Disaster at Leuthen TL - Frederick the Great dies in battle

As i understand Brazil is somewhat of a powerhouse. For europa i really hope Prussia and Poland won't end up steamrolled , even so losing Smolensk for Poland won't be drama. If Prussia loses i won't be surprised if they lose Hessia and his vassal states (baden , swabia , palatinate etc) to Austria. To be honest i even have sympathy for Austria-Hungary , but as ever Germany can't be ruled by two powers. I wonder if we'll even see a "Baltic Union" with Prussia , Poland , Livonia and Sweden...
The Porto-Brasilian Empire is most definitely not a British lackey. Decent argument could be made in 1931 that they were one of the top three powers in the world.

Will get the next review up this weekend.

New timeline hopefully to start the following weekend.