DB Project F

The Germans were doomed, they could see that. But in the last days of WWII, they're came new hope. New hope to bring about one last blow before defeat.

Daimler Benz had a solution. Using Daimler Benz Project "C" aircraft, they would launch suicide missiles, piloted by men as young as 13. Each missile oculd travel at 652 MPH (1050 KM/H). Each missile could carry up to 3000 KG (6600 LBS) of explosives.

It was the PROJECT F. And, thank god, it was never used against the allies.

But what if it had been? What if a run of about 64 Project Fs (and a run of about 10 or 11 Project Cs) had been completed by the time the Rhine was being crossed? How much of a slow-down effect would these suicide missiles have?
Unless they hit some storage and supply depots, not much. It might have some use as a terror weapon, but it wouldn't slow things down much. Still a chance they could be shot down.