DBWI: 50th Anniversary of the first moon landing!

Front of the Time Magazine July 20 2019. Headline, in big letters, 1969! 50 YEARS SINCE WE JOINED OUR SISTER IN THE SKY!

"For all of human history, we have been looking to our moon, our sister in the sky, and wondered what was up there. We all know the familiar sight of that sphere of green and blue soaking the land in bright green and blue light. We wrote stories about it, included it in our mythologies, and tracked time by its phases. Then, in July of 1969, after years of planning to one-up the Soviets, the USA launched Apollo 11, our first rocket to reach the moon, which landed on the 20th. Neil Armstrong stepped off, and was mesmerized by what he saw. 'It was incredible,' He reflected years later. 'Trees, flowers, of the kind we could never dream of, of all colors, mostly green. A vast pink sky, and crystal clear water. It was heaven.' Buzz Aldrin, taking in the sight, said the immortal line, 'Here we are, humanity. We have met up with Earth's sister in the sky.' However, despite the glorious flora, hardly any fauna could be seen, at least not large fauna. The largest creature they found was a creature about the size of a rabbit, which resembled a pillbug with 8 legs covered in fur with cute piercing eyes, named the Rolling Moon Bug. With a whole new world to explore, humanity joined hands and soared to the skies, planting their flags, and even the familiar moon flag of blue, green, and gold bars was first planted in the ensuing 'Scramble for the Moon.' Soon, people found that the air on the moon was breathable, and we stopped bringing spacesuits along. People soon started making permanent homes on the moon, with the first 'Selenite' (moon-born human) born in the mid-70s. Today, over 10 million call the moon home, and travel between the worlds is common, and popular for honeymoons and vacations."


Do you guys have experience with the moon, or have relatives there? What is your take on the past 50 years of lunar history, and anything else you wanna say?
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Personally, when I was young, during summer break, I went with my family on a vacation to the moon. The rocket ride was pleasurable, if a bit stressful during lift off. We went for a nice swim in the Sea of Tranquility, had a nice stay at the Dark Side hotel, visited some relatives, it was just a fun time!
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