Depiciting Guard Outposts on World-A/QBAM Style Maps

Hi, everyone. I was wondering if there was a good way to show guard outposts on World-A/QBAM style maps. For example, I was looking at some old RMC maps of the Ming dynasty, and I noticed that the RMCs weren't divided into administrative regions and were controlled by a bunch of guard outposts, mostly along a river. How do I show these aesthetically and informatively on a World-A/QBAM type map?

I am dealing with a lot of outposts (over 300 to be precise), and some of the outposts have different jurisdiction authority, which is something I would like to show as well on the map. I have considered the ideal of using pixels to represent each outpost, but the result would be an ugly mess of different colored dots, so I am looking for other options. To sum up, I'm aiming for something that would look nice from a reasonable distance while retaining the information of the outposts' locations and their different "ranks."

Thank you!