Decades of Darkness

I wonder how capitalistic the states of South India are. OTL’s Dravidian nationalism actually favored capitalism, although the popularity of Social Democrats in Travancore and the association of capitalism with British methods may increase the rate of government control. Perhaps ties with the Restored Enpire can extend to economics, and maybe even something like how OTL American investment helped develop mainly agricultural South Korea, but for Madras or Mysore.

politically speaking, many of the princely states like Travancore and Cochin are simply too small to survive, especially with the Silent War’s continued Annexation of Small Countries, Bharati revanchism, and dependence on (eventually) Madras, although successful annexation would be as probable as OTL India invading and annexing Pakistan.

Also Tamil-language *anime.
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If Bharat and South China remain democratic and in China’s case truly federal, and Germany and Russia can accommodate losing power relative to the rest of Europe, and sorting out which vassals to retain, federate and lose, respectively, then it seems that democracy is more successful than IOTL, not less.
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Ironically enough, the loudest voices condemning any mistreatment of the North African population will come out of the United States, which will not pass up on any chance to embarass Germany.
This and the reference toJaguars being deployed for desert use overseas actually hints at an American intervention in backing rebels in German North Africa. Where else can it interfere?

the Russian occupied-Middle East is not really of concern to America, although they allowed Turkish academics to escape to the U.S in order to paint Russia’s invasion of Turkey in bad light, and it shares a land border with Russia, unlike German North Africa, which would make intervention more difficult, although OTL’s experience with backing what later became the Mujhadeen shows that it is possible

the US will be unwilling to back decolonization in Black/sub Saharan Africa for obvious reasons, not the least that it could inspire slave revolts back home.