DBWI: Poland doesn't join the Axis

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    Jan 8, 2007
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    Dec 18, 2017
    Hitler used them and then screwed them over, but I'm not sure if Poland would be better off had the Poles opposed him. Being on the main invasion highway, the war could have gone a lot worse for them in terms of death toll even though they lost a lot of land.

    Post-war Poland might be bigger. Stalin refused to give them Masuria or Bialystok in the east and had the western gains limited to East Pomerania and Upper Silesia. And this was despite the Poles flipping on Hitler as soon as Stalin crossed the Dnieper.

    If the Soviets have to slog through Poland rather than go straight through, the east-west division line might be further east. Maybe it'd be on the Elbe rather than on the Oder.
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    Apr 9, 2012
    If Sanacja regime does not make alliance with Germany perhaps it is not overthrown? Sanacja faced lots of other problems, like massive peasant strikes, but agreement to give Danzig to Germany was nail in the coffin for them.
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    Problem was, the people who replaced the Sanacja were a lot worse (although they weren't quite as anti-Semitic as the Iron Guard or Arrow Cross, but that's not saying much).
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    This is almost as crazy as asking if Hungary didn’t go to war with Germany.

    To elaborate. Much like a combative Hungary the poles would lose, about as fast as France, and ugly. Poles would be viewed as undermen, one step up from the filth itself, and it is likely that both types of camp systems would be located in Poland along side the Hungarian death by labour and death camps.