Did Christianity keep the Western Roman Empire stable longer, or hasten the decline and fall ?

Did Christianity keep WRE together longer, or speed up its eventual collapse?

  • Christianity helped the Empire stay together longer than it would have otherwise.

    Votes: 37 25.7%
  • Christianity undermined the Empire and was a contributing factor in the decline.

    Votes: 24 16.7%
  • Christianity's presence was ultimately a neutral influence at best.

    Votes: 78 54.2%
  • Other (please reply to thread with position)

    Votes: 5 3.5%

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I would argue that climate, and by extension disease, played a huge part in the downfall of the western empire. Certainly a much greater impact than whatever religion was in favour at a specific point in time.

The Mediterranean climate was more humid during the period that Rome expanded, evidenced by records showing the number.of times the Tiber flooded. A more humid climate enabled the Romans to feed it's growing population. Towards the end of Rome's dominance instances of drought happened more often, and waves of plague gutted the population, making it difficult for a depleted army to reinforce itself.
Without Christianity, Attila would have destroyed the WRE about 20 years sooner.

However, that one event doesn’t offset Christianity’s unstable addition to the empire.

Ultimately, I think it was a beneficial or at least neutral factor in the balance, as to the fall of the Western Roman Empire, but definitely a major reason as to why the Roman Empire didn’t fall until 1453.