DBWI: What if the Dodgers moved to LA?

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    This is inspired by my viewing of the Brooklyn Dodgers today on HBO.

    In the 50's, Walter O'Malley realized that the Dodgers needed a new stadium. He found a great location at Atlantic and Flatbush Avenue, and he wanted to build a domed stadium there. He kept writing letters to Robert Moses, who rejected his wishes. Eventually, Moses said that he would build a stadium, but in Flushing, not in Brooklyn.

    Meanwhile, LA was putting on a full-court press in trying to land the Dodgers. There was reports that O'Malley was looking for land to find a ballpark, and he found a good site at Chavez Ravine. Reports were getting back to New York that a ballpark site was found in LA, and that O'Malley was considering moving the team to LA.

    So, the mayor has a meeting with Moses. They realize that the Giants want to go to Minny, and that the Dodgers will leave too if they don't take action. So, they schedule a meeting with O'Malley, and decide to give in and build the dome in Brooklyn, which would be ready by 1960. The Dodgers would sign a 25-year lease, keeping them there until 1985. As for the Giants, they end up moving to Minnesota.

    But what if the Dodgers moved to LA?
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    Don't you mean the Minnesota Giants?