DBWI: Alan Moore writes for DC Comics?

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    If you read comics you are no doubt aware of the work of Alan Moore, who in the 70s and 80s gave us dark and deconstructive graphic novels that proved extremely popular in the United States and the United Kingdom turned the world of Marvel Comics upside down. Who can forget his classic and gritty tales starring The Fantastic Four, Spiderman, or The X-Men?

    Now, Moore is a fan of DC comics, what if he had written for them? What do you see him coming up with for Batman, Green Lantern, or Superman, or even Swamp Thing?
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    Mar 24, 2015
    Every one mentions spiderman.

    Moore did a total of 1 run with him 14 comics it was good but it didn't define spidy.

    Fanastic four, he did more work with them, took trapmaster and turned him from a pathetic villain to one of their best. But that was two runs 21 comics.

    Xmen well lets face facts that was his baby he was given the obscure charaters and made them shine. Good work there.

    But honestly hands down I think his best work was with doctor strange, he's done more Dr. strange comics then anything else and the charater wouldn't have gotten three movies with out Moores work into making him what he is today.
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    We might not have seen the glut of other British comic artists coming to work for Marvel in the 90s. What would Marvel have been like without Alan Grant writing Captain America and Deadpool, Peter Milligan's work on Doctor Strange and creating Hellblazer, Peter David's run on Thor, Garth Ennis' work on Punisher and Hitman, Neil Gaiman's reworkings of Marvel's cosmic entities from the Silver Surfer to the Celestials, and of course, Grant Morrison's run of The Avengers?

    For that matter, maybe DC is spared the revolt of that core of artists like Liefeld and MacFarlane that broke off to form Image Comics - that and the unholy messes of DC story arcs like the Death of Superman and the Knightfall story arcs? The 90s sucked for DC Comics.
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    Ennis work...well i can easily go without it, sure his Punisher and Hitman are seminal, but only because there were De Falco behind him with a big hammer in case he goes bonker with the other superheroes...rumors said that once Ennis menaced to run away if not given full control of the story and characters and De Falco simply opened the door. The man while brilliant tend to be very petty, there is a reason that the big bad of the boys the CEO of Vought America is modelled on Tom and his toady assisant on Mark Gruenwald.

    Regarding Moore short run on Spiderman, well while lasting little more than an year, he really set the tone of the 80's, gritty, urban and realistic but with a tone of optimism, plus his take of the quasi-father and son relationship between Peter and Jonah still remain one of the most beloved change.
    Not considering his reinvention of Spidey rougue gallery, with Rhino as the quasi-ally semiretired villain, Dr. Octopus as the world conquering menace always in competition with Spiderman, Kingping as his number one villain that he can't arrest and with a strange complicated relations
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