $I
    bar:panhandles from:1920 till:1927 color:gold $Left text:"Columbus Panhandles" $Right
    bar:DalCowboys from:1960 till:end color:darkblue3 textcolor:white $RightIn text:"Dallas Cowboys"
    at:DalCowboys at:1971 $champ mark:(line, darkblue3)
    at:DalCowboys at:1977 $champ mark:(line, darkblue3)
    at:DalCowboys at:1992 $champ mark:(line, darkblue3)
    at:DalCowboys at:1993 $champ mark:(line, darkblue3)
    at:DalCowboys at:1995 $champ mark:(line, darkblue3)
    bar:Triangles from:1913 till:1916 color:notpro $Left text:"St. Mary's Cadets"
    bar:Triangles from:1916 till:1920 color:notpro $LeftMargin text:"Dayton Triangles"
    bar:Triangles from:1920 till:1930 color:eek:range
    bar:Triangles from:1930 till:1944 color:blue $UpLeftIn text:"Brooklyn ~Dodgers" textcolor:white
    bar:Triangles from:1944 till:1945 color:eek:range $UpLeft text:"Brooklyn ~Tigers" textcolor:white
    bar:Triangles from:1945 till:1946 color:gray2 $UpRight text:"The Yanks"
    bar:Triangles from:1946 till:1949 color:notpro $DownRight text:"New York Yankees (AAFC)"
    bar:Heralds from:1905 till:1911 color:notpro $Left text:"Detroit Heralds (Ind)"
    bar:Heralds from:1911 till:1920 color:notpro $Ohio
    bar:Heralds from:1920 till:1921 color:black
    bar:Heralds from:1921 till:1922 color:red $Right text:"Detroit Tigers"
    bar:DetPanthers from:1925 till:1927 color:eek:range $Left text:"Detroit Panthers"
    bar:Wolverines from:1928 till:1929 color:gold $Left text:"Detroit Wolverines"
    bar:DetLions from:1930 till:1934 color:purple textcolor:black $Left text:"Portsmouth Spartans"
    bar:DetLions from:1934 till:end color:lions_lightblue textcolor:lions_white $RightIn text:"Detroit Lions"
    at:DetLions at:1935 $champ mark:(line, lions_lightblue)
    at:DetLions at:1952 $champ mark:(line, lions_lightblue)
    at:DetLions at:1953 $champ mark:(line, lions_lightblue)
    at:DetLions at:1957 $champ mark:(line, lions_lightblue)
    bar:Dolphins from:1966 till:1970 color:dolphins_orange textcolor:dolphins_teal $Afliii
    bar:Dolphins from:1970 till:end color:dolphins_orange textcolor:dolphins_teal $RightIn text:"Miami Dolphins"
    at:Dolphins at:1972 $champ mark:(line, dolphins_orange)
    at:Dolphins at:1973 $champ mark:(line, dolphins_orange)
    bar:Duluth from:1923 till:1926 color:red $Left text:"Duluth Kelleys"
    bar:Duluth from:1926 till:1928 color:darkblue3 $Right text:"Duluth Eskimos" $Right
    bar:Evansville from:1921 till:1923 color:chiefs_red text:"Evansville Crimson Giants" $Right
    bar:Falcons from:1966 till:end color:falcons_red textcolor:white $RightIn text:"Atlanta Falcons"
    bar:YellowJack from:1909 till:1924 color:notpro $I
    bar:YellowJack from:1924 till:1932 color:vikings_gold $Right text:"Frankford Yellow Jackets"
    at:YellowJack at:1926 $champ mark:(line, vikings_gold)
    bar:Hammond from:1920 till:1927 color:vikings_purple text:"Hammond Pros" $Right
    bar:Blues from:1924 till:1926 color:notpro $UpLeft text:"Waterbury Blues~(Ind)"
    bar:Blues from:1926 till:1927 color:iceblue $UpLeftMargin text:"Hartford Blues"
    bar:Blues from:1927 till:1928 color:notpro $DownRight text:"Hartford Giants"
    bar:HouTexans from:2002 till:end color:red textcolor:darkblue text:"Houston Texans"
    bar:IndyColts from:1953 till:1984 color:colts_blue textcolor:white text:"Baltimore Colts"
    bar:IndyColts from:1984 till:end color:lgray $RightIn text:"Indianapolis Colts" textcolor:colts_blue
    at:IndyColts at:1958 $champ mark:(line, colts_blue)
    at:IndyColts at:1959 $champ mark:(line, colts_blue)
    at:IndyColts at:1970 $champ mark:(line, colts_blue)
    at:IndyColts at:2006 $champ textcolor: colts_blue mark:(line, lgray)
    bar:Jaguars from:1995 till:end color:jaguars_teal textcolor:white $RightIn text:"Jacksonville Jaguars"
    bar:Kardex from:1916 till:1920 color:notpro $Left $NY
    bar:Kardex from:1920 till:1921 color:notpro $RightMargin $I
    bar:Kardex from:1921 till:1922 color:darkblue2 $Right text:"Tonawanda Kardex"
    bar:KCBlues from:1924 till:1925 color:blue $Left text:"Kansas City Blues"
    bar:KCBlues from:1925 till:1927 color:black $Right text:"Kansas City Cowboys"
    bar:LABucs from:1926 till:1927 color:eek:range $Left text:"Los Angeles Buccaneers" textcolor:black
    bar:Brecks from:1899 till:1921 color:notpro $I
    bar:Brecks from:1921 till:1924 color:red $UpRight text:"Louisville Breckenridges"
    bar:Brecks from:1926 till:1927 color:red $DownRight text:"Louisville Colonels"
    bar:Badgers from:1922 till:1927 color:eek:range text:"Milwaukee Badgers" $Right
    bar:Marines from:1905 till:1921 color:notpro $I
    bar:Marines from:1921 till:1925 color:blue $Right text:"Minneapolis Marines"
    bar:RedJackets from:1929 till:1931 color:red $Left text:"Minneapolis Red Jackets"
    bar:Flyers from:1905 till:1920 color:notpro $I $Left
    bar:Flyers from:1920 till:1922 color:red $Left text:"Muncie Flyers"
    bar:Flyers from:1923 till:1926 color:notpro $I
    bar:Brickley from:1921 till:1922 color:gold $Right text:"New York Brickley Giants"
    bar:NYYankees from:1926 till:1929 color:blue $Left text:"New York Yankees"
    bar:NYGiants from:1925 till:end color:giants_darkblue textcolor:white text:"New York Giants" $RightIn
    at:NYGiants at:1927 $champ mark:(line, giants_darkblue)
    at:NYGiants at:1934 $champ mark:(line, giants_darkblue)
    at:NYGiants at:1938 $champ mark:(line, giants_darkblue)
    at:NYGiants at:1956 $champ mark:(line, giants_darkblue)
    at:NYGiants at:1986 $champ mark:(line, giants_darkblue)
    at:NYGiants at:1990 $champ mark:(line, giants_darkblue)
    at:NYGiants at:2007 $champ mark:(line, giants_darkblue)
    at:NYGiants at:2011 $champ mark:(line, giants_darkblue)
    bar:NYJets from:1960 till:1963 color:lgray textcolor:jets_green $Left text:"Titans of New York (AFL)"
    bar:NYJets from:1963 till:1970 color:jets_green textcolor:white
    bar:NYJets from:1970 till:end color:jets_green textcolor:white $RightIn text:"New York Jets"
    at:NYJets at:1968 $champ mark:(line, jets_green)
    bar:Oorang from:1922 till:1924 color:gold $Left text:"Oorang Indians" $Right
    bar:Orange from:1887 till:1929 color:notpro $I
    bar:Orange from:1929 till:1930 color:redorange $UpLeft text:"Orange Tornadoes"
    bar:Orange from:1930 till:1931 color:black $UpRight text:"Newark Tornadoes"
    bar:Orange from:1931 till:1936 color:notpro $Down text:"(Ind.)"
    bar:Orange from:1936 till:1947 color:notpro $Down text:"(American Association)"
    bar:Orange from:1963 till:1965 color:notpro $UpLeft text:"(Atlantic Coast FL)"
    bar:Orange from:1965 till:1970 color:notpro $Down text:"(Continental FL)"
    bar:Orange from:1970 till:1972 color:notpro $UpLeftIn text:"(Atlantic Coast FL)"
    bar:packers from:1919 till:1921 color:notpro
    bar:packers from:1921 till:end color:packers_green textcolor:gold $RightIn text:"Green Bay Packers"
    at:packers at:1929 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    at:packers at:1930 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    at:packers at:1931 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    at:packers at:1936 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    at:packers at:1939 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    at:packers at:1944 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    at:packers at:1961 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    at:packers at:1962 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    at:packers at:1965 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    at:packers at:1966 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    at:packers at:1967 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    at:packers at:1996 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    at:packers at:2010 $champ mark:(line, packers_green)
    bar:patriots from:1960 till:1970 color:darkblue2 textcolor:red2 $Afliii
    bar:patriots from:1970 till:1971 color:darkblue2 textcolor:red2 $Left text:"Boston Patriots"
    bar:patriots from:1971 till:end color:red2 textcolor:darkblue2 $RightIn text:"New England Patriots"
    at:patriots at:2001 $champ mark:(line, red2)
    at:patriots at:2003 $champ mark:(line, red2)
    at:patriots at:2004 $champ mark:(line, red2)
    at:patriots at:2014 $champ mark:(line, red2)
    at:patriots at:2016 $champ mark:(line, red2)
    bar:phillyEagles from:1933 till:1943 color:eagles_green textcolor:eagles_silver
    bar:phillyEagles from:1943 till:1944 color:gray2 textcolor:white $UpLeft text:"Phil-Pitt ~Steagles"
    bar:phillyEagles from:1944 till:end color:eagles_green textcolor:eagles_silver $RightIn text:"Philadelphia Eagles"
    at:phillyEagles at:1948 $champ mark:(line, eagles_green)
    at:phillyEagles at:1949 $champ mark:(line, eagles_green)
    at:phillyEagles at:1960 $champ mark:(line, eagles_green)
    at:phillyEagles at:2017 $champ mark:(line, eagles_green)
    bar:pottsville from:1920 till:1925 color:notpro $Left text:"Pottsville Maroons (Ind)"
    bar:pottsville from:1925 till:1929 color:maroon
    bar:pottsville from:1929 till:1930 color:gold $Right text:"Boston Bulldogs"
    bar:Steam from:1916 till:1925 color:notpro $I
    bar:Steam from:1925 till:1933 color:brown $Right text:"Providence Steam Roller"
    at:Steam at:1928 $champ mark:(line, brown)
    bar:RacineLegion from:1915 till:1918 color:notpro $Left $I
    bar:RacineLegion from:1919 till:1922 color:notpro
    bar:RacineLegion from:1922 till:1925 color:chiefs_red $Up text:"Racine ~Legion"
    bar:RacineLegion from:1926 till:1927 color:chiefs_red $DownRight text:"Racine Tornadoes"
    bar:Raiders from:1960 till:1970 color:raiders_silver textcolor:black $Afliii
    bar:Raiders from:1970 till:1981 $LeftIn color:raiders_silver text:"Oakland Raiders" textcolor:black
    bar:Raiders from:1981 till:1994 color:black textcolor:raiders_silver $Up text:"Los Angeles ~Raiders"
    bar:Raiders from:1994 till:end color:raiders_silver $RightIn text:"Oakland Raiders"
    at:Raiders at:1976 $champ mark:(line, raiders_silver)
    at:Raiders at:1980 $champ mark:(line, raiders_silver)
    at:Raiders at:1983 $champ mark:(line, black)
    bar:Rams from:1936 till:1943 textcolor:darkblue2 color:rams_gold $Left text:"Cleveland Rams"
    bar:Rams from:1944 till:1946 textcolor:darkblue2 color:rams_gold
    bar:Rams from:1946 till:1994 textcolor:rams_gold color:darkblue2 text:"Los Angeles Rams"
    bar:Rams from:1994 till:2016 textcolor:darkblue2 color:rams_gold $RightIn text:"St. Louis Rams"
    bar:Rams from:2016 till:end textcolor:rams_gold color:darkblue2 $AboveRightMargin text:"Los Angeles Rams"
    at:Rams at:1945 $champ mark:(line, rams_gold)
    at:Rams at:1951 $champ mark:(line, darkblue2)
    at:Rams at:1999 $champ mark:(line, rams_gold)
    bar:Redskins from:1932 till:1936 color:gold textcolor:black $Left text:"Boston Braves"
    bar:Redskins from:1936 till:1937 color:redskins_darkred textcolor:black $UpRight text:"Boston ~Redskins"
    bar:Redskins from:1937 till:end color:gold textcolor:redskins_darkred $RightIn text:"Washington Redskins"
    at:Redskins at:1937 $champ mark:(line, gold)
    at:Redskins at:1942 $champ mark:(line, gold)
    at:Redskins at:1982 $champ mark:(line, gold)
    at:Redskins at:1987 $champ mark:(line, gold)
    at:Redskins at:1991 $champ mark:(line, gold)
    bar:RockIsland from:1907 till:1920 color:notpro $I
    bar:RockIsland from:1920 till:1926 color:green
    bar:RockIsland from:1926 till:1927 color:afli
    bar:RockIsland from:1927 till:1928 color:notpro $Right text:"Rock Island Independents"
    bar:Jeffs from:1908 till:1920 color:notpro $I
    bar:Jeffs from:1920 till:1926 color:red $Right text:"Rochester Jeffersons"
    bar:Saints from:1967 till:end color:saints_light_gold textcolor:saints_black $RightIn text:"New Orleans Saints"
    at:Saints at:2009 $champ mark:(line, saints_light_gold)
    bar:Seahawks from:1976 till:end color:seahawks_darkblue textcolor:white $RightIn text:"Seattle Seahawks"
    at:Seahawks at:2013 $champ mark:(line, darkblue)
    bar:Stapes from:1915 till:1922 color:notpro $Left text:"Stapleton Football Club (Ind)"
    bar:Stapes from:1922 till:1929 color:notpro
    bar:Stapes from:1929 till:1932 color:darkblue $UpLeft text:"Staten Island ~Stapletons"
    bar:Stapes from:1932 till:1936 color:yellow $Right text:"Staten Island Stapes"
    bar:Steelers from:1933 till:1940 color:gold textcolor:black $Left text:"Pittsburgh Pirates"
    bar:Steelers from:1940 till:1943 color:black
    bar:Steelers from:1943 till:1944 color:gray2 textcolor:white $UpLeft text:"Phil-Pitt ~Steagles"
    bar:Steelers from:1944 till:1945 color:gray2 textcolor:white $Right text:"Card-Pitt"
    bar:Steelers from:1945 till:end color:black textcolor:gold $RightIn text:"Pittsburgh Steelers"
    at:Steelers at:1974 $champ mark:(line, black)
    at:Steelers at:1975 $champ mark:(line, black)
    at:Steelers at:1978 $champ mark:(line, black)
    at:Steelers at:1979 $champ mark:(line, black)
    at:Steelers at:2005 $champ mark:(line, black)
    at:Steelers at:2008 $champ mark:(line, black)
    bar:Allstars from:1923 till:1924 color:blue text:"St. Louis All-Stars" $Right
    bar:Gunners from:1931 till:1934 color:notpro $Left $I
    bar:Gunners from:1934 till:1935 color:blue $Up text:"St. Louis ~Gunners"
    bar:Gunners from:1935 till:1940 color:notpro $Right text:"(Midwest)"
    bar:TenTitans from:1960 till:1970 color:red textcolor:red $Afliii
    bar:TenTitans from:1970 till:1997 color:red textcolor:white text:"Houston Oilers"
    bar:TenTitans from:1997 till:1999 color:columbia_blue textcolor:white $Up text:"Tennessee ~Oilers"
    bar:TenTitans from:1999 till:end color:lightblue textcolor:titans_dark_blue $RightIn text:"Tennessee Titans"
    at:TenTitans at:1960 $champ mark:(line, red)
    at:TenTitans at:1961 $champ mark:(line, red)
    bar:Toledo from:1902 till:1922 color:notpro $Left $Ohio
    bar:Toledo from:1922 till:1924 color:maroon $Left text:"Toledo Maroons"
    bar:Toledo from:1924 till:1925 color:gold $Right text:"Kenosha Maroons"
    bar:Vikings from:1961 till:end color:vikings_purple textcolor:vikings_gold $RightIn text:"Minnesota Vikings"
    bar:Senators from:1921 till:1923 color:blue $Left text:"Washington Senators"
    bar:Senators from:1923 till:1941 color:notpro $I

    If you have a Wikipedia account, you'll have a Sandbox you can tinker with things like this in. If not, you could modify the original article but be sure not to save your changes (just take screenshots of your modified product) or else any AH or false content is probably going to be considered vandalism or some other infraction on Wikipedia.

    I don't know what your end-goal is (say, an alternate NFL or an unrelated subject in a timeline format) but I would suggest just thinking of what you want it look like or the information it needs and then making small changes and experimenting until you're satisfied. I've made AH timelines before on Wikipedia (though it has been a while), and for mayors/Presidents/executives I started off modifying a US Presidents timeline/chart. If you're not going for something NFL/sports league related, I would try to find a more appropriate timeline.

    Wikipedia charts aren't all the same, there is a decent amount of customization you can do, though you don't need much technical knowledge to do this. These other tables were also made on Wikipedia and may be more appropriate for you or other's purposes:'s_evolution_as_a_republic_(1943-onward)

    This last one I made for my own use, but if you're looking for something bare-bones I could show you how I did it.
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