DBWI: AHC-Make a Bioshock game that doesn't take place in Libertatia?

I recently decided to do a marathon playthrough of both BioShock games and I just can't get over how unique and immersive it is. I remember reading somewhere that the creative team kicked around a few different setting ideas before settling on the egoist union of Libertatia, and I was curious if anybody had a solid idea for an ideal third game in the series.

On the off chance you haven't at least heard of it, Bioshock is a two-part FPS series that started in 2008, most famous for its richly detailed and thought provoking setting. I won't give any spoilers but your character washes ashore on a Pacific island called Libertatia in the late 40's, discovering a vast complex of Nazi bunkers that have been taken over by a new society, told in the aftermath of a disaster by audio recordings, graffiti on walls and other environmental pieces. Blending egoist anarchism with Social Credit theory, the mainstream success of such a philosophical game brought Max Stirner and C.H. Douglas into the limelight and earned the game what I personally think is an even better sequel about your protagonist's return to the island with bigger guns and stronger super-empowering Spooks

I was trying to think of what sort of setting they could use to capture the same feel in the rumored third game and I was coming up dry. Any fans out there with ideas? Bonus points if you can come up with an enemy to be as good a face for the franchise as the Iron Chancellors.

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