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On 20 December 1991, just six days before the collapse of the USSR, North and South Korea re-unified under a democratic government, forming the united Korean state as we know it today. Your challenge is to find a PoD which will prevent the reunification of Korea. Go!
Maybe avert the military coup in the mid-70s. After Mao’s death, the new Chinese government wouldn’t tolerate Kim’s insanity anymore and encouraged the military to push him out, and he lived in exile in Siberia until he died in 1988.
Simple. Cho Man-Sik gets killed by the Soviets (as was debated within Soviet high command), causing a new Korean leader to rise. With a different Korean leader, we don't get a Korean Revolution in the South, which means that Korea stays divided.
Perhaps by sheer stubbornness, Kim Il-sung just refuses to give up power, with plans to pass on his role as North Korean leader to one of his children.